Indoor venues fee scale policy

Council provides a scaled fee structure for the hire of a range of community venues and halls to ensure equitable access. 

The Fee scale policy outlines the need for community resources to be affordable and accessible for not-for-profit (NFP) groups with limited income streams.

Factors that can determine the level of fee subsidy include:

  • access and affordability for local residents
  • health and wellbeing benefits of the activity
  • the need for Council support to enable activities to proceed
  • the extent to which the activity aligns with Council's strategic priorities

All applications for venue use will be assessed in line with these priorities.


Fee scales

Subsidy Organisation Activity Type Examples
1 100%
  • Incorporated NFP organisation
  • Unincorporated local NFP group
  • Service that enables achievement of specific Community Strategic Plan objective for local residents; and
  • Where there is evidence that payment of a fee for venue use will prevent the activity from occurring
    • Recognised social supporteg Alcoholics Anonymous, GA, NA., for their weekly meeting,
    • Men’s Group
    • Seniors and cultural social support
    • Play groups
    • Local meetings of registered political organisations
    • Local youth band rehearsals
    2 50%
    • Incorporated NFP organisation
    • Unincorporated local NFP group
    • Sole traders with public liability insurance
    • Service that enables achievement of specific Community Strategic Plan objective for local residents; and
    • A fee over $2is charged for membership/ participation
    • Offering community focused activities, and discounted access to health care card holders
    • Dance groups
    • Yoga for cancer patients
    • Painting classes
    • U3A
    • P&C fundraiser
    • Charity event with over 50% beneficiaries being local residents

    • Religious institutions (ATO defined)
    • Religious services
    • Weekend church service
    3 0%
    • Commercial hirers
    • Private functions
    • Activities where IWC residents comprise less than 50% of participants
    • Activities designed for benefit of the for profit sector
    • Activities that are for the benefit of a private individual or organisation that is not open to the general public
    • Community activities designed to cater for residents of other Council areas
    • Sales conference
    • Birthday parties, weddings
    • Activities of a metropolitan-wide club

    The sliding scale of fees includes three different categories as outlined in the Table above.

    The Community Strategic Plan objectives referred to in the Table related to three Strategic Directions stated in the Community Strategic Plan, Our Inner West 2036, and include:

    • Unique, liveable, networked neighbourhoods (strategic direction 2);
    • Creative communities and a strong economy (strategic direction 3);
    • Caring, happy, healthy communities (strategic direction 4)

    Assessment Process

    An assessment panel comprising specialist venues staff, and where appropriate community development staff, will assess applications to determine fee categories based on the application form.

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    Page last updated: 21 Feb 2019