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 Dora Beetle 1200 kate dunn 

Exhibition title: INSECTA

Shamanthi Rajasingham @shamanthi
Kaveri Geewhiz @kaverigeewhiz
Dora Kiss Farkas @dorafkiss
Vibhavana Sharma
Jane Michaele Cameron
Louie Young @louieyoungart
Kate Dunn @moonfurhat

Exhibition details:
Recent studies have found that more than 40% of the world's insects are in decline- which could have a potentially devastating impact on the environment. INSECTA engages with contemporary discourses about the environment, investigating humanity's impact on the natural world through the lense of some of the worlds smallest creatures, highlighting the interconnectedness and importance of all facets of the environment. INSECTA celebrates the beauty and strangeness of insects while also challenging notions of the Anthropocene, natural history museums and traditional views of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. INSECTA also serves as an important next step for these artists, many of whom are in the last stages of their degrees.
INSECTA is a multidisciplinary group exhibition featuring the work of seven different emerging artists from UNSW Art and Design and Sydney College of the Arts. The artists will all be creating new works for this exhibition exploring insects, conservation and humanity’s relationship with the natural world.
Artist Biographies:

Shamanthi Rajasingham is a Sydney-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer, originally from Sri Lanka. Her drawings and paintings examine the construction and performance of the self in a de-corporealised world. For INSECTA, Shamanthi will be creating an experimental conceptual work investigating the stability of global food chains.

Kaveri Geewhiz is an illustrator and comics-maker from South India. She works largely with STEM content through graphic storytelling. Kaveri is currently expanding on her print-making practice and building narratives around themes that connect human relationships, mental health and the natural world. For INSECTA, Kaveri will be creating prints exploring aquatic insects.

Dora F. Kiss is a Hungarian born, Sydney-based artist who is known for her large scale, figurative, surrealistic oil paintings. Dora’s subjects are drawn from a phantasmic wonder of nature’s creatures, be they living, extinct or from the pages of mythology. From an early age she has been fascinated by the awesome eccentricities of nature and its depiction in natural drawings. For INSECTA, Dora will be exhibiting oil paintings of insects; celebrating their uniqueness and exploring the unintended yet tragic impacts of the actions of humankind on animal life.

Vibhavana Sharma is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who uses experimental means to explore new methods of visual communication. Having lived in both India and Australia, Sharma draws on a range of different experiences in her digital image making, print making and hand-drawn works. For INSECTA, Sharma will be exploring the consequences of human action through the lense of reincarnation.

Jane Michaele Cameron has a background in graphic design, having worked for over 20 years in publishing. Michaele also lectures in this field, as well as art theory and history. Prior to that she gained an arts degree majoring in Fine Arts from Sydney Uni, a Certificate of Sculpture at East Sydney Tech, and later on a Graduate Diploma in Design from UTS. She has spent a bit of time travelling, having lived in Germany, Japan and India. Michaele is currently studying a Master of Art at UNSW Art & Design, with a special interest in sculpture and installation. Over the past few years Michaele has explored themes around preservation and distortion of memory. She is a single parent with two teenagers and a pet burrowing cockroach. For INSECTA, Michaele will be creating a tactile work experimenting with the material possibilities of beeswax.

Louie Young (b. 1995, Sydney, Australia) is a non-binary early career artist. Their practice focuses on using printmaking, glass work and installations to reveal unconscious societal processes which impact femme people daily. Young’s practice presents an intersectional feminist perspective through the use of traditional occidental iconography. For INSECTA, Young will be creating a tapestry based work exploring the importance of maggots and flies within global ecosystems.

Kate Dunn is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores Australian politics and identity through sculpture, diorama and costume making. Dunn is interested in exploring intersections between place and memory and environmental and social influences on identity through the lens of contemporary issues such as global climate change. For INSECTA, Dunn will be creating an experimental diorama-based work exploring a hypothetical ‘Insectocene’.

Exhibition dates: 3 February 2021 to 15 April 2021

General gallery hours: 11am to 4pm
For exhibition and purchase enquiries contact Kate Dunn via email


For further information about the Chrissie Cotter Gallery, contact Olivia Patchett via email (Monday - Thursday)



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