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The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and is impacting on Council operations.

Due to Covid Restrictions, Council will not be approving any filming or photography in Council Parks until 1 December 2021

Urgent and emergency road access works will be prioritised on a case-by-case basis.
Generally we need 10 business days notice but due to the current situation please be mindful of delays.
Find out more information about Council’s coronavirus response plan here. 

Council encourages filming and photography in the Inner West Council area.

We have a diverse range of locations - Explore our   Venues and Parks

You must apply for a permit if you are planning to film or take still photographs on or affecting council owned property, in open spaces and outdoor spaces such as footpaths, roads and parks within the Inner West Council.

Filming & Photography Permits are  issued under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993 and Section 115 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Applications are assessed under the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009 which can be viewed at Local Government Filming Protocol

In accordance with the Protocol, it is expected that Council, Local Police, Neighbouring Residents and businesses will be notified of all proposed filming, even when only filming on private property.

Applications need to be lodged a minimum of 7 working days before the proposed filming date. Additional fees will apply for late lodgement.


Fees and Charges

Most of the application fees are structured in accordance with the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009, which includes maximum charges and depends on the likely impact of the activity on traffic and parking.

Student Films and Not-For Profit organisations do not normally incur any fees.

The following are the Charges where applicable:

Filming Classifications
 Ultra Low Impact:  No more then 10 crew, no disruptions caused to council stake holders, vehicles associated with activity are legally parked at all times Nil 
 Low Impact:  11-25 crew, no more then 4 Trucks/vans, minimal equipment/lighting small or no base unit required  $150.00 
 Medium Impact: 26-50 crew, no more then  10 Trucks/vans, significant construction, extensive equipment large unit base require  $300.00
 High Impact : 10 Trucks/vans, significant construction, extensive equipment large unit base required.  $500.00


Traffic Management Assessment
 Not Required:  Nil 
 Low: Stop/Go Traffic control on a local or Council managed road and written Police acknowledgement is required  $150.00
 Medium: Stop/Go Traffic control on a multi-lane or State Road.  Police and RMS  acknowledgement required. Note: State Roads are managed by Traffic NSW  $300.00
 High:  Road Closure as per Temporary Road Closure fees - a separate application for a Road Closure form is required  Price on Application


 Parking Essential Vehicles/Unit Base & Road Occupation Charges
Barricading of parking spaces in an unrestricted area
 Parking essential vehicles, road occupation for filming or unit base plans   $150.00
 Barricading within Restricted Parking area (in addition to above $150 fee)
 Parking essential vehicles, road occupation for filming or unit base plans   $115.00

 Six (6) or less Parking Spaces - minimum charge OR$115.00 More then 6 parking Spaces $21.80/space/day*

 *Calculation for rate per car space - $12.10 * 12.6m2 (Car parking space area) divided by 7 days - daily rate of $21.80

Barricading in a Metered  Parking area (in addition to above $150 fee)
 Fee for Suspension of parking meters $57.40 /bay/day


  Additional Charges - Urgent applications
Application  is submitted with less than 5 business days notification  $235.00
 Application is submitted with less than 24 hours notification $348.20 

Council's adopted Fees & Charges can be found in the current fees and charges page.

Questions you will need to answer during online lodgement

You will need to provide the following information in support of your application:

  • Address of the property;
  • Details of the activity - eg  location and summary of work or activity;
  • Details of the proposed filming - Start/finish dates and operating hours;
  • Backup/wet weather alternative dates;
  • Expiry dates of public liability insurance cover;
  • Specify Filming classification, Traffic Management Assessment, Parking Plan or Unit Based Plan;
  • If this is an urgent application; and
  • Applicant details

Application Form

You will need to complete the following application form:

Filming & Photography application form (PDF 410.9KB)

Filming & Photography application form (DOCX 147.5KB)

Mandatory Supporting Documents

Have the following documents ready before starting the online application as they will need to be uploaded with the application during lodgement.

If they are not provided, the assessment  will be delayed and may be refused.

  • Application form – a signed copy of the application form.
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency – required for every application (see details above).

The following information must be provided when applicable or when requested:

  • Scope of works/ Site Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • A Traffic Control Plan (Prepared by RMS accredited person) in compliance with RMS Traffic Control at Work Sites Manual Guidelines – AS1742.3 and Work Cover NSW regulations.
  • Parking Plan
  • Pedestrian Plan
  • List of essential Vehicle Registrations
  • Authorised Safety Report
  • A draft Notification letter(s) for distribution by the applicant to residents in the affected area, for approval by Council

    If you are on or near a State Road or Traffic Light

    If the works are to be carried out on or near a State classified Road or traffic lights, you will have to demonstrate that you have obtained written consent from Transport for NSW. 

    For the list of the State Classified roads within the Inner West Council can be viewed at Roads.

    Terms and Conditions

    You will need to sign the Applicant's Declaration on the application form to accept the Terms and Conditions on the form

    How to apply for your Permit

    Once you've completed the application form and collected all mandatory supporting documents, you use our online self-service website to lodge the application

    Step 1

    Register for an account on the Councils Self Service Portal - verification should occur within one business day.

    Please see the following guide for assistance on the registration process

    How to Register on the Council Self Service Portal (PDF 180.7KB)

    Step 2

    Log into your account and apply for your permit

    Please see the following guide to assist you:

    How to Apply for a Filming and Photography Permit (PDF 566.5KB)

    How to Apply for a Filming and Photography Permit (DOCX 785KB)

    After you apply for you permit - Once Council receives your application, the required documents and payment(if applicable), your application will be processed.

    Go to online self-service

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