Alcohol free zones

We have put in place outdoor alcohol restriction areas in response to community and police requests.

The aim is to help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and crime in public places  and to allow users of public roads, carparks and public spaces to do so without interference from people under the influence of alcohol.

Council consults with local police in determining whether the implementation of an Alcohol Free Zone is an appropriate way of addressing alcohol related crime such as assault and malicious damage, anti-social behaviour and under-age drinking.

What are they?

Alcohol-free zones apply to public roads and footpaths, while alcohol-prohibited areas apply to parks and civic spaces.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted in these areas, and police have the power to confiscate alcohol.

These zones and areas are not related to licensed premises. We are a strong supporter of businesses that contribute to our safe, diverse and vibrant nightlife.

How do they work?

An Alcohol Free Zone allows Police to stop, speak to and move on people, who are acting and drinking irresponsibly. Police may issues infringement notices.

They allow for the development and monitoring of alternative strategies to address any anti-social use of alcohol in these spaces

Local Government Act and Public Consultation

All zones and restrictions are put in place by a Council resolution, followed by a period of public exhibition.

The zones and the prohibited areas are established under the Local Government Act 1993.

Consultation takes place to impose alcohol free zones on public streets, and to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in parks.

There is also consultation with the public for the development of alternative strategies to address any anti-social use of alcohol in identified spaces.

The Local Government Act, with some restrictions, allows councils, in consultation with many local parties including:

  • Police
  • Residents
  • Business
  • Community groups
  • Users of amenities such as parks, skate parks 
  • Neighbourhood centres
  • Community organisations
  • Community legal centres
  • Other interested groups

When do they run out?

The zones and areas are in place for up to 4 years. They can also be established on a timed basis in parks, or on a temporary basis for special events like New Year’s Eve.

The zones across the LGA expire at different times.

Where are they and when do they expire?


These are in effect from 17/12/2019 to 17/12/2023

Alcohol Free Zone Map Aug 2019 Marrickville  (PDF 168.8KB)

a) Marrickville Road (between Malakoff Street and Gladstone Street), Marrickville;

b) Alex Trevallion Plaza, Marrickville;

c) Malakoff Street (between Marrickville Road and Broadleys Lane), Marrickville;

d) Despointes Street (between Marrickville Road and Broadleys Lane), Marrickville;

e) Illawarra Road (between Marrickville Road and Tuohy Lane), Marrickville;

f) The Calvert Street car park, Marrickville, and;

g) Tuohy Lane (east-west section), Marrickville.


These are in effect from 17/12/2019 to 17/12/2023

Alcohol Free Zone Map Aug 2019 Sydenham (PDF 173.4KB)

a) The streets, laneways and footpaths within Sydenham Green Park, Sydenham;

b) The footpaths areas outside the General Gordon Hotel and Sydenham Railway

Station (on the eastern side of Gleeson Avenue, between Railway Parade and Unwins Bridge Road and on the southern side of Burrows Avenue, between Gleeson Avenue and Swain Street, Sydenham).

Newtown and Enmore

These are in effect from 17/12/2019 to 17/12/2023

Alcohol Free Zone Map Aug 2019 Newtown  (PDF 107KB)

Alcohol Free Zone Map Aug 2019 Enmore (PDF 130.4KB)

a) Newtown Square on King Street, Newtown, and;

b) Northern side of King Street (Newtown Square to Mary Street), Newtown.

c) Bailey Street (between Enmore Road and Holt Street), Newtown;

d) Holt Street (between King Street and the road closure), Newtown, and;

e) Goddard Street (between Bailey Street and King Street), Newtown.

Ashfield & Summer Hill 

These are in effect from 12/2/2019 to 12/2/2023

Alcohol Free Zone Map Aug Ashfield (PDF 63.3KB)

Alcohol Free Zone Map Summerhill (PDF 43.9KB)

Alcohol Prohibited Parks 2016 Ashfield  (PDF 278.7KB)

  1. Chessell Lane, Ashfield;
  2. Fox’s Lane, Ashfield;
  3. Hercules Street, Ashfield;
  4. Summer Hill Car Park;
  5. Summer Hill Fountain (9.00pm to 7.00am / 7 days per week);
  6. The Esplanade, Ashfield;
  7. Directly outside the Exodus Foundation on Liverpool Road, Ashfield; and
  8. Directly outside the Catholic Club on Station Street, Ashfield (including from the intersection of Elizabeth and Charlotte Streets)

Parks on New Years Eve 

Council in partnership with the NSW Police considers, from year to year, restrictions in the following Parks with established alcohol free zones from 31 December 12 noon to  1 January, 3am

  • Ballast Point Park
  • Yurulbin Park (Louisa Road)
  • Birchgrove Park, Miklouho-Maclay
  • Mort Bay, 2-8 Weston Street and Thornton Parks
  • College Street Playground
  • Simmons Point ReserveL
  • Lookes Avenue Reserve
  • Illoura Reserve
  • Harris and Brownlee Reserves
  • Darling Street Wharf
  • Weston Street
  • Lookes Avenue
  • Darling Street between Duke Street and Darling Street Wharf


Occasionally if there is a festival for example the Marrickville or Petersham Festival there is a suspension of the Alcohol-Free Zone for a short period of time

What can you do?

If you see people drinking in an area with outdoor alcohol restrictions, contact your local police station.

Please call and let us know if a sign has been damaged, stolen or defaced.

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