Footpaths and driveways

The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and is impacting on Council operations.
There may be some unavoidable service response delays and disruptions to non-essential road access applications.
Urgent and emergency road access works will be prioritised on a case-by-case basis.
Generally we need 10 business days notice but due to the current situation please be mindful of delays.
Find out more information about Council’s coronavirus response plan here. 

Repairs to footpaths

You can request footpath repairs online using Council's customer request management system. We prioritise footpath repair requests based on the condition and amount of use of the path.

A council officer will review you application and contact you.

Report footpath damage


Repairs to driveways

If you are the property owner you are responsible for the upgrade of your own driveway. Vehicular crossings are constructed/reconstructed at the cost of the applicant/resident as set down under Section 218(1) of the Roads Act 1993, which state: - “The owner of land adjoining a public road is liable to pay to the appropriate roads authority the cost incurred by the roads authority in constructing or repairing any special crossing over a footway in the public road for the traffic of vehicular access across the footway to or from the land”.

What this means is that Council is unable to make any repairs to your driveway and that any alterations to the driveway to reduce scraping will require a design to be organised by the property owner.

Permits and approvals 

You will need to apply for approval if you are seeking to construct or reconstruct a vehicle crossing/Driveway and/or to undertake other public domain works. Even if you already have :

  • Development Consent;
  • Complying Development Certificate;
  • Exempt Development; or, just want to  reconstruct of an existing crossing.

Council has a 2 step process for approving the design and construction of the driveway. 

  • The Roadworks Step 1 Design Approval application is used to seek approval for the proposal but does not provide approval to undertake the works. The design, prepared by a qualified engineer, will need to be submitted with this application
  •  Following a review of the design plan, and potential approval of the permit, you will then proceed to apply for a Step 2 Permit for Construction application.

Driveway Roadworks Step 1: Design Approval

  • The Roadworks Step 2 Permit to Construct application is used when you are ready to construct and have engaged your contractor.

Driveway roadworks Step 2: Permit to Construct

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Page last updated: 12 Oct 2021