Business improvement initiatives

Inner West Council provides a range of programs and services which support emerging and established businesses.


Inner West Business Awards

Nominations now open! Visit the Local Business Awards website

The Inner West Business Awards are conducted over an eleven-week period and showcase the diversity and quality of our local businesses.

You have the opportunity to nominate your favourite local businesses in a selected category or you can register your business for entry.

Finalists are chosen via online and printed nominations received in each specific category.

Benefits to your business by participating

The Local Business Awards are based within the local community. The awards give local businesses the opportunity to:

  • Promote their business and its strengths.
  • Display their range of products and services.
  • Provide in-store displays of their Local Business Awards success.

The Local Business Awards brings together businesses, the local community and Awards sponsors to celebrate excellence and quality.


Make your business accessible

Good access to your  business provides benefits to customers with mobility issues, those with prams and people with a disability. In fact it is helpful to all customers.

Tips to improve your customer access


Steps at your front entrance may deter customers from easily entering your business. Consider installing a ramp or use a portable ramp.


Avoid clutter in entrances and aisles to make shopping easier. Door mats can be a hazard to some customers.


Ensure your signs, product pricing labels and menus are easy to read.


Place popular products in easy reach of wheelchair users.


Excellent customer service results in repeat business. Offer assistance and only provide if accepted. Consider disability training training for your staff to improve their customer service skills.

Legal responsibilities

Australian law requires that customers with a disability should be able to access a business's good or services just like any other customer. If a customer with a disability cannot get into your building or access your goods or services, they may make a complaint under the Disability Discrimination Act.

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Page last updated: 15 Nov 2019