Cycling and walking on the GreenWay

The GreenWay Trail is a key "missing link" for walking and cycling. 

It takes about 40 minutes to do the entire route on a bike from the Cooks River to Iron Cove or vice verse. If you prefer to walk you could make a day of it stopping at a cafe along the way.


The GreenWay offers a convenient and relaxing place for walkers to get out and about and connect with their local environment and waterways.

There are shared pathways at the northern part of the corridor, and you can enjoy a relaxing walk or ride through the northern end GreenWay from the Iron Cove BayRun right through to Cadigal Reserve in Summer Hill.

The GreenWay Trail starts at the Iron Cove Bay Run, where the pathway takes you through Richard Murden Reserve in Haberfield.

The pathway continues alongside Hawthorne Canal, where you cross over Marion Street, Leichhardt and continue along the Canal Walk, passing the colourful Lords Road Mural, and bringing you to the historic Battle Bridge on Parramatta Road.

Walking up and onto the overpass over Parramatta Road, you will come down and re-join the pathway which takes you right through to Cadigal Reserve at Grosvenor Crescent, Summer Hill.

You can can follow quiet streets through the Inner West to meander down to join the Cooks River Cycleway at Earlwood.

If you are keen to join a local Walking Group or find out more about the benefits of walking, we recommend the following organisations and websites or download the GreenWay Map.

Walking groups

You can find local walking groups at the Heart Foundation website 


The GreenWay vision promotes cycling and active transport as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reduced reliance on cars for short trips, and as a way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

The GreenWay offers opportunities for pleasant, off-road cycling from the Iron Cove Bay to Summer Hill, with a shared walking and cycling pathway already in place from the BayRun to Cadigal Reserve at Summer Hill.

Bicycle user groups (BUGS)

Find a local bicycle user group

Useful links for cycling 

Find a range of links to cycling related information

Route maps

Take  a look as the GreenWay route map (PDF 736.1KB)

Active Transport Strategy 

The Overview

Executive Summary (PDF 2.7MB)

Final Active Transport Strategy & Action Plan

Part 1 - GreenWay Active Transport Strategy & Action Plan (PDF 2.7MB)

Part 2 - GreenWay Active Transport Strategy & Action Plan (PDF 1.8MB) 

Part 3 - GreenWay Active Transport Strategy & Action Plan (PDF 2.9MB)

Research & Consultation Report

Part 4 - Background Research & Consultation (PDF 3.1MB)

Part 5 - Background Research & Consultation (PDF 3.2MB) 

Part 6 - Background Research & Consultation (PDF 516.8KB)

Summary of initiatives

Initiatives (PDF 2.7MB)


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