Electrification resources

How do I get the best out of my solar panels- December 2023

A panel discussion of experts including: Stuart Gordon from IQ Solar, Kosta Boukas from Power Smart Solutions ´╗┐and Vasilios Giotis from Blue Green Engineering cover the things you need to know to select the right solar system for your home from the get-go,

Learn how to plan for a solar system that will work well and last long term. You will also learn how to make sure your system is working properly and how to maintain it.

Energy efficiency opportunities for common areas of apartments - November 2023

The Renew Sydney chapter team and environmental engineer and specialist energy consultant for residential strata buildings, Ethan Burns, cover where and how energy is being used in the common property and Identify low or no-cost opportunities to reduce consumption and save money 

Ethan investigates opportunities requiring capital investment and their return on investment and how using the nationally recognised National Australian Building Environment Rating System (NABERS) can benchmark your building and monitor ongoing improvement in performance. 

Opportunities for both common property and tenancies to install solar photovoltaic (PV) are also outlined.

Important viewing for strata managers, strata executive committees and residents.



All Electric Homes - October 2023

Renew’s research team have demonstrated that making your home all electric will not only save you money in the long term but will also ensure your home is more resilient into the future.

Renew Australia recently launched it’s Getting Off Gas Toolkit  and Renew Sydney Central Branch co-convenors Melanie Lupis and Graham Hunt introduced it to Sydney at this event.

The Toolkit provides practical information to help households work through the steps of ‘Getting Off Gas’ and replacing it with energy efficient electric appliances powered by renewables. 

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more!

Energy efficient retrofits - July 2023

residential energy efficiency scorecard logo

Do your energy bills keep going up and up? Is your home freezing in winter, hot in summer or both? Are you keen to live in a thermally comfortable and energy efficient home but don’t know where to start?

This popular workshop was delivered by Renew Sydney and covered energy efficiency retrofits with home energy efficiency and sustainability consultant Melanie Lupis and St Peters homeowner Sarah Aubrey.

  • Overview of Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments
  • What upgrades will give you the best bang for your buck?
  • Is there an order of things?
  • How do I choose a supplier? Who can do the work? What will it cost?
  • Case study: Sarah’s Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project

View recording Energy Efficient Retrofits - Renew's Sydney Branch (youtube.com)

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