Book banning has no place in Inner West libraries

Wednesday 08 May 2024

Media release

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne

"The accusation from a Cumberland City Councillor that the Inner West community is wrong to have books for rainbow families in our libraries is pathetic.

“Inner West Council will continue to provide books and resources for all families, from all backgrounds, and will continue hosting drag story time events too.

“If someone as deliberately divisive as Councillor Steve Christou thinks the Inner West is too inclusive and respectful, we wear that as a badge of honour.

“Let’s be honest, if someone as small minded as Steve Christou is allowed to decide what books kids are able to read and borrow, we’ll end up with nothing but comic books in library collections.

“Councils have a responsibility to serve all children and families equally. Politicians punching down at constituents they are meant to serve and represent is beneath contempt.

“Banning books is something we would expect to see in Putin’s Russia, not modern, inclusive Sydney.

“In recent months Inner West Council has been targeted by extremists seeking to disrupt and cancel a range of our LGBTIQ events including drag story times events.

“We will not back down in the face of intimidation from such a small minority or bigoted reactionaries.”

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