Mayor and councillors

Inner West Council has 15 councillors. The Inner West Council area is divided into 5 wards (3 councillors per ward).

On 10 September 2019, the councillors elected Councillor Darcy Byrne as Mayor until the end of the first term of Inner West Council in September 2021 and on 22 September 2020, Victor Macri was elected as Deputy Mayor of Inner West Council for the 2020-21 term.

Councillor contact details

Mayor Clr Darcy Byrne Balmain Ward 

Mayor, Clr Darcy Byrne

Balmain Ward - Baludarri (Leather Jacket)

9392 5900

Read about Darcy here

Clr Victor Macri Marrickville Ward 

Deputy Mayor, Clr Victor Macri

Marrickville Ward - Midjuburi (Lillypilly)

0408 219 260

Read about Victor here

Clr Vittoria Raciti Leichhardt Ward 

Clr Vittoria Raciti

Leichhardt Ward - Gulgadya (Grass Tree)

0481 910 660

Read about Vittoria here

Clr Marghanita Da Cruz Leichhardt Ward 

Clr Marghanita Da Cruz

Leichhardt Ward - Gulgadya (Grass Tree)

0490 788 943

Read about Marghanita here


Clr Mark Drury Ashfield Ward 

Clr Mark Drury

Ashfield Ward - Djarrawunang (Magpie)

0448 722 942

Read about Mark here


Clr Colin Hesse Marrickville Ward 

Clr Colin Hesse

Marrickville Ward - Midjuburi (Lillypilly)

0401 719 124

Read about Colin here


Clr Sam Iskandar Marrickville Ward 

Clr Sam Iskandar

Marrickville Ward - Midjuburi (Lillypilly)

0421 494 515

Read about Sam here


Clr Tom Kiat Ashfield Ward 

Clr Tom Kiat

Ashfield Ward - Djarrawunang (Magpie)

0403 491 018

Read about Tom here


Clr Pauline Lockie Stanmore Ward 

Clr Pauline Lockie

Stanmore Ward - Damun (Port Jackson Fig)

0434 690 544

Read about Pauline here


Clr Lucille McKenna Leichhardt Ward 

Clr Lucille McKenna OAM

Leichhardt Ward - Gulgadya (Grass Tree)

0408 629 888

Read about Lucille here


Deputy Mayor Clr Julie Passas Ashfield Ward 

Clr Julie Passas

Ashfield Ward - Djarrawunang (Magpie)

0419 206 855

Read about Julie here


Clr Rochelle Porteous Balmain Ward 

Clr Rochelle Porteous

Balmain Ward - Baludarri (Leather Jacket)

0418 213 054

Read about Rochelle here


Clr John Stamolis Balmain Ward 

Clr John Stamolis

Balmain Ward - Baludarri (Leather Jacket)

0408 448 285

Read about John here


Clr Louise Steer Stanmore Ward 

Clr Louise Steer

Stanmore Ward - Damun (Port Jackson Fig)

0490 788 418

Read about Louise here


Clr Anna York Stanmore Ward 

Clr Anna York

Stanmore Ward - Damun (Port Jackson Fig)

0435 656 772

Read about Anna here


Disclosure Returns

Clr Darcy Byrne (PDF 182.6KB)
Clr Rochelle Porteous  (PDF 182.5KB)
Clr John Stamolis (PDF 191.9KB)
Clr Lucille McKenna OAM (PDF 181.4KB)
Clr Marghanita Da Cruz (PDF 189.8KB)
Clr Vittoria Raciti (PDF 184.2KB)
Clr Louise Steer (PDF 182.4KB)
Clr Anna York (PDF 194.1KB)
Clr Pauline Lockie (PDF 182.7KB) 
Clr Sam Iskandar (PDF 181.2KB)
Clr Colin Hesse (PDF 180.5KB)
Clr Victor Macri (PDF 181.8KB)
Clr Mark Drury (PDF 181.7KB)
Clr Tom Kiat (PDF 181.1KB)
Clr Julie Passas (PDF 180.7KB)


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