Illegal parking

Obstructed drivewayVehicles blocking driveway or a similar obstruction

Vehicles blocking a driveway or footpath, vehicles parked in mobility spaces without a permit, vehicles parked on footway verges, parked in the wrong direction, and/or any other parking that causes an obstruction, can be reported to Council.

Council's Parking staff will issue fines for vehicles blocking driveways only by request of the occupant of the premises only. Council generally will only use its powers to remove vehicles after a period of obstruction or if a safety risk is occurring, Council does not have the ability to contact the registered owner of the vehicle by phone.

Council will respond to reports within 2 business days.

Report a blocked driveway or similar obstruction

Vehicle parked the wrong wayDangerous parking

Dangerous parking is where vehicles park in a way which poses a public safety risk , e.g. vehicles parked near intersections, in areas marked "No Stopping", "No Parking" or "Bus Zone" or vehicles double-parked, parked on footpaths, or any other illegal parking that could pose a safety risk.

Dangerous parking can be reported to Council. For reports of dangerous parking after 4pm on weekdays or any time over the weekend or public holidays, contact Council on (02) 9392 5000.

For the enforcement of moving vehicles, please contact the NSW Police. 

Council will respond to reports within 2 business days.

Report dangerous parking

Parking meterVehicles overstaying in timed or ticketed parking

Vehicles overstaying in timed or ticketed parking spaces or vehicles parked over time limits in loading zones or Council car parks can be reported to Council..

Council's parking services team frequently reviews and updates the areas it patrols, and as a result will regularly redirect resources to known hot-spots across the Council area. Council may not respond to individual reports of vehicles overstaying in timed or ticketed parking spaces.

Report overstaying of timed or metered parking

Road rules can be found on the TfNSW website.