Annandale Parks

Park name Address Facilities 
Arguimbau Street Playground Arguimbau Street, Annandale    icon-playground  icon-picnictables  icon-no-dogs
Badu Reserve              2 Booth St, Annandale  icon-bench
Cahill Street Playground 5-7 Cahill Street, Annandale  icon-playground
Cohen Park Hutchinson Street, Annandale  icon-athleticsicon-tennis  icon-toilet icon-dogs-leashed
Douglas Grant Memorial Park 2 Chester St, Annandale icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-bbqicon-basketball icon-no-dogs
Gray Street Reserve Annandale Street, Annandale  icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-drinkingfountain
Hinsby Park Piper Street North, Annandale icon-playground  icon-picnictables icon-drinkingfountain
 Hudson Street Reserve  Hudson Street to Annandale Street, Annandale  
Mathieson Street Reserve Mathieson Street, Annandale  
Mayes Street Reserve Mayes Street, Annandale  
 Piper Street Reserve  Trafalgar Lane - Nelson Lane, Annandale  
Pritchard Street Reserve Pritchard Street, Annandale  
Rose Street Reserve Rose Street and Nelson Lane, Annandale  
Smith, Hogan & Spindlers Park
Nelson Lane, Annandale  icon-playground icon-drinkingfountain
 Whites Creek Valley Park  Piper Street, Annandale  icon-playground  icon-skateboarding  icon-basketball  icon-bbq  icon-picnictables  icon-toilet