Successful arts and culture grants

The Arts grants fund a range of activities for individual artists, groups or arts organisations for projects that deliver: the production and presentation of new creative work; professional arts and skills development; opportunities for all members of the community to participate in arts and cultural activities; strengthen the capacity and sustainability of Inner West’s cultural and creative industries, and; benefits the Inner West community by contributing to local identity, belonging and pride.

2023 Arts grants – Category 1: Creative development grants

These projects are being implemented throughout 2023-24.

Deborah Pollard

  • Project: Use By Date
  • Funding: $5,000

Director Deborah Pollard brings together a team of artists for a first stage development of ‘Use By Date’; an interdisciplinary performance exploring the invisibility of older women. The performance follows the online vlogging of the fictitious Jacqueline, a recently retrenched 65-year-old woman. Combative in nature, Jacqueline is at war with her encroaching invisibility. 

Jane Stadermann

  • Project: Lost
  • Funding: $5,000

Development of a picture book: I will create the images and write the narrative for a picture book which will be journey-based story featuring a dog and a native animal within the local urban landscape. Ultimately would like to see it in print but am very happy to make a digital version to be shared for free in schools.

Maggie Jane

  • Project: Figurative Development: evolving drawing and painting practice
  • Funding: $5,000

Supporting the development of my figurative artistic practice through funding live model classes and focused studio work. Exploring gendered power and subtle threats of violence against women through adaptive contexts, I aim to create a powerful body of work under the mentorship of professional figurative artist Carmel Byrne. With the goal of staging a solo show at Scratch Art Space, this project will contribute to ongoing conversations about subversive control and aggression towards women in Australia.

Parissa Tosif

  • Project: Hold Up A Mirror
  • Funding: $5,000

Hold Up A Mirror musical project through which I, as a second generation Iranian Australian, am attempting to connect to the music, culture and stories of my motherland. I am creating contemporary songs using Persian instrumentation that centre on stories of identity, love, loss, longing and humanity. Each song attempts to discover the ordinary stories of extraordinary people that are often lost in the tales of the Iranian diaspora.

Rakini Devi

  • Project: Creative Development of a multidisciplinary project: working title PRITHVI Mata (Mother earth)
  • Funding: $5,000

PRITHVI MATA (Mother earth) is a new multidisciplinary project that reimagines sacred Hindu sites in an Australian landscape, centred on universal metaphors of the earth as female entity.

Rhiannon Hopley

  • Project: Professional development and collaboration residency in Arctic Circle
  • Funding: $5,000

Four goals for project and residency in The Arctic Circle:

  • creating new work that highlights the significance of the Arctic and inspires positive outcomes for a better future
  • collaborating on a project with curator and artist Kat Roma Geer – Arctic Circle Alumnus, about Donut Economics and how this economic and social model centres regenerative and equitable distributive systems
  • expand my networks and develop collaborations with other creatives on board, including scientists, architects, and educators
  • an immersive multi-sensory exhibition in Kathmandu, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Sydney’s Inner West.

Tait de Lorenzo

  • Project: Self-devised program of professional development as an emerging theatre practitioner
  • Funding: $5,000

A self-devised program to develop my skills as a director and broaden my opportunities as a theatre-maker. My proposal is focused on four outcomes: research, writing, mentorship and up-skilling.

Christina Mimmocchi

  • Project: Stealing Our Sky - The Third Voice recording project
  • Funding: $4,700

The Third Voice is a vocal trio based in Newtown that is very actively involved in the local community and further afield (most recently at the National Folk Festival, Canberra - including a gig with Billy Bragg!). We are applying for assistance to record and release an EP of five songs. It would enable us to further our craft, increase performance/festival opportunities.

2023 Arts grants – Category 2: Arts project grants

These projects are being implemented throughout 2023-24.

Clockfire Theatre auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects

  • Project: Plenty of Fish in the Sea
  • Funding: $10,000

The group aims to create a tour ready production. Using physical theatre techniques, objects, comedy, and spoken language the work imaginatively interrogates the psychological and societal effects of navigating virtual marketplaces for relationships. The work is followed by a free performance to inner west locals.

Irish Screen Projects

  • Project: Inner West Continental Ceili Music and Video Project
  • Funding: $10,000

A curated group of musicians from different backgrounds will devise, rehearse and perform a new work at Gasoline Pony, Marrickville. The rehearsal process and performance will be filmed. The finished documentary will play at the Inner West Film Festival 2024 and also at the Irish Film Festival at Dendy Cinema, Newtown.

Kate Baker

  • Project: An interdisciplinary collaboration by Inner West artists for exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass
  • Funding: $10,000

Inner West visual artist Kate Baker has been invited by the Shanghai Museum of Glass, to develop and showcase a large-scale series of video, glass and sound installations across their 500m2 Contemporary Art Wing, opening April - October 2024. Kate Baker is seeking funding to extend the interdisciplinary reach of this project to engage a number of Inner West artists with expertise in music, sound, film production, and performance to collaborate on the video, performance and sound components of the exhibition.

Legs On The Wall

  • Project: LEGACY: Legs On The Wall 40th Anniversary Performance, Videography and Curatorial Project
  • Funding: $10,000

This project encompasses: digitisation/curation of 40 years of records (slides, VHS, memorabilia); videography interviewing artists from Legs' history; and an anniversary performance in our home (Lilyfield's Red Box) titled "GENERATIONS", as well as accompanying "pop-up" performances in Newtown and Marrickville. This grant is sought to assist with creating GENERATIONS and the associated pop-up performances.

Riana Head-Toussaint

  • Project: CRIP RAVE THEORY - disability-led, intersectionally-accessible club night
  • Funding: $10,000

CRIP RAVE THEORY is a club night outside the club, which draws on disabled knowledge to create more intersectionally-accessible rave spaces. This application is to help fund a third party happening in the inner west and coinciding with International Day of People with Disability 2023.

Samuel Bright

  • Project: CLIPPED Music Video Premieres - Inner West
  • Funding: $10,000

A music video festival providing creators with a rare opportunity to premiere new work for a live audience. Six previously unreleased music videos from local creators will be showcased alongside three remastered classics from iconic Australian bands Split Enz, Hoodoo Gurus and Midnight Oil. The curation of new works will focus on underrepresented voices from marginalized communities.

Milly Dent

  • Project: Innovation in Ceramic: Milly Dent's Collaborative Launch in Inner West
  • Funding: $9,667

Inspired by Sydney's ocean, the project includes both a launch event, and a rolling exhibition and pop up open to the public, serving as a platform for collaborations with local artists. The event features a captivating tablescape, exhibition, live music, and immersive experiences.

