Council has several roles in the provision, design and management of parking for cars and other vehicles in both the private and public domains. In the private domain, Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) regulates parking provision and design for new developments. In the public domain, Council provides public car parks, manages kerbside car parking and provides parking for motorcycles and bicycles where needed.

As the Inner West is a densely-developed inner-urban area, car parking demand in the public domain can be intense. Careful management is needed to ensure:

  • the aims of Council’s Community Strategic Plan and Integrated Transport Strategy are supported to enhance liveability, promote sustainability, activate the public domain and prioritise walking, cycling and use of public transport over private motor vehicles
  • the parking needs of residents, business operators, shoppers, commuters and other users is appropriately balanced
  • there is an appropriate rate of turnover, particularly in commercial centres and other places where parking demand is greatest
  • revenue is generated from modest parking permit and meter charges to allow Council to cover parking management costs and improve streetscapes

Public domain parking management involves a combination of methods, including permit parking schemes (PPSs), parking meters, timing and user restrictions and enforcement. Council will continue to apply these methods to respond to parking issues as they arise. Council will also endeavour to proactively apply them to resolve issues before they arise and ensure parking management supports Council’s strategic objectives.

Inner West Council manages parking in the local area to balance the needs of residents, businesses, commuters, shoppers and others. Find more details below about parking in the Inner West.