Planned Council tree works

Tree removal works

Trees are one of our most important natural assets.

Inner West Council conducts cyclical maintenance of its street trees. This includes pruning works to improve tree health and structure, remove deadwood, and allow for clearance for buildings, pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Removal of trees is seen as the last option – Council will always look for other management options first. Unfortunately in some cases and due to risk to public and property, removal may be the only option. Any tree that is identified for removal will have a notice affixed to the tree.

Please note that Council does not prune trees for power line clearance. Ausgrid is responsible for pruning street trees in these circumstances and sets out the required clearance for its power lines. Visit the Ausgrid power line clearance page for more information and planned trimming dates.


 Location Date Details of work Reason for removal
 Hunter Street/Railway Terrace intersection, Lewisham  14 July 2021  The existing Hills Weeping Fig is to be removed

 The existing Hills Weeping Fig is to be removed to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety as part of the RR7-Petersham to Lewisham Cycleway.

A replacement tree will be incorporated into Councils annual tree program in a more suitable location.

 59 Warren Road, Marrickville

 9th July 2021 Removal of Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottle Brush)
Elaeocarpus eumundi (Quandong)
To be planted during Councils 2021 Planting Program.
 On 9 July 2021, Council’s Tree Management Officer has identified the need to undertake the urgent removal the public tree identified below.

The tree has sustained substantial structural damage that remedial pruning cannot overcome.
39 Brighton Street, Petersham  8th July 2021 Removal of Pyrus calleryana (Ornamental Pear)
Replacement tree will be offset, planted in Brighton Street Reserve during Councils 2021 Tree Planting Program.
Significant repair works required on Sydney Water main, the tree is to be removed in order to provide access for repair works.

Works will significantly compromise the tree, rendering it unsustainable in its current location.
239 Nelson Street, Annandale  6th July 2021

Removal of Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ 
Replacement to be planted during Councils 2021 Tree Planting Program.

The tree had a significant branch failure which has resulted in the tree having poor structure and low retention value. 
Zig Zag Reserve, Balmain East 13 May 2021 Remove Celtis sinensis (Hackberry)
Replacement trees will be planted as part of this year’s tree planting season in 2021.

Tree has poor structure and is classified as an environmental weed due to its ability to disperse large amounts of seed which is often dispersed by birds.
Mort Bay Park 13 May 2021
Remove Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig)
A replacement Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) will be planted during 2021.
Tree is in very poor health and vigour and has been affected by Fig Leaf Beetle. The damage from the pest combined with stunted growth where they have never grown to their full potential has contributed to their low retention value.
31 Ormond Street, Ashfield  12 May 2021 Remove Melaleuca bracteata (Black Tea Tree)
Replace with Backhousia Citriodora  (Lemon Myrtle)
Remaining structure of tree is poor after significant branch failure due to truck hitting the tree resulting in the tree having low retention value. 

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