Hawthorne Canal - GreenWay
(between Leichhardt Wanderers Football Club and Cafe Bones)


Saturday 13 May, 10am-4pm
Sunday 14 May, 10am-4pm

Saturday 20 May, 10am-8pm
Sunday 21 May, 10am-4pm

Important info

The GreenWay is an active transport corridor through the Inner West and is one of Inner West's best-kept secrets. We invite you to walk, skate, cycle or canoe to this event. 

The Hawthorn L1 Light Rail Station is a 1 minute walk to EDGE Greenway and there is timed on street parking along Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield.

Participants at a painting workshop.

EDGE GreenWay: Discover creativity within the nooks of nature  

Experience the ebb and flow of arts and culture as Inner West Council presents a program of workshops, performances, installations and activations along the GreenWay.

Artists will occupy shipping containers from 4 May, developing their work while immersed in the sights and sounds of GreenWay. Wander past to witness ideas evolve while out on your daily walk.

Then across two weekends 13 & 14 and 20 & 21 May we encourage you to bring your pals, pooches and picnic rugs to participate – create your own fishy friend from clay, listen to local live music, gaze at acrobats exploring historical heights, contribute to a mobile maritime museum, discover illuminated creatures and more.

Flock to the GreenWay to discover a hive of inspiration and creativity at EDGE GreenWay 2023.

20 & 21 May

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Page last updated: 20 May 2023