Special entertainment precincts

In 2023 Enmore Road was designated as NSW’s first special entertainment precinct. This recognizes Enmore Road as Sydney’s premier live music and entertainment destination.

Being a special entertainment precinct means:

  • Amplified sound is regulated through a precinct management plan (PDF 2.3MB)
  • New development must be adequately sound-proofed
  • Businesses can access additional trading hours
  • Advisory note on planning certificates

Information for businesses

Special provisions apply to all businesses located in a special entertainment precinct. The map below identifies properties located within the Enmore Road special entertainment precinct:

A map showing the Enmore Special Entertainment District, which covers all properties fronting Enmore Road between Stanmore and Edgeware Road at the western extent and 10 Enmore Road at the eastern extent.

If you are a business within a special entertainment precinct, the following applies:

  • Sound coming from your premises must not exceed the limits set out in Section 8 of the Special Entertainment Precinct Management Plan (PDF 2.3MB). These limits are measured at the boundary of nearby sensitive receivers (typically residential dwellings).
  • When approached by a nearby resident or business with an issue regarding the operation of your business, please work with them to find a solution to the problem.
  • Most businesses can trade later – see Section 3.4 of the Precinct Management Plan (PDF 2.3MB) for details.
  • Footpath dining on Enmore Road is permitted until 11pm.

If you would like to discuss how the above measures apply to your business, please contact Billy Cotsis, Economic Development Team Leader on 9392 5137.

Information for residents

The map below identifies properties affected by the Enmore Road special entertainment precinct.

Map of the Enmore Special Entertainment Precinct showing colour-coded sound category areas

Entertainment sound from venues within the special entertainment precinct must not exceed the sound levels specified in the precinct management plan (PDF 2.3MB). The red, yellow, and blue lines identify which sound level will be used to determine if a venue is achieving this. These limits are detailed in Table 3 on page 24 of the precinct management plan (PDF 2.3MB).

If you are having issues with sound coming from a venue, please approach the venue directly before contacting Council. Experience shows that simple measures such as closing windows and doors, being aware of when entertainment will cease, or lowering the volume can resolve issues before they escalate. If the matter cannot be resolved, please contact Council through our online self-service portal.

For developers and home builders

New developments for residential dwellings and other sensitive receivers (as defined in Section 2.26 of the Marrickville DCP 2011 (PDF 396.1KB)) must be adequately sound-proofed for the comfort of future occupants in a special entertainment precinct.

Section 2.26 of the Marrickville DCP 2011 (PDF 396.1KB) contains objectives and controls that will need to be met for all development applications within special entertainment precincts and sound category areas.

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Page last updated: 19 Dec 2023