EDGE is artists activating the cultural laboratory of the Inner West

Calling artists, musicians and performers to register their interest for EDGE – APPLY NOW!

EDGE aims to:

  • Present a series of rolling activations that showcase local precincts, creative spaces and arts enterprises.
  • Build community, arts and businesses partnerships
  • Engage local artists and diverse communities to express local identity
  • Profile the inner west as the creative engine room of global Sydney
  • EDGE will see Council working collaboratively with the creative sector to develop initiatives, curate programs and produce lasting benefits for the inner west

    Activations will complement existing events or programs, support community cultural initiatives and add a contemporary edge to engage local creatives, attract community participation, focus on assets and stories unique to the area and invite innovation in our iconic sites.

    The Living Arts team is compiling a database of all potential partners, groups, artists and communities who are interested in this program and can contribute to the local community.

    The 2019 Inner West Council Grants Program Now Open

    The 2019 Grants Program has opened and artists with ideas that are aligned with EDGE are encouraged to apply. Grants close on Monday 16 July, and Grant Writing Sessions to assist with applications are occurring at Ashfield Admin Centre on 19 June and 4 July, and at Petersham Admin Centre on 28 June 10 July. Register required for these workshops via the above link.

    • EDGE GreenWay – early April
    • EDGE Sydenham – late June
    • EDGE Ashfield – mid September
    • EDGE Balmain – early October
    • EDGE Newtown – mid November

    More information about EDGE

    • EDGE is a place – on the EDGE of Sydney and the Asia Pacific
    • EDGE is a process – art which is at the cutting EDGE
    • EDGE is a species – Ecologically Distinct and Globally Endangered... or is this the time to change that last E to Essential?

    As creatives, you survive in a delicate ecosystem of affordable spaces, clustered activity and minimal resources. This is a potent time to be living and working, making and creating in the inner west.

    You are the core of the inner west and we acknowledge the contribution that you make and how essential you are. Inner West Council want you not only to survive but to thrive here.

    This is your opportunity to use EDGE is a platform.

    Advocate your issues, create art with your communities, strengthen your collective impact and share your creative genius.

    When and where

    EDGE is framed by 5 distinct themes in 5 sites where creative spaces are clustered and issues are hot.

    In Autumn 2019, we head north to Iron Cove Bay at the start of the GreenWay to explore natural ecosystems. Artwork and installations using sound and light, will transform the land and water culminating in a performance spectacular animating Lilyfield pedestrian bridge.

    Following this, we head south, under the cover of dark in the deep of winter, the industrial heartlands of Sydenham will fire up. Focus is on the makers and the machines, from the days of the Holden factory to the contemporary artists making Earth’s mutant machines. Edge invites you to open your spaces, laneways and factories to reveal the dark and the daring. Make art about how the creative engine works and why it is so vital in this time and place.

    Next is west, as spring seeds Ashfield will awaken with joyful mix of installations and intimate events in the backstreets and laneways of the town centre. This cultural carnival will mash anything and everything from ballroom dancing to dumplings, sacred songs to traditional tunes, lanterns to LED and so much more. Bring it on!

    Moving east into October, matters of the mind will be the focus of EDGE. Our canvas is the iconic grounds of Callan Park, Rozelle.

    Writers, thinkers, filmmakers and storytellers will examine madness and genius, healing and creativity across the spectrum of art and health. Some exciting partnerships will soon be announced, watch this space and then plan your intervention.

    Finally, in November we return to centre, EDGE hails art and activism in conjunction with the much-loved Newtown Festival. Real and virtual tours will feature a dynamic mix of social enterprises, street art, radical retail, and creative revolutionaries. Use your skills and spaces to extend the festival footprint and create a new map to draw visitors into the backstreets to the digital frontline of Newtown.

    We need YOU to help ignite this vision and forge our creative future.


    • Register for EDGE to tell us what you do and receive all the latest updates
    • Apply for a Council Living Arts grant (max $7,500) by 16 July 2018
    • Join us at the community launch in Ashfield 6–9 September 2018 for a joyful intercultural mash up in partnership with the Sacred Music Festival
    • Join us for brainstorming sessions in each precinct in September and October 2018
    • Develop your ideas and collaborations
    • Respond to expressions of interest as they emerge
    • Spread the word


    We are reviewing other Living Arts programs like Perfect Match and Inner West Open Studio Trail to see how they can align and focus in conjunction with each of the five activations. Some will be longer than others but each will have a ‘pop’ day/night or weekend and then expand into a network of programs in diverse venues to showcase all your talents. We are looking for great ideas to create tours, trails and content to guide visitors to discover our creative treasures in each neighbourhood. The precincts are our focal points but we will continue to work across the Inner West Council area on other programs in key sites.

    EDGE has the backing of Inner West Council for a two-year pilot period. This is a brilliant opportunity for us to work together. Artists side by side with cultural venues creative spaces, progressive councillors, innovative businesses, inspired organisers and the Living Arts team all combining forces for maximum creative, social and economic impact.

    There is so much that is possible when we create EDGE together.


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