Sporting ground status

Current Status

Due to the Coronavirus all sporting grounds are closed for organised sport.  The grounds are still open to the general public, social distancing is in place, at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others at all times. Practice good hygiene.  Be aware, be safe, the Coronavirus can survive on steel, plastic and cardboard for 72 hours. For the latest health advice and information visit:


Sporting ground Status
Algie Park CLOSED
Arlington Recreation Reserve CLOSED
Ashfield Park CLOSED
Balmain Road (Callan Park) CLOSED
Birchgrove Oval CLOSED 
Blackmore Oval CLOSED
Camdenville Oval CLOSED
Camperdown Oval CLOSED
Centenary Park CLOSED
Cohen Park CLOSED
Easton Park CLOSED
Glover Street (Callan Park) CLOSED
Hammond Park CLOSED 
Henson Park CLOSED 
HJ Mahoney Memorial Reserve CLOSED
King George Park CLOSED
Leichhardt #2 CLOSED
Leichhardt #3 CLOSED
Mackey Park CLOSED
Marrickville Park CLOSED 
Petersham Oval CLOSED
Pratten Park CLOSED
SSC Leichhardt Campus CLOSED
Steel Park CLOSED
Tempe Recreation Reserve CLOSED
Waterfront Drive (Callan Park) CLOSED
There are four ways to keep update with Council's sporting ground closures:
  1. Check this page.
  2. Call the wet weather line on  9367 9190
  3. Follow us on @IWCsportgrounds
  4. Check signage at the grounds (where there are signs)

When is this page updated?

Only during periods of wet weather or when the grounds have been closed.

The status is updated on a daily basis  by 10am for schools - (if required) and by 3pm for evening training.

For weekends, the status will be updated on Friday afternoon. It may be also updated Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on the weather. The advice of when the next update will occur should be clear in the above message on this page under 'current status'.

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Page last updated: 01 Apr 2020