Footpaths and driveways

The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and is impacting on Council operations.
There may be some unavoidable service response delays and disruptions to non-essential road access applications.
Urgent and emergency road access works will be prioritised on a case-by-case basis.
Generally we need 10 business days notice but due to the current situation please be mindful of delays.
Find out more information about Council’s coronavirus response plan here. 

Repairs to footpaths and driveways

You can request footpath repairs online using Council's customer request management system. We prioritise footpath repair requests based on the condition and amount of use of the path.

A council officer will review you application and contact you within 10 days.

Report footpath damage

If you are the property owner you are responsible for the upgrade of your own driveway.

Permits and approvals for vehicle crossings and public domain works

If you need to dig up the footpath for plumbing, building or utility works associated with your property, you are required to get a permit, and are liable for the safety of the site and for permanent repairs.

There is a fee covering inspections and the repairs.

Public domain works include vehicle crossings, kerb and gutter, footpath, drainage, landscaping, etc. to be constructed within the public road or Council controlled lands.

You need to apply for a permit for all works which affect the footpath, roadway or traffic prior to the start of works.

For new driveways you may need to first get development approval for the associated off-street parking space.

For approval of new driveways in association with exempt or complying development under the State Environment Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Codes) 2008 (SEPP), the application needs to reference a certification company and lodged certificate number.

If you are seeking approval to construct/reconstruct a vehicle crossing and/or public domain works, you will need to make the following two applications:

Step 1: Design approval

Including the issue of alignment levels, levels certificate, or roadworks permit.

Note that step 1 (design approval) is not required under the following circumstances:

  • The works are associated with a development consent; and
  • There are no development consent conditions requiring Alignment Levels, Levels Certificate, or a Roadworks Permit to be obtained; and
  • There are no development consent conditions requiring the submission of a design for the works.

You can use our online self-service website to lodge a step 1 application.

Go to online self-service

Step 2: Permit to construct

The Step 2 application is the stage where you may be able to request a quotation from Council; however you should refer to that form for the circumstances in which Council will provide a quotation.

  • A council officer will review your application and contact you within 10 days.
  • If your application needs to go to the Local Traffic Committee prior, please allow up to 10 weeks for your permit/consent for the work(s) to be approved.

You can use our online self-service website to lodge a step 2 application.

Go to online self-service

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Page last updated: 10 Jul 2020