Toby Blome

  • Project: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Festival 2023
  • Funding: $9,500

A curated showcase for emerging, experimental, local art makers centred around a program of four performance works. A response to the lack of support and community often associated with Fringe Festivals, the aim is to empower creatives with a more involved production approach.

Dyan Tai

  • Project: Development and presentation of "Permaisuri" - an interdisciplinary, multi-artform electronic music and audiovisual live performance
  • Funding: $8,075

Permaisuri (Empress) is a new interdisciplinary project that explores gender and sexuality from a diasporic Asian/BIPOC migrant perspective. The project includes an original contemporary/electronic music score that features traditional East/Southeast Asian soundscapes and performed in English, Chinese and Malay languages. The live show will be presented as an immersive audiovisual and theatrical experience with 3D projection art by Chinese-Australian artist, Juune Lee and accompanied by movement artists and contemporary Balinese/Southeast Asian dancers. The development and live presentation will be mentored by award-winning director and choreographer Shaun Parker at The Red Rattler as part of the 2023 Artist in Residence program.

The Living Room Theatre

  • Project: The Sleeping Woman
  • Funding: $7,200

The Seeping Woman: Intimacy, Proximity and the Lens of Quiet Violence is The Living Room Theatre. This work focusses on gestures both human and digital and the seepage of fluids from drinks, sweat and ink that echo her unstable, uncontained state.

Keyna Wilkins

  • Project: Black Genesis
  • Funding: $5,000

Dark Genesis is an opera installation project with a mix of professional performers alongside community singers and actors - composed by Keyna Wilkins. These performances will be public-facing events focused on live music as it is an opera with four highly skilled musicians composing and performing this opera.

Older Women's Network Theatre Group auspiced by Older Women's Network NSW

  • Project: Crones in Cabaret presents Not Dead Yet!
  • Funding: $4,360

The group aims to develop their award winning one hour cabaret show Not Dead Yet! further and bring it to audiences in the Inner West. A development period is proposed for the show to enhance skill level, and a series of four free matinee concerts at Inner West venues. One of the shows would be performed as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival in September 2024.

The Metropolitan Orchestra

  • Project: World Premiere Performance featuring full Orchestra and Organ at Marrickville Town Hall
  • Funding: $4,300

A world premiere work specifically written by Sydney composer Jim Coyle for the refurbished Wurlitzer organ at Marrickville Town Hall. The work will be performed by soloist Bev Kennedy, long-time Inner West local and one of Australia’s premiere concert pianists, and accompanied by a full orchestra. The Metropolitan Orchestra based in Balmain includes many Inner West-based artists while performing the majority of our concerts at Inner West venues each year. The goal is to enliven these venues while generating opportunities for local businesses.

2022 Arts grants – Category 1: Professional creative development

These projects are being implemented throughout 2022-23.

Alexander Bebbington

  • Project: Within the Longing
  • Funding: $5,000

This project aims to develop my ideas and create a new series of work building on previous shows by collaborating and building relationships with local artists. Researching and developing on critical theory situated in environmentalism and the culture of taxidermy to be hosted by Articulate Project Space.

Lorraine Bower

  • Project: Elders
  • Funding: $5,000

This project aims to produce an exhibition of painted portraits and text based on images and spoken words of older people in our community and conduct interviews which will explore their sense of place, their views, their achievements, and how their present is informed by their history.

Holly Conner

  • Project: Attend Ableton Live Electronic Music Production courses to build on established live drums/electronic project
  • Funding: $5,000

To complete two courses at Ableton Liveschool, Sydney. Ableton is the premier electronic music production software used globally. The two courses are: Electronic Music Production Foundations, and the integration of Electronic technologies into Live Performance settings. Together, these courses combine to form a program called 'Produce Music'.

2022 Arts grants – Category 2: Arts project grants

These projects are being implemented throughout 2022-23.

Jodie Choolburra

  • Project: Brolga Dance Academy
  • Funding: $10,000

Brolga Dance Academy will provide an authentic connection to Aboriginal storytelling to the Inner West community through the delivery of dance workshops and community performances.

Ulterior Noises

  • Project: Ulterior Noises presents experimental-noise youth workshops and showcase at Monster Mouse Studios
  • Funding: $10,000

Ulterior Noises is a noise-collective based at Monster Mouse Studios. The project will deliver three workshops to introduce young people to techniques and processes around making sound-based objects out of found materials. The workshops culminate in a public showcase at Monster Mouse Gallery that will welcome the public.

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative

  • Project: Boomalli 2023 Annual Mardi Gras Exhibition
  • Funding: $10,000

The Boomalli 2023 Annual Mardi Gras Exhibition will feature LGBTQIA+ First Nations artists creating visual pieces using First Nations LGBTQIA+ poetry as inspiration. The exhibition will be curated by Steven Ross. The exhibition is tentatively titled "To Speak, to hear and to listen", which will be translated into Dharug.

Petersham Bowling Club

  • Project: Battle of the Bands
  • Funding: $10,000

The Battle of the Bands is a competition aimed at early-stage musicians, featuring two heats of four bands each and a final, as well as a series of open symposia designed to help early-stage musicians chart industry pathways and develop sustainable careers.

Scratch Art Space

  • Project: ArtsConnex23
  • Funding: $10,000

ArtsConnex23 builds upon a series of curated exhibitions hosted by Scratch Art Space in 2018, to foster connections to the Sydenham Station Creative Hub as a centre for arts and culture in Sydney.

Settlement Services International - Community Refugee Welcome Centre

  • Project: Welcome Creative Hub
  • Funding: $10,000

Welcome Creative Hub is a series of skill-sharing community art workshops organized by Community Refugee Welcome Centre, with a focus on creative participation by, and social connection between Inner West locals and newcomers. First workshop is facilitated by a first nations artist and the rest by artists from refugee background.

Mark Mordue auspiced by Addison Road Centre for Arts, Culture, Community, Environment

  • Project: Addi Road Writers' Festival 2023 - Inner Worlds
  • Funding: $10,000

The Addi Road Writers' Festival 2023 is designed to break down cultural, economic and social barriers between 'literature' and the community. Artist-driven, it features writers engaged with the social, ethical and political issues of our times, as well as innovative local, national and international storytellers across all media. There will be multiple panels and venues, music and performance 'hot spots', an art exhibition and digital content. Our philosophy: 'think global, act local'.

Graham Simms

  • Project: Work in development and two premiere showings of 'Gadigal Gal'
  • Funding: $10,000

Three-week work in development of ‘Gadigal Gal’ at The Red Rattler Theatre. Uncle Graham will work with his team to develop the script/sound composition for his theatre play with two showings. One for key industry stakeholders/peers and one for the public before its season at the Griffin Theatre in November 2023.

