Badu Reserve

Badu Park runs from the intersection of Booth and Wigram Road to Chester Street Annandale.

Badu means water in the Dharawal Aboriginal language.


Chester Street, Annandale. 


  • Park bench

What's happening at Badu Park

Badu Park wooden deck

A timber deck at Badu Park, adjoining Fez Café, has been constructed as part of the first phase of Council's adopted Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP) which is sponsored by the NSW State Government.

Projects under this plan have been designed to contribute to overall biodiversity outcomes, reduction of urban heat island, increased urban forest cover, improved air and water quality and other environmental opportunities that the project can provide. Badu Park is part of the overall corridor which has been master planned for public domain upgrades which is envisaged to stimulate new development and positive economic outcomes.

The timber deck was constructed to further the activation of the Park area and provide an area for people with disabilities to enjoy the parkland with equal access from Booth Street.

As part of this project, Badu Park has also been substantially redeveloped and landscaped. Access along the Sydney Water Canal Section of Johnsons Creek is also being improved for cyclists and pedestrians. This will also bring with it added economic benefits to the area.

Plan of management for pocket parks

Council’s existing outdoor dining program is an approval under the Roads Act. The park is part of the public domain governed by the Local Government Act, and a very different mechanism is required to facilitate the use of the public domain by a private enterprise. In order for Council to consider the use of the deck for outdoor dining staff must first prepare a Plan of Management for Badu Park which incorporates an option for Council to consider a potential license agreement for the café for the use of the deck.

Council has endorsed a priority list for plans of management which can be viewed below:


Park bookings information 

Bookings will not be accepted within seven (7) days of a proposed event date.

There are two main types of events that require a park booking. See below for how to book for each type of event:

1. For casual one-off events such as weddings, parties or picnics in parks (30-250 people):

To make a booking use the online booking system below
To make an enquiry email:

Note: Bookings are not required for park casual events (under 30 people) UNLESS you wish to:

  • bring an entertainment or amusement devices, such as jumping castle, petting zoo, bubble soccer 
  • engage in the services of an external provider i.e picnic stylist, caterer etc.

2. For large scale events in parks or sporting grounds (over 250 people):

For both bookings and enquiries email:
You will be emailed the booking form to complete.

The following applications and approvals may be required for your event so please note the timings:

  • Park and Sporting Ground (casual hire) application form (at least four (4) weeks in advance)
  • Section 68 Application or Development Application (at least six (6) months in advance)
  • Approval for traffic and/or parking management from the Traffic Committee (at least three (3) months in advance.

Note: For casual hire of sporting grounds
Please email all enquiries to

Sporting grounds always require a booking
no matter how many people are in attendance.

Terms and conditions of hire

Please ensure you read the terms and condition documents below and take note of this key information:

Cancellations and refunds

When the hirer provides more than seven (7) days' notice of the cancellation to Council the hirer will receive a refund, less a cancellation fee of $50.

When the hirer provides less than seven (7) days' notice to Council the hirer will receive no refund. Council does not reschedule or refund bookings if the weather is inclement on the day of the booking.

Confirmation and tentative bookings

Park bookings need to be confirmed with Council no less than one (1) week prior to the event.

Important documentation

Please ensure your read the following documents prior to booking:

Fees and charges 

Casual events (fewer than 30 people)

Number of people  Cost

Fewer than 30 people

No booking or cost 

Fewer than 30 people with marquee or entertainment/amusement devices
Maximum four (4) hours
Subject to Council approval

$54.60 per hour (GST inclusive)

Weddings (ceremony up to 120 people)

Application must be submitted to Council at least four (4) weeks in advance.

Number of people  Cost

Up to 120 people
Maximum three (3) hours hire

$365.80 (GST inclusive)

Minor events (30 to 500 people)

Applications must be submitted to Council at least four (4) weeks in advance for events over 250 people.

Number of people Cost

30 to 250 people
0 to four (4) hours hire

$54.60 per hour (GST inclusive)
250 to 500 people
$54.60 per hour (GST inclusive)

Major events (over 500 people)

For large scale events in parks and sporting grounds over 500 people, please email your enquiry to

Number of people Cost

Over 500 people

$2592.30 per day (GST inclusive)

Using Council's booking system 

Before you begin

Bookings will not be accepted within seven (7) days of a proposed event date.

If engaging the services of contractor to provide equipment you will be required to submit public liability insurance

How to make a booking for the first time and set up an account

You can use Council's online booking system to make your booking.

Make a booking online

In here you will be able to make a provisional booking request for your preferred event date and upload your documents.

Please see the following guide to assist you. 

Cancelling a booking

Log in to your account and go to 'My Bookings', and for the relevant booking, click on 'Manage'.

Once in the booking, click on the "Request Cancellation" tab on the top right or bottom of the booking.

Please see the following guide to assist you.

Make a general enquiry

You can use Council's online customer service request system to make a general enquiry about our parks.

Make a general park enquiry

You may also email the bookings team directly via

Make a booking online

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