Whites Creek Cottage

Whites Creek Cottage Artist in Residence

The Whites Creek Cottage Subsidised Studio Program is a 12 month residency offering two studio spaces in the Whites Creek Cottage at a low cost.

The White’s Creek Cottage Subsidised Studio Space Program (SSSP) indicates the Inner West Council’s recognition of the challenges facing arts practitioners in finding affordable and local spaces in which to work.

Ideally artists should have access to affordable spaces where they live and work, and The White’s Creek Cottage SSP adds to the suite of Artist in Residence + SSSP opportunities that the Council provides.

This space is designated for visual artists and/ or craftspeople who have a focus on sustainability in their practice. This may either be via the theoretical content of their work, or by the materials they use.

The cottage is located within the White’s Creek Valley Park corridor, next door to a community garden, and metres from a newly established community orchard. It is also the location of the annual Footprints Ecofestival.

Artists in Residence 2020 - 2021

Alex Bebbington
Gang Gang Alex Bebbington

Gang Gang Cockatoo, acrylic on paper, 2020

Artist statement
My practice as an artist centres around environmentalism and the natural world, and how these spheres are affected in both negative and positive ways by human interaction and intervention.
I have previously explored the natural history collections of various New Zealand museums and used my practice to document the many species which are now endangered or extinct, while also commenting on the positive effects that ecological regeneration of habitats can have.
During my residency at Whites Creek Cottage I intend to document the land around me as well as the area-specific native flora and fauna species in their natural habitat. The ongoing regeneration of this area has already seen the return of native birds, reptiles, insects, and plant species, all of which are now flourishing, and clearly demonstrates the positive effects that human-led regeneration can create even in a small area of land. Projects such as the Whites Creek Reserve demonstrate the importance of regenerative work, while simultaneously creating an exciting, hands-on way to educate younger generations on the importance of protecting and nurturing native green spaces, not only for the sake of the endemic flora and fauna, but for the sake of all of our futures.

Instagram: @ay.pryser

Eleanor Zurowski
Eleanor Zurowski

'I Want You, I Need Knead You', video

Artist statement
Eleanor Zurowski is interested in the ways in which people gather and how diverse forms of knowledge can best be shared in these instances. They are drawn to the materiality and socio-cultural symbolisms of foodstuff, with a particular interest in bread. Their work is often collaborative and takes the forms of text, sound and performance.

Contact: eleanorzurowski@gmail.com




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