Empowering homeowners for an electrified future: Tracy's story

Meet Tracy Graham, a highly awarded Inner West-based home designer, who is revolutionising the way her clients approach sustainable living.

With a passion for creating environmentally sustainable homes, Tracy guides her clients through a design process that prioritises energy efficiency and electrification. By leveraging thoughtful design principles, she aims to reduce reliance on traditional gas-based systems. Tracy's design process begins with a comprehensive site analysis and design brief, where she examines factors such as orientation, sun exposure, tree placement, and views.

Tracy designs buildings with high insulation to minimise heating and cooling requirements. Window placement is meticulously considered, allowing for adequate shading during summer and optimised sun exposure in winter. Additionally, Tracy maximizes roof space for solar panels, harnessing the sun's energy to power the household.

Tracy strongly encourages her clients to transition away from gas-dependent systems in favour of electrification, for a healthier and more sustainable home. For heating and cooling, she advocates for reverse cycle air conditioning, providing efficient temperature control while minimising energy consumption and electric heat pumps. Tracy also recommends induction cooking, which eliminates the need for fossil fuel-based gas stoves and offers a safer and cleaner alternative for food preparation.

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According to Tracy, "Designing a home with energy efficiency and electrification in mind is essential for a sustainable future. By prioritising insulation, strategic window placement, and maximizing solar panel integration, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint".

Clients who have electrified their homes are reaping long term financial benefits and enjoy a significantly improved air quality. “It's about creating spaces that align with our values and enable a more sustainable lifestyle."  By prioritising energy efficiency, promoting the use of renewable energy sources and advocating for healthier alternatives, Tracy is shaping a sustainable future one home at a time.

Can a sustainable home build also be affordable? 

Hear from Victorian single mum Sophia, who in her late 40s as a renter and with no savings, dreamt of an affordable sustainable home for her and her son. With clever research Sophia tells the New Joneses film crew about how she is now living her zero energy bills dream.


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Disclaimer - the Solar Victoria rebates profiled in the videos are only available for Victorian residents. NSW residents still have access to the Commonwealth Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme which supports small-scale installations like household solar panels and solar hot water systems.  

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