Electrify your home

Choosing all-electric appliances is a way to modernise your home and be part of the clean energy future.

Using electricity to cool, heat and cook means healthier air for the people living in your home. The high performance of modern electric appliances means they are also cheaper and cleaner to run, and help reduce energy bills.

About 53% of electricity now comes from renewable sources in NSW. With more and more renewable energy reaching our homes each year, even if you don’t have solar you can be part of the clean energy transition by simply switching to electric appliances, cars and bikes when you have the choice.

To find out about where to start, and available subsidies, download the Go Electric Inner West Action Plan (PDF 134KB)

Where to start

Install solar or switch to GreenPower

Install solar or switch to GreenPower imageJoin the growing number of Inner West residents enjoying the benefits of roof top solar. Around 13% of Inner West homes now have solar panels, and it’s increasing each year. 

Solar systems can pay for themselves within three to five years (without batteries). 

You can use SunSPOT to instantly find a suitably sized system for your home. Find out more on how to  map your roof's solar potential.

Anyone who pays an electricity bill can purchase renewable electricity. This is a great option if you don’t have solar. It’s also great for people who have solar, but use some electricity at night or when the sun is not shining.

GreenPower is an Australian Government scheme. If you choose it, your electricity company buys an equivalent amount of electricity from accredited renewable sources, like wind and solar farms.

Ask your electricity provider for their 100% GreenPower offer or find a GreenPower provider.

The Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace ranks Australia’s electricity companies on how clean and green they are. You can use this guide to choose an energy provider that is committed to clean, renewable energy and ending fossil fuel use.  

Switch to reverse cycle air conditioning for heating

Switch to reverse cycle ACChoosing efficient electric systems for heating your home now can free you from being locked into fossil fuels for years to come.

Check out expert independent advice from Renew in their guide to electric heat pump and hydronic heating.

Switch to electric heat pump hot water 

replace old gas hot water system with heat pump imageIf you plan now, you’ll be prepared when your hot water system needs replacing.

Check out expert independent advice from Renew in their guide to heat pump hot water systems.

Upgrade to electric induction cooking 

Upgrade to induction cooking imageInduction stovetops heat food rapidly while leaving the surrounding surfaces cool to touch. Breathing the air in your home is healthier for everyone without harmful emissions from a gas stove. Be aware that the correct cabling is required for an induction stove. Modern standard electric stovetops are the next best choice, if you cannot install induction.

Compare induction cooktop brands and prices from CHOICE or check out out expert independent advice via Renew's Guide to Induction Cooktops to plan your switch to efficient, gas-free cooking.

Move to electric transport (cars and bikes)

Move to electric transport imageElectric cars are powered by electricity rather than petrol or diesel. This means they can use 100% renewable electricity to recharge. They are cheap to run, need very little maintenance, and reduce air and noise pollution.

To help plan for your next car to be an EV, see the Electric Vehicle Council’s detailed list of EVs available to buy in Australia and cost calculator. Find charging points near you via the Plugshare Australia map.

Electric bikes can be a great alternative to using a car and for riding distances that feel too far on a push bike. Check out independent consumer advocacy group Choice’s article: How to buy the best electric bike.

Electrification case studies

Hear from trusted local voices on the comfort, financial and health benefits of electrification.

Electrification webinar resources

Council's Green Living Centre has partnered with the Sydney chapter of not-for-profit group Renew to deliver a series of hybrid online and face to face workshops that assist Inner West residents navigate the steps of electrification.

View the energy efficiency and all electric home webinar recordings

Current electrification opportunities

consultant sitting with clients looking at a laptop

Free energy efficiency consultations

Want some tips on how to reduce your energy bills or make your home more comfortable this summer? Our 45 minute face-to-face energy assessments and bill reading support might be just want you need!

Venue: Inner West Sustainability Hub, 7 Prospect Rd Summer Hill

Upcoming sessions: 

Wednesday April 20 - bookings open soon. Check updates on the Green Living Centre Humanitix page

SunSPOT tool overview

Thinking about getting solar? Try the SunSPOT free tool

Do you want to know:

  • What size solar system you should get?
  • How many panels will fit on your roof?
  • How long will it take for a battery to pay for itself in savings?

SunSPOT is able to instantly reveal a suitable system size for the household or business’s needs, a system cost range, the time to pay for itself through savings, and the annual bill savings to be made. SunSPOT will also assess the feasibility of batteries of various sizes.

SunSPOT is not-for-profit and has been developed by the Australian PV Institute and UNSW with the backing of the Federal and NSW governments to help Australians understand what solar and batteries can do for them. It is free and private to use.

Council has a SunSPOT subscription, which allows residents and businesses to access the premium offering.  Find out more on how to  map your roof's solar potential. 



Borrow a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared light to help detect areas of heat loss in the home, such as draughts, leaks and poor insulation. Council has two thermal imaging cameras available for residents to borrow at no charge from the Green Living Centre.

We'll provide you with instructions on how to use the cameras. They are easy to use, no professional knowledge is required.

Please contact the Green Living Centre on 9335 2129 or email education@greenlivingcentre.org.au to arrange a loan.

Power-Mate kit

Borrow a power kit to measure your energy use

The Power-Mate is a very useful tool for understanding energy use in your home and will allow you to make more informed decisions about how you can reduce energy consumption, save money off your energy bills and help combat climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Power-Mates can be borrowed free of charge from the Green Living Centre and can be used to monitor the energy consumption of different appliances in your home. The Power-Mate will even estimate the average costs of running the appliance over the year, both in dollar value and in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Please contact the Green Living Centre on 9335 2129 or email education@greenlivingcentre.org.au to arrange a loan.

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