Commercial fitness training

General Information

All Commercial Fitness Trainers and large running clubs are required to obtain a permit and pay for use of Council's Parks and Sporting Grounds. Please ensure you read the documents provided below prior to submitting an application.


& FAQ's (PDF 64.1KB)

Where you can train

Sporting Grounds (times and vary depending on venue)

  • Algie Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Ashfield Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Birchgrove Park  6am-9pm*
  • Blackmore Oval  5:30am - 4pm*
  • Callan Park - Balmain Road 5:30am-4pm*
  • Callan Park - Glover Street 5:30am-4pm*
  • Camdenville Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Camperdown Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Centenary Park
  • Cohen Park  6:30am- 4pm*
  • Easton Park   6:30am- 4pm*
  • Hammond Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • King George Park  6am - 4pm*
  • Leichhardt #2  5:30am- 4pm*
  • Leichhardt #3  5:30am- 4pm*
  • Mackey Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Mahoney Reserve 5:30am-4pm*
  • Marrickville Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Petersham Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Steel Park 5:30am-4pm*
  • Tempe Reserve 5:30am-4pm*

* Bookings until 4pm only on sporting grounds.

Parks (times and vary depending on venue)

  • 36th Battalion Park  6:30am- 9pm
  • Bridgewater Park  6:30am- 9pm
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park 6:30am- 9pm
  • Elkington Park  6:30am- 9pm
  • Enmore Park 6:30am- 9pm
  • Illoura Reserve 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Johnson Park 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Leichhardt Park 5:30 am- 9pm
  • McNeilly Park 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Mort Bay Park  6:30 am- 9pm
  • O'Dea Reserve 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Robson Park 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Sydenham Green 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Tempe Lands - Village Green 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Tillman Park 6:30 am- 9pm
  • War Memorial Park 6:30 am- 9pm
  • Wicks Park 6:30 am- 9pm

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Page last updated: 18 Mar 2019