Driveway roadworks step 2: Permit to construct

Applying for a permit – before you begin

The Roadworks Step 2 Permit to Construct is issued under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993. It is the second stage of a two-step process, which provides approval to undertake the works after the Step 1 application has previously approved the proposal.

To understand Steps 1 and 2, and whether an exception might apply, please read the Roadworks (Steps 1 and 2) process explained section below.

The Roadworks Step 2 Permit to Construct application is used only when you are ready for construction and have engaged your contractor.

Council will require the payment of a security deposit for all roadworks which will be withheld until the works have been competed to the satisfaction of Council.

Depending on whether you have already paid a security deposit in relation to a associated development consent, you may be entitled to an exemption from paying an additional bond as part of your Step 2 application.

Roadworks (Step 1 and 2) process explained

You will need to apply for approval if you are seeking to construct or reconstruct a vehicle crossing and/or to undertake other public domain works, even if you already have an associated development consent.

The approval process applies to all vehicle crossing and public domain proposals, whether associated with a Development Consent, Complying Development Certificate, Exempt Development or just reconstruction of an existing crossing.

Council has a two-step approval process, as follows:

The Roadworks Step 1 Design Approval application is used to seek approval for the proposal but does not provide approval to undertake the works. Go to the Roadworks Step 1 Design Approval page for details on what else can be applied for under this application.

The Roadworks Step 2 Permit to Construct application is used when you are ready to construct and have engaged your contractor.


The Step 1 (design approval) application may not be required under the following circumstances:

  • The works are associated with a development consent; and
  • There are no development consent conditions requiring Alignment Levels, Levels Certificate, or a Roadworks Permit to be obtained; and
  • There are no development consent conditions requiring the submission of a design for the works.

Fees and charges

Please note that these fees and charges are payable during lodgement of the application. You may be requested to pay additional fees and charges during assessment of the application.

Description Charge Number of inspections required
Step 2 Road Works Application Fee (Includes 2 inspections) $335.00
New or closure of redundant crossing only – min. 1 additional inspection $188.60 1
Public domain works valued up to $50,000 – min. 4 additional inspections $188.60 4
Public domain works valued up to $150,000 – min. 8 additional inspections $188.60 8
Public domain works valued > $150,000 – min. 14 additional inspections $188.60 14
Additional Charge for application where required Step 1 application has not been lodged or for unauthorised works – per application * P.O.A.  

* Note that an additional charge may apply when a required Roadworks Step 1 application has not been lodged or when unauthorised works have been undertaken. The charge will be the equal to the applicable Roadworks Step 1 application and assessment fees. You will be advised of these charges during assessment of the application and they will need to be paid prior to a permit being issued.

Refundable Deposit - Types of vehicle crossing (If applicable) Charge
Light duty crossing $1,933.00
Heavy duty crossing $5,855.40
Industrial crossing $7,434.70
Note A: If a bond is already paid, as part of the related development consent and is of a greater value than the above calculated bond, the above bond will not be required.

Council’s adopted fees and charges can be found in the current fees and charges page.

Questions you will need to answer during online lodgement

You will need to provide the following information in support of your application:

  • Address of associated property.
  • Details of related development approval, if applicable (i.e. Development Consent, Complying Development Certificate), related conditions
  • Details of related Roadworks Step 1 approval
  • Details of the associated activity – location and summary of works/activity
  • Proposed Start/Finish dates
  • Expiry date of public liability insurance cover
  • Scope of works - scale of works, and type of vehicle crossing
  • Details of any related security deposits already paid – you may be entitled to an exemption from payment of a security deposit if you have already paid a greater deposit under an associated development consent
  • Applicant details

Mandatory supporting documents

Please ensure you have the following documents ready before commencing your online application. These documents will need to be uploaded with the application during lodgement.

If the requested documents are not provided, your application will be refused.

  • Application form – a signed copy of the application form (including completed checklist where applicable)
  • Public Liability Insurance – required for every application (see details above)
  • A Traffic Control Plan (Prepared by RMS accredited person) in compliance with RMS Traffic Control at Work Sites Manual Guidelines – AS1742.3 and Work Cover NSW regulations
  • Design plans
  • A draft notification letter(s) for distribution by the applicant to residents in the affected area, for approval by Council.
  • A photograph showing the location of the proposed works (with annotations on photo showing exact location)

Application form

You will need to complete the below application form:

If you are on or near a state road or traffic lights

If the works are to be carried out on or near a Transport for NSW state classified road or traffic lights, you will need to demonstrate that you have obtained written consent from Transport for NSW.

For the list of the State Classified roads within the Inner West Council can be viewed at Roads.

Terms and conditions

You will need to sign the applicant's declaration on the application form to accept the terms and conditions listed on the form. The Terms and conditions may be found on the form, or can be reviewed form the following page.

Online Terms and Conditions

How to apply for your permit

Once you've completed the application form and collected all mandatory supporting documents, you use our online self-service website to lodge the application.

Step 1:

Register for an account on the Councils Self Service Portal - verification should occur within one business day.

Please see the following guide for assistance on the registration process

How to Register on the Council Self Service Portal (PDF 265.9KB)

Step 2:

Log into your account and apply for your permit

Please see the following guide to assist you:

Go to online self-service

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