The Living Room Theatre

  • Project: "Rage - A Reckoning"
  • Funding: $8,784

Over a week, Summer Hill comes alive with an experiential performance by local award-winning theatre company The Living Room Theatre. In a first-time collaboration Michelle St Anne and Sue Jo Wright investigate their lived experience of what it means to speak, listen, and be silenced.

Teik-Kim Pok

  • Project: Let Me Tell You Something
  • Funding: $7,900

Let Me Tell You Something is the first stage creative partnership between performance artists Matthew Prest and Teik Kim Pok, devoted to developing a performance and musical double act that will be transposable in various live venues in the Inner West.

Creatives Unlimited

  • Project: Treasured - a future heirlooms workshop
  • Funding: $7,725

‘Treasured - Future Heirloom’ workshop guides 10 participants through a three-day designing and making journey. Participants will create talismans of power for their own lives while enjoying a meditative creative experience in a safe and inclusive environment. As a gift from the community, participants will know how treasured they are.

Emilio Cresciani

  • Project: Cooks River Art Walk Project
  • Funding: $7,590

Local artists living with disabilities will learn skills, create, and develop a body of photographic work exploring the Cooks River through photo-walks and workshops led by arts professionals. Artworks will be exhibited as temporary floor posters on the Riverwalk, offering invaluable presentation opportunities, broadening audiences for art, and activating the riverwalk.

Danielle Baynes

  • Project: Second Time
  • Funding: $5,000

Develop short film and education pack as part of a social impact film series exploring technology’s effect on young people’s mental health, behaviour and quality of life.

Studio ARTES

  • Project: Art Gallery Club
  • Funding: $5,000

Art Gallery Club will support emerging artists with disability attending Studio ARTES Inner West, to attending arts events at galleries in the Inner West and City of Sydney area, learn curation skills and to curate their own exhibition for International Day of People with Disabilities in 2023.

Thinesh Thillainadarajah

  • Project: Hot Sauce Diastopia
  • Funding: $5,000

Hot Sauce is built around our curated gatherings. Hot Sauce serves to function as a micro-liberation movement against white Australia's monolithic idea of what it means to be a queer person of colour. Hot Sauce lives at the intersection of art, music, community, and nightlife. 

2021 Arts grants – Category 1: Individual artists grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2021-22.

Andree Greenwell

  • Project: Andree Greenwell Song Band: Rehearsal and performance launch/documentation for online
  • Funding: $5,000

Launching 'The Andrée Greenwell Song Band' - support for rehearsals and performance of new and recycled songs by Andrée Greenwell with online potential, to be presented at The Great Club, involving a group of outstanding local musicians.

Jodie Choolburra

  • Project: Brolga Dance Academy
  • Funding: $5,000

Brolga Dance Academy specialises in Aboriginal Contemporary and Traditional storytelling through body movement. We practice, explore and showcase Aboriginal culture, and create pathways into the performing arts industry.

Harry Greenwood

  • Project: Cactus: Short film
  • Funding: $5,000

'Cactus' is a story of intergenerational conflict and connection, of learning from those who are different to us. When twenty something Grace meets her elderly Portuguese neighbour Mr Rodriquez, it’s instant friction, but mutual dislike grows into a bond of respect and understanding after an unexpected encounter forces them to connect.

Marco Rinaldi

  • Project: Osmosis: Sound walk
  • Funding: $5,000

The commission of 10 artists to create site responsive compositions, spoken word or creative writing recordings to be experienced at Inner West locations. The project will be a Sound Walk where the public can freely walk-through streets to find QR codes hosting audio recordings from each artist.

Jessica Newell

  • Project: Running Man: A new musical work exploring experiences of mental illnesses in creative artists
  • Funding: $5,000

'Running Man' is the creation of a new musical work exploring various facets of serious mental illnesses in the creative artists. The project will result in the recording and releasing of the final work as well as including a mentorship opportunity for Jessica to develop her skills in art music composition.

Giladesi Namokoyi

  • Project: Sensible Rebel
  • Funding: $5,000

To complete the production and presentation of a new release work by Kween G- 'Sensible Rebel', an independent musical composition, an extended play (EP) of eight songs with remixes and music videos.

Alex Stevenson

  • Project: Soft Stir Issue 03
  • Funding: $5,000

'Soft Stir' is an independent publication examining art, culture, music, and philosophies through the eyes of Inner West creatives. It is an inclusive space for emerging artists and writers to share their work, stories, and explore pressing topics through their practice. Soft Stir champions reflection, experimentation, and cross-disciplinary creative expression.

Pippa Bailey

  • Project: Tempest
  • Funding: $5,000

Tempest is a community promenade show, part installation, part performance loosely inspired by Shakespeare's last play. Conceived during lockdown on daily walks around a suburban Ashfield block, imagined as an island, the show will be installed in front gardens and culminate in a concert in Yeo Park.

Seini Taumoepeau

  • Project: One Voice Singing in Harmony: Inner West song women SistaNative with Stiff Gins
  • Funding: $5,000

Post-production and release with interviews of unpublished acoustic song recordings, of compositions / arrangements by song women SistaNative with Stiff Gins, from collaborative recordings at ABC Studios in 2006. SistaNative & Stiff Gins are multi-generational Marrickville residents, women of Indigenous heritage, Aboriginal and Pacific Islander. Inner West world music.

Lisa Hoelzl

  • Project: Cooks River Clay Connection
  • Funding: $5,000

A microcosm of the Cooks River in the form of botanical, bird and bee totems, this ceramic installation would express nature’s great example of connection and communication through networks of mycelium, fungi, flowers and fauna and our need for strong local communities and creative communications to ensure biodiversity and survival.

Phil Spence

  • Project: Swings and Roundabouts
  • Funding: $4,550

'Swings and Roundabouts' (working title) is a digital storytelling project inspired by the backstreet playparks and hidden adventure zones in our local neighbourhood. This intimate collection of micro-fictions is a celebration of our much-loved community spaces and a comical account of parental challenges in the modern world.

2021 Arts grants – Category 2: Arts project grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2021-22.

Antenna Documentary Institute

  • Project: Inner West Antenna: Antenna documentary film festival
  • Funding: $10,000

Established in 2011, Antenna is Australia’s international Documentary Film Festival. The 'Inner West Antenna' program will include some of the most acclaimed documentaries from around the world and host panels, masterclasses, and Q&A's by local and international filmmakers, all designed to engage and stimulate a diverse and vibrant Inner West community.

