Government contracts register

Inner West Council contracts can be found at the links below. There are three types of contracts listed in the register - Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

  • Class 1 Contracts are those over $150,000.00 via a Tender Process
  • Class 2 Contracts are those over $150,000  and where generally there has been a Public Tender process and subsequent substantial negotiation with the contractor.
  • Class 3 Contracts are those over $5 million dollars

Please note that these are contracts entered into after 12 May when the Inner West Council was officially proclaimed.

Contracts from former councils

For contracts from the former councils prior to their merger into Inner West Council on 12 May 2016, please see the links below:


Former Ashfield Council – Contracts Register 2015 (PDF 48.5KB)
Former Ashfield Council – Contracts Register 2014 (PDF 45.7KB)
Former Ashfield Council – Contracts Register 2013 (PDF 12.2KB)


Former Leichhardt Council – Contracts Register (PDF 37.6KB)


Former Marrickville Council – Contracts Register (XLS 653KB)