Planning proposals

Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

Inner West Council's statutory planning instrument is the Inner West Local Environmental Plan 2022 (IWLEP).

A local environmental plan (LEP) is prepared by Council to guide planning decisions for the local government area and is made up of a written instrument and associated maps. Through zoning and development standards, it allows Council to manage the use of land.

The IWLEP can be accessed via the NSW Legislation website:

What is a planning proposal?

The rezoning of land or changing development standards (e.g. amending the building height, floor space ratio) associated with the land is a formal planning process. The making or amendment of an LEP requires the preparation of a planning proposal. A planning proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of a proposed amendment to an LEP and sets out the justification for making or amending that plan.

Starting the process

Scoping Proposals

Prior to the submission of a planning proposal for Council's consideration, a pre-lodgement application is required. A pre-lodgement commences with the submission of a scoping proposal. This allows Council to undertake a preliminary assessment of the merits of the proposal and identify key issues to be addressed in the planning proposal submission. Following review of a scoping proposal, Council will provide written advice and arrange a meeting with the proponent. See below for relevant templates and guides.


Pre-lodgement application forms and scoping proposals are to be submitted via Council's online self-service.

Planning proposals and forms are to be submitted to via the NSW Planning Portal.

For more information regarding the preparation of scoping proposals and planning proposals, please refer to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's Local Environmental Plan Making Guideline September 2022.

Application forms


Planning proposal

DCP amendments

The primary purpose of a development control plan (DCP) is to guide development according to the aims of the corresponding local environmental plan (LEP). Applicants may seek to amend a development control plan in isolation, or in conjunction with a planning proposal to achieve an outcome on a specific site.

Prior to submitting an amendment to a development control plan, it is recommended that applicants organise a meeting with the Strategic Planning team. For standalone DCP amendments (i.e. not linked to a planning proposal), please complete and submit the form below to begin this process. To organise a meeting with Strategic Planning, refer to "consultancy meetings" in the next section.

Consultancy meetings

To arrange a meeting for discussion of any strategic planning matters, please complete and submit the form below to

Fees and charges

Fees applicable to pre-lodgement proposals and planning proposals are found in Inner West Council's fees and charges.

Online planning proposal tracker

The details and status of a planning proposal can be found on our online planning proposal tracker. Click the tab below to view planning proposals currently under assessment.

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