Planning proposals

Inner West Council's current statutory planning instruments include the following three local environmental plans (LEPs):

The rezoning of land or changing development standards (e.g. amending the building height, floor space ratio) associated with the land is a formal planning process. The preparation or amendment of LEP requires the preparation of a planning proposal. A planning proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of a proposed amendment to an LEP and sets out the justification for making or amending that plan.

For more information regarding preparation of planning proposals, please refer to Inner West Council's guidelines for preparing planning proposals.

Inner West Council has three categories of planning proposals: minor LEP amendment, major LEP amendment and complex LEP amendment.

Prior to the submission of a planning proposal for Council's consideration, a pre-planning proposal application is required to be submitted. A pre-planning proposal application allows Council to undertake a preliminary assessment of the planning proposal and identify key issues that are required to be addressed in the planning proposal submission.

Lodge a strategic planning enquiry

Fees and charges

Fees applicable to pre-planning proposals and planning proposals are found in Inner West Council's fees and charges.

Application forms

Pre-planning proposals and planning proposals can only be lodged by appointment at Inner West Council's Ashfield Customer Service Centre, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield NSW 2131.

If you wish to apply for a planning proposal or book an appointment for lodgement of a pre-planning proposal or a planning proposal, please contact Inner West Council's Customer Service Centre on (02) 9392 5000 to speak to a strategic planner from Council's Strategic Planning Team.


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Page last updated: 14 May 2021