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The Green Living Centre is a sustainability initiative. It started in Newtown in 2003 and has been working with the local community to live more sustainably since then.

The Green Living Centre runs workshops and projects around the inner west  to inspire and support the local community to reduce their environmental impact. The Green Living Centre's experienced staff work with local people and organisations to support sustainable living.

Please contact us for tips and advice on how to live more sustainably – worm farming, composting, energy and water efficiency, recycling, natural cleaning, eco-renovation and more.


The Green Living Centre's workshop program provides practical skills and knowledge on a broad range of sustainable living topics from worm farming to going renewable. The 2019 workshop calendar is available on the Green Living Centre's website and monthly newsletter.

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If you rent in the inner west, or cannot install solar panels
on your apartment or house, you can still be part of the
renewable energy movement for a more sustainable community.


If you rent in the inner west, or cannot install solar panels on your apartment or house, you can still be part of the renewable energy movement for a more sustainable community.

Choosing GreenPower means you can use 100% renewable energy and is a quick and easy way to support solar and renewable energy future.

The GreenPower program is a government scheme established over two decades ago that allows Australian households and businesses to choose renewable energy to meet up to 100% of their electricity needs.

When you buy a GreenPower product, you commit your electricity provider to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from sustainable government managed sources. These include drawing on a range of renewable energy options such as solar as well as wind, water and bioenergy.

Since 1997, GreenPower customers have saved more than 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from the electricity sector. This has enabled more than $1 billion to be invested into Australia's renewable energy sector.

Simply phone your electricity company or apply online in order to make the switch to GreenPower today.

Community-owned Renewable Energy

By supporting, joining or starting a local community energy group, you can help work towards a faster and fairer transition to clean energy.
Since 2010 Australian community energy groups have been experimenting with different models to bring ownership of energy systems into community hands, to speed up the use of local renewable resources and to share the benefits more widely. Community energy can support local economies, build social capital, reduce electricity bills, reduce emissions and improve the resilience of our energy systems and the communities that rely on them.
Sydney based community energy group Pingala has already facilitated one community owned solar project in the area. In 2016 they partnered with Young Henry’s in Newtown to put a 29.9kW system on the roof of their inner west brewery. This model allows local community members to invest in solar and receive a return on investment, while supporting local businesses.
To find out more about community energy in Australia, visit Coalition for Community Energy.


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