Flight Path Theatre

  • Project: Be a Surfboard: A theatre development opportunity for young women
  • Funding: $10,000

Be a surfboard is a fellowship programme for young, female, writer/performers in the memory of Katie Lees.

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative

  • Project: Boomalli Annual Mardi Gras Exhibition 2022
  • Funding: $10,000

Boomalli will host our Annual Mardi Gras exhibition, curated by Steven Ross in 2022. The exhibition will run from 18 February to 10 April 2022. The opening night will include food, talks, performances, and entertainment. The exhibition will showcase artworks by Aboriginal artists from the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Red Rattler Theatre

  • Project: LGBTQ+ Multi-Arts Nights
  • Funding: $10,000

Fourteen LGBTQ+ Multi-Arts Nights, multimedia experimental open nights, with inspiring creative workshops stimulating internal connectivity, community inter-connectivity, followed by an amazing open space, open stage celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and healing through creative self-expression and discovery. Audiences will be invited to try new art forms and/or present work to people from your community.

Addison Road Community Organisation

  • Project: Addi Road Writers' Festival: An unruly idea
  • Funding: $10,000

The second edition of what is intended to be an annual literary and storytelling event in Sydney’s Inner West. The Addi Road Writers’ Festival created by Addison Road Community Organisation functions as an unofficial fringe festival and an accessible grassroots alternative to the Sydney Writers Festival.

The Metropolitan Orchestra

  • Project: The Metropolitan Orchestra Inner-Wet Concert Series 2022
  • Funding: $9,550

The Metropolitan Orchestra’s 2022 season includes 30 concerts in the Inner West targeting a variety of audience demographics from seniors to families with young children. The Metropolitan Orchestra promote the inner west as a destination for people to enjoy fabulous local food, beverage, and experiences unique to the area along with their first-class concert performance.

Settlement Services International - Community Refugee Welcome Centre

  • Project: The Spirit of Welcome: Refugee Week 2022
  • Funding: $9,460

The Spirit of Welcome Band, six creative and skill development/sharing music workshops in April/May for Community Refugee Welcome Centre artists with refugee backgrounds to perform at the Refugee Week event. 'The Spirit of Welcome' Refugee Week event, Sunday 19 June, a one-day family-friendly community arts and cultural festival celebrating Refugee Week 2022.

Destructive Steps Dance Association

  • Project: Destructive Steps Street Dance Film Festival
  • Funding: $9,410

Destructive Steps Street Dance Film Festival is the first ever dance film festival highlighting the creativity of the hip hop/street dance community, encouraging dancers to bring their different styles and techniques in collaboration to bring their stories to life on film.


  • Project: The Walking Arts Tour
  • Funding: $7,800

The Walking Arts Tour is a permanent audio walk capturing the migrant, industrial and creative histories of Marrickville. Informed by residents, stories will be turned into a tour. Locals and guests will download audio, taking them through the bustling streets, laneways, and shopfronts of Marrickville.

Sydney Underground Film Festival

  • Project: Take48: 48 Hour Film challenge and screening presented by Sydney Underground Film Festival
  • Funding: $5,000

TAKE48 is Sydney's premier 48 Hour Filmmaking challenge event. Film enthusiasts have to make a 3-minute film in only 48 hours from start to finish. Fast-paced, frenetic, and fun; this challenge fosters the Inner West's creative community, and they can enjoy the fruits of their labour at the Take48 screening.

2020 Arts grants – Category 1: Independent artists grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2020-21.

Stu Hunter

  • Project: The Beautiful Things
  • Funding: $5,000

Composition and demo recording of part 2 of 'The Beautiful Things' - a music suite by award winning Australian composer Stu Hunter

Graham Hilgendorf

  • Project: YuNiOn and Satsuki Odamura - a unique collaboration of sounds
  • Funding: $4,700

YuNiOn and Satsuki Odamura join together for a very special collaboration of traditional koto, taiko and percussion music. This unique collaboration will be captured on film with exquisite audio and posted for all to see and hear.

Samuel Eacott

  • Project: Sucrose LGBTQIA+ Compilation Record and Showcase Event
  • Funding: $5,000

Queer art and music collective Sucrose present a compilation record of LGBTQIA+ sound artists and musicians from Sydney's creative community. This will form the Inner West's first LGBTQIA+ led music label, launching as a Mardi Gras satellite event, that aims to nurture and promote young talent on a wider platform.

Katie Pollock

  • Project: Rough Trade (working title)
  • Funding: $5,000

To research and write a new play inspired by the Facebook trading group Rough Trade Sydney.

Gabrielle Flood

  • Project: Soft Stir: Issue 02
  • Funding: $5,000

Soft Stir (SS) is an independent publication examining philosophies, culture, art, and music through the eyes of Inner West creatives. It is an inclusive space for emerging artists and writers to share their work, stories, and explore pressing topics through their practice. We champion reflection, experimentation and cross-disciplinary creative expression.

Amanda King

  • Project: Where The Water Starts
  • Funding: $5,000

Where The Water Starts is a documentary in post production. As Director I am working closely with Inner West based editor and digital motion graphic designer, Miriana Marusic to create a distinctive style to the use of still images in the documentary, which we will share with inner west audiences.

Rosie Lourde

  • Project: Blockhead and Sparkles
  • Funding: $5,000

Blockhead and Sparkles is an innovative collaboration between visual-artist Digby Webster and filmmaker Rosie Lourde. Funding is to create artworks for the original story of ‘Blockhead and Sparkles’ created in Digby’s unique style. These will be presented alongside a ‘Making of’ video and an ‘In Conversation’ at Actors Centre Australia.

Jenny Ellis

  • Project: Steampunk Lyrebird Time-Machine Puppet
  • Funding: $5,000

A roving puppetry performance of a Lyrebird, turned interactive Time-machine. The Lyrebird’s ability to imitate sounds makes it an ideal device for capturing ideas from the future. It plays with the themes of hope and regret. If we could, what advice would we give to ourselves in the past?

Emily Granger

  • Project: Inner West Composer/Performer Collaboration
  • Funding: $4,048

A live concert presentation by an all-Inner West collective of local musicians performing new and existing works by Inner West composers with themes of locality and identity.

Martha Jabour

  • Project: The Mindfulness Art Project: A collaborative place-based artwork with Marrickville West PS (MWPS)
  • Funding: $5,000

MAP is a pilot project utilising visual art practice and meditation with school children of MWPSchool to develop imagery and creative process that reduces stress and anxiety for local children. Collaborative content is then digitally illustrated as a mindfulness portal and installed appropriately in the school grounds for community use.

