White's Creek Cottage

Whites Creek Cottage Artist in Residence

Inner West Councils White’s Creek Cottage Studio Space Program 2023-2024 Residency. In May 2023, Council endorsed the Arts and Music Recovery Plan Arts and Music Recovery Plan 2023 - Inner West Council (nsw.gov.au) with
the objective of resuscitating the creative sector, post Covid. One of the new initiatives outlined in the plan is an 'Artists in the Parks' pilot program which the Whites Creek Residency falls under.

The White's Creek Cottage is Fully Subsidised Residency showcases Council’s recognition of the challenges facing arts practitioners in finding affordable and local spaces in which to work.

The cottage is located within the White’s Creek Valley Green Park corridor, next door to a community garden, and metres from a newly established community orchard. It is also the location of the annual Footprints Ecofestival.

This space is designated for artists and/or craftspeople who have a focus on sustainability in their practice. This may either be via the theoretical content of their work, or by the materials they use.

Artists in residence 2023- 2024

Beatrice Buckland-Willis

A female artist lifts a print template by one corner from a workstation.

Beatrice Buckland-Willis is a Sydney-based artist, with a passion for all things print. In 2020 they completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School (AUS), majoring in Printmaking. Their practice is multi-disciplinary, combining traditional print processes with digital technologies and experimental installation. They are concerned with representations of female pain and subverting ideas of the ‘normal vs. abnormal’ healing experience. Buckland-Willis has coordinated several curatorial projects with a focus on supporting emerging artists.

Jacqueline Larcombe

A female artist leans slightly in a chair with several canvas artworks pinned to a wall behind her.

Jacqueline Larcombe is a visual artist who lives and works on Gadigal Land/Sydney. She has an interest in the life-worlds of local places and the ways in which people leave visual marks on urban space. Through a practice of painting, drawing and printmaking, she seeks to emphasise the visual exchange between beauty and utility, where the human impulse towards decoration juts up against the banality of everyday life.

Jacqueline completed her MFA at Sydney College of the Arts in 2022. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in spaces including Verge gallery and AIRSpace Projects and has engaged in artist residencies in Berlin and Greece.

Previous artists in residence


31 White Street, Lilyfield

Contact and further information

For further information about this residency, contact Olivia Patchett via email Olivia.Patchett@innerwest.nsw.gov.au (Monday to Thursday)

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