Annandale Parks

Park name Address Facilities 
Arguimbau Street Playground Arguimbau Street, Annandale    icon-playground  icon-picnictables  icon-no-dogs
Badu Reserve              2 Booth St, Annandale  icon-bench
Cahill Street Playground 5-7 Cahill Street, Annandale  icon-playground
Cohen Park Hutchinson Street, Annandale  icon-toilet icon-dogs-leashed icon-soccer
Douglas Grant Memorial Park 2 Chester St, Annandale icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-no-dogs
Gray Street Reserve Annandale Street, Annandale  icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-drinkingfountain
Hinsby Park Piper Street North, Annandale icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-drinkingfountain
Piper Street Reserve Trafalgar Lane - Nelson Lane, Annandale  
Hudson Street Reserve Hudson Street to Annandale Street, Annandale  
Mathieson Street Reserve Mathieson Street, Annandale  
Mayes Street Reserve Mayes Street, Annandale  
Pritchard Street Reserve Pritchard Street, Annandale  
Rose Street Reserve Rose Street and Nelson Lane, Annandale  
Smith, Hogan & Spindlers Park Nelson Lane, Annandale  icon-playground icon-drinkingfountain