Hilary Bell

  • Project: The Annette Kellerman Project
  • Funding: $5,000

A song cycle celebrating Marrickville icon Annette Kellerman. Our goal for this iteration is to write four songs and linking patter, to be performed free of charge for the Inner West community at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre, ideally with the involvement of a local synchronized swimming squad.

Matthew Jeffrey

  • Project: Our Bloc Community Recording Studio and Radio Station: "Ready2Record" Mentorship Program
  • Funding: $5,000

Our Bloc’s “Ready2Record” Mentorship Program will allay the widening skill gaps young people face moving into the music industry in the Inner West, providing foundational knowledge to those who will deliver the Australian Music scene from hardship amidst this global recession and carry the torch forward into a diverse future.

Alfira O'Sullivan

  • Project: "Cicem" - a story of migration, hybridity and conflict through the metaphor of migratory birds
  • Funding: $5,000

A collaboration between Suara Indonesia Dance and the Bowerbird Collective, resulting in an outdoor mixed-media performance at Marrickville Library. The outdoor spaces will be utilised in innovative ways by dancers, musicians and a narrator, exploring themes of migration and identity, and celebrating the rich Indonesian cultural heritage of Marrickville.

2020 Arts grants – Category 2: Arts project grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2020-21.

David Rokach

  • Project: Inner West Antenna (Antenna Documentary Film Festival)
  • Funding: $10,000

Established in 2011, Antenna is Australia's international documentary film festival. The Inner West Antenna program will include some of the most acclaimed documentaries from around the world and host panels, masterclasses and Q&As by local and international filmmakers - all designed to engage and stimulate a diverse and vibrant Inner West community.

Sydney Fringe Festival

  • Project: Art in Isolation - augmentation of paid artist residency program
  • Funding: $10,000

Art in Isolation provides artists from a variety of performing and visual art disciplines with 1-to-3-week paid residencies at 5 Eliza Street, Newtown. This grant will make possible the ongoing delivery of the program through the first four months of 2021, providing residencies to a further 9 artists and ensembles.

Diversity Arts Team

  • Project: I Am Not a Virus: Asian-Australian artists respond to COVID-19 racism (Inner West Sydney)
  • Funding: $10,000

Diversity Arts Australia will commission 10 new works that respond to COVID-19-related racism and xenophobia, providing alternative narratives, community awareness and social cohesion. We will commission new developments by Asian artists from all creative practice areas, including visual artists, writing, poetry, performance, screen, audio-visual, music, illustrations, and more.

Siobhan Lawliss and Kate Bookalill

  • Project: Affinity: Connecting artists with the Inner West Community
  • Funding: $10,000

Affinity is a mentorship program, providing five selected companies in the FPT 2021 season with dedicated assistance and marketing support. Five companies will benefit from practical help from a specialist publicist, which will directly increase community engagement. Locals will receive accessible, timely and inspiring information about FPT shows.

Moones Mansoubi

  • Project: Serene, Sublime, Special - Callan Park
  • Funding: $8,950

Serene, Sublime, Special is a multimedia art exhibition and a public event about the beauty and inspiration of Callan Park and its heritage, showcasing the creativity of Inner West local artists and artists from refugee background during History Week in 2021.

James Beach

  • Project: Hillbilly Thriller
  • Funding: $10,000

Following COVID-19, the development and presentation of Hillbilly Thriller has been delayed to 2021. Through natural evolution to strengthen the work, Legs has joined forces with collaborator Dino Dimitriadis on dramaturgy, with a new strong focus on casting experienced, talented and celebrated performers in Australia, to ensure a wide-reaching work.

Mark Marusic

  • Project: Poetsconsortorium2: Anthology of Poets at the Petersham Bowlo
  • Funding: $2,000

To produce an anthology of original works of poets who have performed their work at the monthly Poets at the Petersham Bowlo open mic (free of entry fee) soirée.

Zong Chen

  • Project: Multicultural activities by Sydney Shaoxing Opera Troupe
  • Funding: $2,000

As usual, we present two stage performances, once at the turn of February and March 2021 and the other in late October 2021 at Ashfield Town Hall. We shall apply for stage presentation to be sponsored by Inner West Council at Ashfield Park or elsewhere.

Beverley Growden

  • Project: TROLLEYS – On the Road, including Inner West residency, community engagement, free TROLLEYS and HOVER performances.
  • Funding: $9,786

Shaun Parker and Company will create new work HOVER and rehearse TROLLEYS during a three-week residency at Red Box, Lilyfield and provide dance workshops at Marrickville PCYC. We will then present TROLLEYS – On the Road, a free event, featuring TROLLEYS and HOVER and community dance interventions at Sydenham Green.

Erica Brennan

  • Project: SPEAK-OF-WHAT-YOU-LOVE: A mixed ability performance workshop
  • Funding: $5,850

SPEAK-OF-WHAT-YOU LOVE is Eurella Creative's 15-week Mixed Ability voice and writing workshop. Emerging artists of mixed ability will work with a speech pathologist and writer/director to create original monologues that advocate for their passions while exploring ownership of one's voice from a variety of lived experiences.

2019 Arts grants – Category 1: Independent artists grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2019-2020.

John Wardle

  • Project: Inner West Live Music and Performance Census 2019
  • Funding: $3,000

The Inner West Live Music Census 2019 project mapped mapped live music and performance across art-forms and comedy through September and October 2019. This research was undertaken through monitoring available programs, gig guides, social media, connecting with industry participants across the music and hospitality industry, as well as events programmers and Council.

Rosell Flatley

  • Project: Thirning Villa Performance Night: The Horror of the Everyday
  • Funding: $3,000

The heritage home of Thirning Villa in Ashfield becomes an all immersive, interactive stage. You are invited to enter the unearthly horrors of the everyday! Using soundscape, light and immersive sculpture, performance artists will be roaming within the space, as well as being centralised to specific rooms of the home.

Emma Rose Smith

  • Project: Word in Hand Focus on Accessibility
  • Funding: $3,000

Our accessibility project involves free community workshops and AUSLAN interpretation for shows. These new elements will increase community connection by providing a free access point for writers to develop their craft (workshops) while improving the accessibility of our shows for Deaf communities (AUSLAN interpretation).

Mariam Sawires

  • Project: Music Release from an Inner West Artist Having a Culturally Diverse Background and a Disability
  • Funding: $3,000

My project is to release new music as an Egyptian Australian artist in the Inner West with a disability. The music release will entail online distribution and shows in the Inner West aiming to inspire and engage the community with soul music. Predominant elements include recording and PR.

