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Access and inclusion

Inner West Council is committed to respecting the rights and improving opportunities for people with a disability of all ages, to participate fully in community life.

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Inner West Disability Pride fest

Date Sunday 11 April 10.30am-12.30pm

Where: in front of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Who we are: This is an initiative of local citizens with disability, with funding support from Inner West Council. The organisers are volunteers with disabilities who live in the Inner West. We invite your solidarity to be visibly proud with us.


• In the tradition of Disability Pride, we aim to reclaim identity, instil pride, and reduce stigma. Like other Disability Pride events across the globe, we seek to turn current treatment and attitudes towards disability on its head.
• To challenge the harassment, bullying, discrimination and the negativity that people with disability face.
• To remember those lost and fight back against erasure by boldly asserting our common humanity. This is vital for our community after a year of extreme erasure culminating in many deaths, including that of Anne-Marie Smith, the anniversary of whose death will fall close to the festival.
• To celebrate people with disabilities as unique, valuable, valid and distinctive people with rights to be proud of who we are.
• To put a local resonance on a global movement and begin the Inner West’s journey to join other cities as a Disability Pride host.

About the event:

Inner West Disability Pride is the first of its kind in NSW and will be Australia’s only such event in 2021. We seek to inject the Inner West of Sydney into the heart of a global social justice and minority rights movement.
People with disability are distinctive, talented, diverse and unique and this is a celebration of that! We are the world’s largest minority and claim our place, not just recognised, but celebrated!
People with disabilities often feel invisible in public thought, dialog and actions. People don’t think of us when they think of minorities with rights. Rather, people with disabilities have overwhelmingly stated they felt expendable, ignored and erased in COVID.
This erasure is not new, and the crises of 2020 and stories told to the Disability Royal Commission have just made it more apparent. Our event coincides with the anniversary of the death of Anne-Marie Smith, a woman with disability whose invisibility led to her dying a grisly death.
This was far from an isolated incident but rather a common and natural result of invisibility. These events have brought us together in a spirit of community.

Program (subject to change):

10:30am - Introduction and Welcome to Country
10:40am - Speech: Why Being Proud Saves Lives
A speaker with a disability explains why we need to make the invisible visible today.
11:00am - Visibly Proud: Let's Dance it!
Dancer with a disability shows off her visible pride for all of King Street!
11:20am - Visibly Proud: Let's Talk About It!
A panel of people with disabilities have a light-hearted chat about the serious topics of invisibility and visibility.
11:50am - Visibly Proud: Lets Groove it!
A musical performance lets King Street hear Disability Pride loud and clear! Feel free to sing and clap along (Or retreat upstairs to our sensory area)!
12:10pm - Visibly Proud: Express Yourself Contest Prizes
Winner and runner-up prizes for: 1. Best costume 2. Best placard, 3. Best expressive answer to the the question “What does disability pride mean to you?".

For transport:

The neighbourhood centre is less than 100m from Newtown Train Station - which is wheelchair accessible with MLAK accessible toilets. There is a gradual uphill slant after exiting the station gates. Trains to and from the City or the West are every 10-15 minutes.
A number of bus routes stop very close by, coming from the City, Inner West, and some Eastern Suburbs (352, 355, 370, 422, 423, 426, 428).
Street parking in Newtown is available but limited. There is paid parking at Secure Parking Dendy near Dendy Cinemas. Alternatively, you can be dropped off very close by in Australia Street or Bedford Street or King Street.
For access needs: Auslan interpreters will be available during the main event. A sensory retreat and rest area will be available indoors. If you have any other access needs, please contact us