Planned Council tree works

Trees are one of our most important natural assets.

Inner West Council conducts cyclical maintenance of its street trees. This includes pruning works to improve tree health and structure, remove deadwood, and allow for clearance for buildings, pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Removal of trees is seen as the last option – Council will always look for other management options first. Unfortunately in some cases and due to risk to public and property, removal may be the only option. Any tree that is identified for removal will have a notice affixed to the tree.

Please note that Council does not prune trees for power line clearance. Ausgrid is responsible for pruning street trees in these circumstances and sets out the required clearance for its power lines. Visit the Ausgrid power line clearance page for more information and planned trimming dates.

Tree removal notice: 153 Nelson Street, Annandale

  • Date: 15 March 2021
  • Location: 153 Nelson Street, Annandale
  • Tree Species: Celtis sinensis (Chinese Hackberry)

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The tree is a self-seeded weed species and is unsustainable to be retained in its current location. It is causing damage to adjacent retaining wall that cannot be mitigated without the tree being removed.

Replacement tree

A replacement tree will be planted at a nearby location to offset the tree canopy loss as part of Council’s Tree Planting Program in 2021.

Tree removal notice: 20 Spencer Street, Summer Hill

  • Date: 12 March 2021
  • Location: 20 Spencer Street, Summer Hill
  • Tree Species: Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush)

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The tree is in poor condition with multiple bracket fungal bodies present and has low retention value.

Replacement tree

(x1) Elaeocarpus eumundi (Eumundi Quondong)
To be planted during the 2021 Annual Tree Planting Program

Tree removal notice: Davis Street, Dulwich Hill. Between Hoskins Park an The Inner West Light Rail

  • Date: April 2021
  • Location: Davis Street, Dulwich Hill. Between Hoskins Park an The Inner West Light Rail
  • Tree Species: Broad-leaf privet (Ligustrum Licidum), Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum Camphora), Cotoneaster and Chinese Hackberry (Celtis Sinnensis)

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The ongoing rehabilitation of the bushcare site at Hoskins Park is a community project aimed at re-establishing the native vegetation of the inner west. The weed species at this location are compromising the progress of this project. These weed trees will be replaced with local native species.

Replacement tree

Trees, shrubs and groundcovers from the Sydney Turpentine Ironbark community will be planted in this location. Tree species from this community include: Melaleuca decora, Syncarpia Glomulifera, Acacia Binervia, Acacia Fimbriata, Acacia Decurrens and Eucalyptus Pilularis.


  • Date: 23rd March 2021 – 26th March 2021

Why are we removing this tree?

  • Council’s Tree Contractors in conjunction with Port Authority of New South Wales will be undertaking works to remove and replace existing chain wire fence on Grafton Street, Balmain East as the fence is failing and now considered a hazard. To facilitate the fence removal and replacement works, the bougainvillea that is growing on and through the fence will be removed. An exclusion zone will be set up onsite for the works with temporary fencing and traffic control will be implemented. The temporary fencing will impact parking on Grafton Street whilst works are undertaken. Council requests the cooperation of residents and the community during the duration of the works.
  • The site has previously been identified as habitat for the Superb Fairy Wren and scheduled works above have been timed not to impact the Superb Fairy Wren breeding season. Additional habitat is scheduled to be planted during Autumn 2021 to offset the loss of habitat.


Tree removal notice: Outside 22 Gordon St Petersham

  • Date: 18 February 2021
  • Location: Outside 22 Gordon St Petersham
  • Tree Species: Eucalyptus nicholii (Small – leafed Peppermint.)

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The tree is in poor overall condition and exhibits symptoms of decline.
  • The tree has a 0 – 5 years remaining life expectancy.

Replacement tree

Lophostemon confertus (Brush Box)
To be planted during Councils 2021 Planting Program.

Tree removal notice: 36th Battalion Park, Leichhardt

  • Date: 18 February 2021
  • Location: 36th Battalion Park, Leichhardt
  • Tree Species: Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Why are we removing this tree?

  • This tree is being removed due to its poor health, structure and decay present within the tree.

Replacement tree

A replacement tree will be planted within the park as part of Council’s Tree Planting Program in 2021.

Tree removal notice: 54 Dalhousie Street

  • Date: 12 February 2021
  • Location: 54 Dalhousie Street
  • Tree Species: Lophostemon confertus

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The tree is in very poor health and vigour with a short remaining useful life.

Replacement tree

Lophostemon confertus

Tree removal notice: Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield

  • Date: 12 February 2021
  • Location
    1 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    3 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    9 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    11 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    13 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    2 Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield
    Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield (side of 47 Perry Street)
    Campbell Avenue, Lilyfield (side of 49 Perry Street)
  • Tree Species: Lophostemon confertus

Why are we removing this tree?

  • The trees are over mature, stunted, exhibits sparse canopy due to decline, and are in poor condition.

Replacement tree

Eight (8) advanced 400L container sized Lophostemon confertus. To be planted within 2 weeks of tree removal works

Scheduled Tree Removal Works – 580 Parramatta Road, Croydon

Council’s Tree Contractors Summit Open Space Services have been engaged to undertake tree removal works of large dead Hills Weeping Fig (Ficus microcarpa var. hillii) at 580 Parramatta Road, Croydon.

Removal works are being undertaken on Saturday 6th March 2021 from 7pm. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have issued a road occupancy licence to undertake works at this time due to the location of the tree, size and impact on traffic.

Petrol power tools and a woodchipper will be used to undertake the works. A crane will also be required to be used to minimise noise and the time taken to complete the works. It is anticipated that noise will cease at approximately 12am.

580 parramatta road tree removal580 parramatta road tree removal

Scheduled Tree Removal Works

Glover Street Sports Field

Council’s Tree Contractors will be removing several Coral Trees (Erythrina x sykesii) and one Phoenix Palm (Phoenix canariensis) from the northern embankment of Glover Street Sports Field as part of the revegetation of the site.

Coral trees are classified as weed species trees and are also a listed exempt tree species of tree within Council’s Tree Management DCP and the Phoenix palm is a self-seeded tree.

Replacement trees within the site will be Southern Mahogany (Eucalyptus botyoides), Prickly Leaved Tea Tree (Melaleuca stypheloides) and Rough-Barked Apple (Angophora floribunda).

glover street tree removalsglover street tree removals

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