Jason L'Ecuyer

  • Project: My Neighbourhood Sounds Like..
  • Funding: $3,000

'My Neighbourhood Sounds Like..' is an audio project that allows communities in the Inner West to reflect on places they live, work and play. It's a record of the unique neighbourhood soundscapes in pockets throughout the Inner West, done through a series of recorded walks with local residents.

Dr Jeremy Rose

  • Project: Nature of Language: Research and Creation of a New Graphic Score by Composer Jeremy Rose
  • Funding: $3,000

An innovative new musical composition by award-winning composer Jeremy Rose & the Earshift Orchestra. Funding is for the first stage of a new album: the research and composition development. The work will be performed at Lazybones Lounge and score published through the Australian Music Centre.

Tait de Lorenzo

  • Project: Horses
  • Funding: $3,000

'Horses' is an original theatre production, written by 22-year-old Indigenous and Polynesian writer Enoch Mailangi, inspired by the 1969 film 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' This project demonstrates a commitment to conceptual innovation through the exciting use of multimedia elements and the unconventional means by which themes surrounding 'survival' are addressed.

Lliane Clarke

  • Project: Voices of Women: Adventure in the Spoken Word
  • Funding: $3,000

Now in its third year, the project begins with a competition open to all women writers to submit short (800 words) stories or monologues. They are curated into a performance delivered live with professional actors in audience immersed rehearsed readings, capturing women's lives. The theme for 2020 is Dreams and Desires.

Alice Weber

  • Project: Body Regulations: A Self-Directed Residency and Performance Event at Frontyard Projects
  • Funding: $3,000

Body Regulations is a self-directed artist’s residency hosted by Frontyard Projects. The residency will support the development of a new performance work. It will conclude with a free and accessible public performance at Frontyard. This event will showcase 3 other performance artists selected via open call.

Robert Colman

  • Project: Pollys
  • Funding: $3,000

A dramatic and entertaining play script inspired by archival research. First party, 1964, Petersham Town Hall, moved to Marrickville Town Hall in 2000. Historical Inner West feature of LGBTIQ+ Sydney, Pride Seat awardee, named after 'Polly' an Islander, has political/social/entertainment value and race/drag/music history. Potential theme: freedom of speech/hate speech.

Adrian Cook

  • Project: The Art Of Wet Plate Collodion Photography
  • Funding: $3,000

5 x Wet Plate Collodion Workshops teaching people the lost art of Wet Plate Collodion Photography, a photographic medium developed in the 1850's.

Catherine Wait

  • Project: Void (the Call and Response)
  • Funding: $2,822

'Void (the call and response)' analyses life’s empty spaces, disconnection and what it is to be an aerial circus performer with no equipment. This is a one-woman show using acrobatic movement, dance and physical theatre interwoven with art history and spoken text via a simple, pared back score and setting.

Jessica Newell

  • Project: The Mother Project
  • Funding: $2,750

Research and creative development for “The Mother Project”: A team of leading female artists who are joining forces to bring to life their own collection of personal experiences of motherhood in a music-based, multi-disciplinary stage presentation.

Hannah Grant

  • Project: The Body Love Club
  • Funding: $2,610

'The Body Love Club' will create a community space for using storytelling and creative processes to develop positive body image. At a series of curated events, a lead artist will share a specially written story or artwork about their connection to their body, followed by open-floor conversation with event participants.

Ellen Wiltshire

  • Project: A Holiday Pantomime to Delight, Excite and Include!
  • Funding: $2,400

I'm aiming to experiment, test and develop a live comedy performance to take place in local bars, engaging with businesses and activating public spaces to provide an accessible experience. This show is inspired by the holiday pantomime genre and will blend performance styles to engage audiences in the Inner West.

2019 Arts grants – Category 2: Living arts grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2018-2019.

Queer Screen

  • Project: MGFF2020 Inner West
  • Funding: $7,500

Expansion of the Mardi Gras Film Festival in 2020 to include Inner West screenings (Dendy Newtown).

Sydney Underground Film Festival

  • Project: SUFF 48 - 48 Hour Film Challenge
  • Funding: $7,500

'SUFF 48' is a film-making challenge, where film enthusiasts gather to make a short film in only 48 hours. Access to a filmmaking hub including equipment, mentors and a communal creative space is provided. This intensive environment aims to foster the Inner West's creative community by being engaged in filmmaking.

Mx Leo Tsao - auspiced by PACT

  • Project: Queer Skate Research Lab Exhibition
  • Funding: $7,500

'Queer Skate Research Lab (QSRL)' is an experimental art project exploring radical ways skateboarding can be used to empower queer and gender non-conforming people through strengthening connections to their bodies, communities and environment. The project is an exhibition featuring a performance and showcasing works and outcomes developed through three workshops.

Monster Mouse

  • Project: Community Curator at Monster Mouse Studios
  • Funding: $7,500

Monster Mouse is currently looking for a community curator to help distribute free studio, events and rehearsal space for emerging artists. The curator will seek out artists to utilise our facilities for free to create an intentional body of ethical work or activity.

Matriark Theatre

  • Project: Urza and the Song in the Dark at Libraries in the Inner West
  • Funding: $7,500

Matriark Theatre will present 'Urza and the Song in the Dark', an original, subterranean adventure story for young people in libraries around the Inner West in July 2020.

St Andrew's Anglican Church of Summer Hill

  • Project: Summer Hill Folk Festival
  • Funding: $7,500

The 'Summer Hill Folk Festival' will present a day festival of folk and acoustic popular music over three stages with Irish dancing and artisan markets in and around the grounds of the iconic Summer Hill Church.

University of Technlogy Sydney (Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research)

  • Project: Winda Film Festival - Aboriginal Welcome Cultural Gathering
  • Funding: $7,500

The 'Winda Film Festival (WFF)' is currently in it's fourth year. Staged from the 21st-24th November, we are an international Indigenous film festival, which also includes the below activities: Aboriginal Welcome Cultural Gathering; Youth Animation Workshop; and Talks/Panels/Masterclasses. Countries represented include Canada, America, NZ, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia amd the Pacific.

Poetry in Action

  • Project: Paradise Lost: Bringing a Classic Text Back to Life for Contemporary Audiences
  • Funding: $7,389

A rehearsal ready script of John Milton’s epic 'Paradise Lost' exploring the timeless themes of love, betrayal and evil will be developed and exhibited; towards establishing its future as a dynamic, multi-artform production that transforms this classical yet arcane poem into a relevant, exciting and accessible experience.

Ayebatonye Abrakasa - auspiced by the Red Rattler Theatre

  • Project: Irregular Fit DJ Workshops
  • Funding: $7,040

'Irregular Fit DJ Workshops' is a free two-month capacity building program aimed at women and non-binary beginner and aspiring DJs from First Nations, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, lower socioeconomic backgrounds and people with disabilities.

