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How do I make an application?

All applications are now required to be lodged via the NSW State Planning Portal -

Following lodgement on the State Portal -

1.             Council will receive the application and it will be assigned to a specific Officer. 

2.            Customer Service will send you an invoice for the initial application fee.

3.            The assessing officer will contact the applicant if any further information is required.

4.            Please include a copy of the completed Contract for Certification Services -  

How long will it take to assess my application?

The determination time will depend on the type of application you are lodging and the information you submit.

  • Construction Certificates can generally be issued within 7 - 14 days provided all information is provided
  • Complying Development Certificates vary depending upon the work but can generally be approved within 7-14 days where no notification is required. Many Complying Development Applications are subject to a mandatory 14 day neighbour notification period before an approval can be issued.

How much will it cost?

For a full quote please click the below link

Building Certification Quote

When can my building work start?

You cannot start work on your site until either a construction certificate or complying development certificate has been issued and you have appointed Inner West Council Certifiers as the Principal Certifying Authority. Appointment of the Principal Certifier is required to be completed on the State Planning Portal during lodgement of your Construction Certificate or Complying Devlopment Certificate application. You will receive a Principal Certificate information letter via email following Councils appointment.

Make sure you review the conditions of your approval as there may be other things you need to do before you start work. It is the applicant's responsibility to notify council and the Principal Certifying Authority at least two days before works commence. Our team can assist with any questions in relation to this to simplify the process and get things moving.

Your DA consent may also allow demolition to commence prior to the Construction Certificate being issued. This can be confirmed by speaking to our team.

How do I arrange an inspection?

Inspections can be booked a number of ways:

  • Contact our team via phone 02 9392 5028 or email -

    Bookings should be made ideally with 24 hours’ notice where possible, however, our team will aim to accommodate you when this is not possible given our accessibility to the local area.

    How can I track my application?

    If you require an update it is recommended you contact the assessing Officer direct.

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