Parking meters

Inner West Council operates a number of parking meters in Balmain, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Newtown and Enmore.

Parking meter rates vary depending on the street and suburb. Please refer to the parking signs and follow instructions on parking meters. A number of parking meters also have 30 minute free parking tickets. You can also refer to Council's fees and charges.

Parking Meter Replacement Program to commence August 2022

We are replacing our Pay and Display (PnD) ticket parking meters with new by Pay by Plate (PbP) parking meters from August to September 2022.
The meters are a combination of cashless (card-only) and cash and card machines.

A number of the Pay by Plate (PbP) parking meters are cashless. There are also nearby cash-accepting parking meters on every street. 

Benefits of Pay by Plate (PbP) meters

  • It’s paperless – digital receipts can be sent to you
  • There’s no need to return to your vehicle to display your ticket
  • It integrates with the NSW Government’s Park’nPay app, with both meters and the App having payment recorded to the vehicle registration number

Instead of manually using the Pay by Plate parking meters, you can download and use the NSW Government’s Park’nPay App to pay for parking. The App lets you top up of parking balances and find parking locations remotely.

Benefits of the Park’n Pay App

  • No physical contact with the parking meter
  • You can ‘top-up’ your parking balance up to the maximum parking period allowed without needing to return to your vehicle
  • It integrates with navigation Apps to help you find parking areas
  • It sends you parking expiration reminders

Download the App

Search ‘Park’nPay’ in the App Store or Google Play.

Google play  Apple app store

Map of parking meter locations

Reporting faults

You can report a parking meter fault online. A council officer will review the report and contact you within 10 days.

Report a fault

You can also use the number listed on the parking meter to report faults. The number will vary depending on the area.

Reporting ensures faults are repaired in a timely manner and also logs your details for future reference.

If a parking meter is not working or non-cash payments are unsuccessful at the parking meter, you are required to attempt transaction at an adjacent parking meter or pay by coins and obtain and display a valid ticket.

Duplicate credit card transactions

Occasionally failed transactions will appear on your bank statement as a "pending" transaction (or similar) until the bank can confirm the transaction failed.

This looks like a duplicate transaction.

Once the bank has receives confirmation, the money will be released.  This can take up to 5 working days.

Until then, the failed transaction will appear beside your successful transaction on your statement.

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Page last updated: 09 Aug 2022