The Red Rattler Theatre

  • Project: Red Rattler 10th Anniversary Festival
  • Funding: $7,000

A week-long festival to celebrate the history, journey and cultural significance of the Rattler. Through five events, the community will come together led by local artists. We will reflect on the past through a retrospective and forge the future through a mixed media gallery show, talks, cabaret, dance and live music.

Xiaoran Shi - auspiced by the Red Rattler Theatre

  • Project: Queer Lunar New Year Festival 2020
  • Funding: $6,500

'Queer Lunar New Year Festival 2020' will celebrate the Year of the Rat (at the Red Rat Theatre!) with two events: a day-time event sharing histories of the LGBTQI Asian diaspora through oral storytelling traditions, and a night-time party showcasing queer CALD talent and artistic innovation in music and performance.

Ekushe Academy

  • Project: Observe International Mother Language Day, Book Fair & Cultural Program 2020
  • Funding: $6,000

Ekushe Academy organises various cultural programs, book fairs and food stalls to celebrate 'International Mother Language Day' since 1998. In 2020, we will observe the day on 23rd February 2020.


  • Project: Repercussion: Drums of the World
  • Funding: $5,950

This project consists of creating an Inner West based ensemble percussion group with instruments from around the world: Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ensemble Offspring

  • Project: Sizzle 2020
  • Funding: $3,500

Now in its 11th year, 'Sizzle' is Inner West music outfit Ensemble Offspring's annual free community music event. In 2020 and for the first time it will be presented at Marrickville Bowlo. Sizzle has become a fixture in the Inner West cultural calendar with its unusual mix of art-meets-popular culture-meets-family fun.

Inner West Cultural Services

  • Project: Classical Sundays @ Newtown Concert Series
  • Funding: $3,000

Funding to continue and develop a new Sunday afternoon classical family-friendly concert series at Dickson Street Space in Newtown.

Jeffrey Parker - auspiced by The Anglican Parish of St Lukes Enmore with Stanmore

  • Project: Annual Poetry Reading/Creative Word
  • Funding: $1,465

An afternoon poetry reading. A gathering of a dozen local poets reading their original works to a public audience. Covers a diversity of subjects and styles and comes from diverse backgrounds. Gives opportunity for those who have not previously participated in such an event to do so.

2018 grants – Category 1: Independent artists grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2018-2019.

Thomas Joseph Jackson

  • Project: Dulwich Hill Mural Activation
  • Funding: $6,000

A large-scale public artwork celebrating native fauna and flora. The artist intends to invite Visual Arts students from Dulwich Hill High School to participate in learning about the artwork process and assisting in the preparation of the wall itself.

Sharon Jane Billinge

  • Project: On the Way to Where I Was Going
  • Funding: $6,000

An augmented reality mural that reflects the sense of change and movement in Newtown. Resident stories will be woven into the design, plus images of people, buildings and flora and fauna. Animated sections will be accessible via the Eyejack App.

Andrew Stephen Robards

  • Project: All That Remains (Working Title)
  • Funding: $5,000

All That Remains is a short, supernatural noir film set between Regional NSW and Inner Sydney in 1982. This is the first creative collaboration between three emerging Inner-West filmmakers (Andrew Robards, Catherine Williams and Aaron Mclisky).

Anastasia Gladushchenko

  • Project: The Embrace
  • Funding: $5,000

The Embrace brings an experiential art installation to the Railway Underpass Tunnel. It is a mural of layered, ethereal and organic shapes resembling plants and flowers alongside sound recordings.

Company of Rogues

  • Project: Little Girl Lost
  • Funding: $4,000

A new theatre work targeting young people aged 9+ years and their families. The play has a particular focus on creative accessibility for people with disability, vision impaired and deaf audiences (i.e. physical performance inspired by Auslan).

George Catsi

  • Project:  Am I Really Who I Say I Am?
  • Funding: $3,500

Am I Who I Say I Really Am? is a scripted theatrical show that blends theatre, stand up, humour and tragedy. Drawing on life in Sydney and the Inner West, it immerses audiences in tales of multiple names, a wayward father and a hopeless Greek.

Gabrielle Lynne Bates

  • Project:  Dub Circle Work
  • Funding: $3,500

Dub Circle Work is a collaborative sound installation and performance by DJ Semper-Fi (aka Jeff Black) and visual artist Gabrielle Bates. The project aims to connect community to place by activating the Camperdown Park Rotunda as a site of ritual performance.

Fayroze Lutta

  • Project:  Disconnexted
  • Funding: $3,000

An exhibition of photographic content and the launch of the zine series Dissconnex by professional photographers Walter Maurice and Peter Donahue from Alpha House Collective, alongside poets, musicians and DJs from the Inner West. Part of a large network of allied local community groups campaigning against the Westconnex project.

Kavita Godrei

  • Project:  A Journey To Remember
  • Funding: $3,000

A theatrical show for children involving song, dance and children’s humour to raise awareness about tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Gabriella DiNallo

  • Project:  Big Sky Mountain - Through the Lens
  • Funding: $2,800

The creation of a music video for Big Sky Mountain's current single Through the Lens using the women-fronted Dulwich Hill media company; Coyote Creative. Filming will take place in the Inner West highlighting iconic Inner West landmarks.

Ciaran Michael Frame

  • Project:  Sticky Notes
  • Funding: $2,000

Sticky Notes is a series of outdoor music scores designed to be played by anyone in the community. The project presents a bold new format of outdoor music performance, with graphic scores placed on footpaths as interactive installations.

Ms Caitlin Doyle-Markwick

  • Project: Agony and Ecstasy
  • Funding: $1,000

Big Muscles Sad Heart is a newly formed Sydney-based theatre and performance art collective. They propose to make a work that brings together physical theatre, performance art, and political satire for PACT’s Afterglow program. The work will examine the history of competitive sports, drawing on the work of people like Leni Reifenstahl, David Foster Wallace and Catriona Menzies-Pike.

2018 grants – Category 2: Living arts grants

These projects were implemented throughout 2018-2019.

Lentil As Anything

  • Project: Lentil as Anything: Open Space Development
  • Funding: $7,000

The purpose of Open Space development is to provide equipment, including partitioning, a sound system and acoustic sound treatment to facilitate more frequent creative 'pay as you feel' initiatives.

Legs On The Wall

  • Project: Legs Hub
  • Funding: $7,000

Legs On The Wall (Legs) Theatre Company will mobilise a two stage initiative, including a residency program at The Red box & Parachute precinct; and activate the physical theatre facility the 'Red Box' and its surrounding site 'The Parachute Regiment'.

