Grant applications tips

When you are writing an application for an Inner West Council Grant, it can be useful to follow the checklist below to make sure you have included all the required information:

Before you write your grant

  • Make sure you understand the grant eligibility criteria. It is important that you understand what can and cannot be funded via the Inner West Council Grants Program. Information regarding the eligibility criteria can be found in the Guidelines. There are officers available to discuss your project and to provide you with feedback as to whether it meets the guidelines.
  • Plan your project. When you are looking at planning your project check that it aligns with the aims of the community grants. Your project will need to align with the objectives of the Inner West Council Strategic Plans or one of Council’s other planning documents.
  • Call to discuss your project. This is not mandatory, but a phone call often helps when writing your grant application. Before you call, write yourself a paragraph of what your project is, and have it in front of you. This is a fantastic way to make yourself known and establish a connection with the organisation. Write yourself a list of questions that you want to talk through - do your homework so you make the most of the conversation together.

When writing your grant application

  • Let us know who the project is for. This is the time to show that you understand the needs of the Inner West community. What is the target group for your project and what is the unmet need for this group? Use data - Is it a large or emerging demographic group? Do you have survey data? Do you have service data to identify the need?
  • Demonstrate your experience in delivering projects. We want to know that your organisation has the capacity to run the program and can measure the outcomes and risks.
  • Does the project demonstrate value for money? Are detailed costings provided in the budget? Are quotes provided for items over $500? Do all the items listed in the budget meet the eligibility requirements for the grants? Do the items listed align with how you will meet the outcomes in your application?
  • Provide supporting evidence. Have a look at the supporting documentation that you will need to attach. This may include evidence of adequate public liability insurance, financial statements, a letter from an auspice organisation and/or quotes.
  • Demonstrate collaborative approaches. Grant assessors will look favourably on projects that involve other organisations and partners within the community. It shows that you are aware of other stakeholders and are working with them to build community capacity.

Before submitting 

  • Remember to proof-read your application prior to submitting. You may want to ask someone who has not been involved in the writing process to check it. Always remember to give yourself more time to write your grant application than you think you will actually need. Good applications take time, feedback and editing!
  • Submit the application in plenty of time. Allow plenty of time to make sure that we can contact you if further information is required.

Further information 

If you require further information regarding the planning a grant application, please contact us on 9392 5000 or email

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Page last updated: 18 Aug 2022