Arts and Culture grants


The Arts and Culture grants stream funds a range of activities for individual artists, groups or arts organisations for projects that deliver the production and presentation of new creative work; professional arts and skills development; opportunities for all members of the community to participate in arts and cultural activities; strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Inner West’s cultural and creative industries; and benefits the Inner West community by contributing to local identity, belonging and pride.

Key Dates

  • Round open: 3-30 June 2019
  • Applicants notified: August 2019
  • Projects delivered: 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020

Funding Available

Arts and Culture grants of up to $7,500 are available in the following categories:

  • Living Arts Grants
  • Independent Artist Grants

Grants are open to not-for-profit organisations, social and creative enterprises, individuals auspiced by an incorporated body and individual artists. The Arts and Culture Grants program aims to strengthen the Inner West community as an arts and cultural hub.

Application Support

To support applicants, Council is holding general grant information sessions and one on one sessions with a grant officer. Online bookings are essential.

Attend a Grant Information Session (Petersham)

Learn more about the grants program, streams, and tips on preparing your application by attending an information session. The next information session is at Petersham Service Centre on Tuesday, 18 March, 12pm-1.30pm.

Book a One-on-One Session with a Grant Officer

Book a meeting with a grant officer to discuss your application in detail.


For grant enquiries please contact Tess Newton-Palmer, Council's Community Resource and Research Supervisor on 9392 5281 or email

It is encouraged for requests of over $2,000 that you discuss your project with a staff member from the Living Arts team.

To Apply

Applications for the Arts and Culture Grants round close midnight, 30 June 2019.

Apply online


Download the Inner West Council Grants Program guidelines here: Inner West Grants Program Guidelines 2019 (PDF 928.9KB)

Funding Categories

Funding for Arts and Culture grants is available under two grant categories:

Individual Artist grants for professional arts and skills development, individual artists and collaborations to support the production and presentation of new work. Individual Artist grant applicants applying as individual artists must have a demonstrated history of professional arts practice and be auspiced by an incorporated organisation.

Living Arts grants for arts and cultural projects, including community arts and cultural development, artist residencies, and exhibitions or events presenting single or cross-disciplinary art forms in the public domain. Living Arts grant applicants must be a legally incorporated, not-for-profit arts and cultural group or organisation or an eligible social or cultural enterprise (e.g. incorporated organisation that provides social or cultural benefits but does not meet the criteria of being an incorporated not‐for‐profit).


The objectives of the Arts and Cultural Grants stream is to:

  • Encourage creative excellence and innovation in the content and delivery of arts and cultural projects and programs in the Inner West.
  • Contribute to the development and sustainability of arts and cultural industries in the Inner West.
  • Promote strong arts and cultural networks and partnership opportunities.
  • Increased community connection through art in the public domain, providing a range of access points for the community to participate in and enjoy arts and culture.
  • Promote a vibrant street life, support local business and encourage visitors to the Inner West Local Government Area. 



To be eligible for funding, an applicant must:

  • Be an Australian resident or permanent resident aged over 18 years.
  • Be currently located or delivering services in the Inner West Council area or offer a project that benefits residents of the Inner West.
  • Be a legally registered, incorporated not-for-profit organisation or group. Unincorporated groups must be auspiced by an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. Note: This eligibility criteria varies for Live Music, Arts and Culture and Community History and Heritage grants in 2019.   
  • Apply for a specific project, grants do not offer a permanent or ongoing source of funding.
  • Meet the grant stream eligibility criteria and address the grant stream objectives.
  • Demonstrate the project is in the public interest and in accordance with Council’s
  • Community Strategic Plan, policies and regulations.
  • Include a booking confirmation form for any standard or subsidised use of Council facilities required as part of a grant application (i.e. Council venues, parks and sportsgrounds), unless otherwise negotiated with the relevant Council grant officer.
  • Submit an interim progress report on any outstanding grant projects before a new grant application can be considered.
    Only submit one application per grant stream per year. 


Inner West Council does not provide grants for:

  • Projects that have already occurred (i.e. retrospective funding is not eligible) or to cover a shortfall in administrative costs.
  • Projects that duplicate existing services provided in the Inner West Council area.
  • Organisations that have not acquitted previously completed grant projects funded by Inner West Council, or who have outstanding debts of any kind to Inner West Council.
  • Ongoing salary costs for project management, operational costs or applicant’s wages.
  • Capital works such as renovations to buildings. Note: This eligibility criterion varies for Live Music grants in 2019.
  • Financial assistance for overseas travel.
  • General donations to charities. Council does accept applications for projects run by charities.
  • Activities that could be perceived as benefitting political parties or groups linked to a political party.
  • Projects that could be perceived as divisive within the community.
  • State or federal government departments or projects which fall under the responsibility of another tier of government.
  • Schools or tertiary institutions. Parents and Citizens’ Associations (P&Cs) are eligible to apply for projects that can demonstrate they benefit the broader Inner West community (beyond the school community). Note: This eligibility criterion varies for Open Inner West grants in 2019.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be considered in the process of assessing applications:

  • Impact and quality of the project that contributes to Council’s Community Strategic Plan and Arts and Culture grants objectives.
  • Excellence and innovation in arts and creative practice and the delivery of arts and cultural projects.
  • Enhance community connection to art in the public domain and provide social and cultural benefits to communities in the Inner West.
  • Applicant’s capacity to deliver a well‐planned project including applicant experience, skills and time.
  • Realistic budget, including all sources of project income and quotes, where relevant.

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