Katrina Dopper

  • Project: Heaps Gay Street Festival 2019 (Year 3)
  • Funding: $7,000

All-inclusive Heaps Gay will bring back the successful Heaps Gay Street Festival for its 3rd year in the Inner West. Presented by FBi Radio, the day will feature artists, musicians and creators from the Inner West and surrounds.

AIRspace Projects

  • Project: Fund for the Edge Event June-July 2019, Sydenham Precinct
  • Funding: $6,500

A public event to combine moving images and performances to highlight women's contribution to the historical industrial activities of the Sydenham Precinct.

Trevor Brown

  • Project: Sydney Improvisers Composers Kollective Orchestra
  • Funding: $6,500

The purpose of this project is twofold. It will provide a small financial injection to launch, promote and run the first three months of the 2019 program, while supporting the SICKOrchestra large ensemble to perform three concerts.

Articulate Project Space

  • Project: Performing Audiences
  • Funding: $5,500

Performing Audiences' is a seven-week program of three experimental projects in Articulate’s project space that explores how audiences can be gently choreographed into performing for each other by their simple interactions with artworks.

The Red Rattler Theatre

  • Project: Queer Lunar New Year 2019
  • Funding: $5,000

The Queer Lunar New Year project entails two events celebrating the Year of the Pig. The first event is a family friendly afternoon while the second event is a queer party showcasing the talents of young Asian-Australian musicians and performance artists.

Settlement Services International

  • Project: The Welcome Creative Hub
  • Funding: $5,000

The Welcome Creative Hub is a skill-sharing arts and community hub. Artists from refugee backgrounds will lead a series of workshops targeting local and newly arrived communities.

MakerSpace & Company Foundation

  • Project: MakerSpace Street Fair: Celebrating Design and Creativity in the Inner West
  • Funding: $5,000

In 2019, MakerSpace will scale up its end of year event to culminate in a street fair, promoting creative industries in the Sydenham Industrial/Creative Precinct.

Screen Culture Association

  • Project: Inner West Antenna - Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2019
  • Funding: $5,000

Now in its eighth year, the Inner-west Antenna program will expand Antenna’s existing activities to include panel discussions, master classes and Q&A sessions with documentary filmmakers.

B Mehan & J.a Witt

  • Project: # Story Bombing Inner West Sydney
  • Funding: $5,000

Richard Holt will install a story incubator in a number of locations in the Inner West. Using a modified typewriter with a digital screen, Richard will elicit ideas, anecdotes and topics from participants to co-create a short piece of fiction.

Lliane Sue Clarke

  • Project: The Monologue Adventure Voices of Women
  • Funding: $4,500

An interdisciplinary project combining literary arts, performance art and the writing community. The project gives Australian female fictional writers the opportunity to hear their works performed by professional actors in an intimate series of rehearsed readings.

Marrickville West Public School Association

  • Project: Eco Garden Mural
  • Funding: $4,000

The Eco Garden Mural will paint and display the Cooks River water environment on the wall of the Electricity Substation on the bounds of Marrickville West Public School against Pigott Lane.

Music New

  • Project: The Autumn Sessions
  • Funding: $4,000

The Autumn Sessions will provide performance opportunities for local musicians to share their musical talents with older residents in the Inner West through a series of fortnightly performances.

Thomas George Isaacs

  • Project: [Dis]connection 2019
  • Funding: $4,000

Artists from the base-metal collective will return in 2019 with another performance event timed to coincide with IWOST. A number of live performances will occur from 11am to 5pm in the Scratch Art Space as well as on the street.

Rachel Julie Williams

  • Project: Stencil Art Prize 10-Year Anniversary Commemorative Showcase Book
  • Funding: $4,000

This project will showcase Sydney and international street artists to the world. The 100+ page book will feature visuals of the 500+ artworks that have made the final of the Prize since 2009 to be soft launched at the Stencil Art Prize show in Sydney in September 2019.

Sydney Latin American Film Festival

  • Project: Música en Vivo!
  • Funding: $3,000

Música en Vivo! is a series of four multimedia events presented at the Addison Road Picture House incorporating screenings, music and food from local artists and food vendors.

Ensemble Offspring

  • Project: 2044 School Band/Sizzle 2019 Collaboration
  • Funding: $3,000

Sizzle, presented by Ensemble Offspring, is a free community music event that has become a regular fixture in the Inner West's cultural calendar with its special mix of art-meets-popular culture. The event will collaborate with local school band '2044 Band' featuring students from Tempe and St Peters Primary School to mentor the students in five new commissions by female composers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Bottega D'Arte Teatrale

  • Project: Pipino Il Breve
  • Funding: $2,000

Pipino Il Breve (Pippin the Short) is a musical based on the historic first King of France, Pippin - nicknamed the short - and his marriage to the Princess of Hungary (Berta) nicknamed the Long Foot. It is an exciting journey through history, myth and folklore.

Village Church

  • Project: Heart of Annandale Community Art Exhibition
  • Funding: $2,000

Heart of Annandale is a week-long community art exhibition in the Inner West to celebrate artistic conversations about the area.

Petersham Tongan Uniting Church

  • Project: Petersham Tongan Youth Brass Band
  • Funding: $2,000

Petersham Tongan Youth Brass Band will offer structured, regular music lessons by a qualified teacher for beginners through to advanced.

Ekushe Boi Mela Parishad Australia

  • Project: Observe International Mother Language Day, Book Fair & Cultural Program 2019
  • Funding: $2,000

Ekushe Academy will organise various cultural programs, book fairs and food stalls to celebrate International Mother Language Day. Artists from different cultural communities will deliver a fully multicultural experience.

Shannon Taylor O'Connor

  • Project: Harmonica / Ukulele workshop
  • Funding: $1,500

Shannon Taylor O'Connor will deliver a Harmonica / Ukulele workshop twice a month in Enmore park. The workshops are for all levels. Sheet music, songs and a beginner C harmonica will be provided.

Sydney Shaoxing Opera Troupe

  • Project: Multicultural activities of Sydney Shaoxing Opera Troupe
  • Funding: $1,000

The Multicultural activities of Sydney Shaoxing Opera Troupe Inc will prepare and showcase two special stage performances, as well as joining other community organisations to perform to nursing home residents.

Australian Federation Of Chinese Organisations

  • Project: Inherit and Spread Traditional Chinese Arts: Folk Music, Drama and Kung-Fu
  • Funding: $1,000

Training to Inner West residents interested in learning the basics of Chinese Folk Music, Chinese drama (Beijing opera, Yu opera, and Shanghai opera) and Kung Fu. They will rehearse and perform locally.

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