Public domain works – Council standard drawings

Inner West Council public domain works – standard drawings list

What you need to consider

All works on roads or footpaths require an application for a permit from Council before you start any work.  If you require any more information or need to download any application form please visit the following  pages.

For any  Road or Footpath application forms  visit the Works within Road and Footpath page.

For any  driveway application forms  (Step 1 Design Approval or Step 2 Permit for Construction) visit the driveways page.

The engineering standard drawings provide the detailed information you'll need to design, construct or reinstate any public domain works.



Inner West Council and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability arising with referencing and/or reliance on the standard drawings. It is expected that these standard drawings will be redrawn by a suitably qualified person referencing the information and responding to specific site or project conditions/requirements. Council's standard drawings may be subject to revision. Accordingly, users need to ensure that when adopting any standard drawing that it is the current version. Whilst all care has been taken to provide the most accurate and current standard drawings, it is the responsibility of the person referencing the drawings to ensure that the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards and guidelines are being met.

Combined standard drawing set

Title   Size  Version  Remarks
 IWC Standard Drawing Combined  (PDF 13.9MB)                                                                 A3  Oct 19 Current

The above combined standard drawing set comprises the individual drawings listed below.

Cycleway drawings
Title  Size   Version  Remarks
 C1 Standard Cycleway Detail(PDF 383.4KB)                                                                                 A3   Oct 19 Current


Drainage drawings
 Title  Size  Version  Remarks

D1  Grated Gully Pit with extended EKI (PDF 394.7KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D2  Junction Pit (PDF 339.8KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D3  Extended Junction Pit (PDF 404.5KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D4  Surcharge Pit with apron (PDF 374.8KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D5  Surcharge Pit without apron (PDF 396.4KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D6  Step Iron Details (PDF 115.8KB)

A3   Oct 19 Current

D7  Embedding and Road Restoration for Pipe Installation (PDF 370.5KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D8  Standard Subsoil Drains (PDF 676.1KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current 

D9  Bandage Joint & Minor Pipe Connection to Stormwater Pipe Detail  (PDF 275.8KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

D10 Kerb stormwater outlets (PDF 274.8KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

Environmental drawings

 Title  Size Version Remarks
 E1 Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (PDF 1.5MB)                                                                            A3  Oct 19 Current

Footpath drawings

 Title  Size Version Remarks

F1 80 mm thick un-reinforced concrete footpath       (PDF 500.9KB)                                    

A3 Oct 19  Current

F2 100 mm thick reinforced concrete footpath (PDF 452.4KB)

A3 Oct 19  Current

F3 150 mm thick reinforced concrete footpath (PDF 349.2KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F4 Kerb Ramps (PDF 354.6KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F5 Standard bus stop arrangements (PDF 457.6KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F6 Brick Paved Footpath (PDF 437.6KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F7 Paved Footpath (PDF 414KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F8 Bin footing, seat footing and tree details (PDF 308.3KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

F9 Asphaltic Concrete Paved Footpath (PDF 282.8KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current


Roadway drawings

 Title Size Version   Remarks

R1 Standard Kerb Profiles (PDF 1.4MB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

R2 Concrete Road Slab Replacement Work (PDF 1.1MB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

R3 Vehicle Crossing & Layback Details(1) (PDF 810KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

R4 Vehicle Crossing & Layback Details(2) (PDF 374.2KB)

For suburbs: Annandale, Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Leichhardt, Lilyfield & Rozelle

A3 Oct 19 Current

R5 Standard Flexible Road Pavements - Reconstruction with  asphaltic conc. Over DGB (PDF 352.2KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current

R6 Standard Flexible Road Pavements - Full Depth asphaltic concrete road pavements (PDF 341.5KB)

A3  Oct 19 Current

R7 Asphaltic concrete Road heavy patching (PDF 335.5KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current


Traffic facility drawings

 Title Size Version  Remarks
T1 Pedestrian Crossing on a Flat Top Road Hump         (PDF 1007.7KB)                                                             A3  Oct 19 Current

T2 Watts Profile Speed Humps & Asphalt Speed Cushions (PDF 756.8KB)

A3 Oct 19 Current


Driveway Line marking Drawings

  • Council permits residents to make their own arrangements to paint driveway line markings as long as they follow the following set of instructions and use the below standard drawing.
  • Paint 80mm wide white lines a maximum of 1.0 metre from either edge of the driveway crossing for a length of 2.0 metres (from the edge of the gutter).
  • This will assist in providing visual delineation of the extremity of the permissible parking zone and the positioning of parked vehicles clear of the driveway.


 Title Size Version  Remarks
Driveway Line Marking Drawing  (PDF 138.5KB)       


A3  Feb 20 Current

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