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Solar and batteries webinar

In November 2020 Council's Green Living Centre ran a free online webinar with a solar expert from the Australian Energy Foundation. The session helped residents to develop the confidence to get solar and/or a battery for their property.

A recording of the session will be available online for a limited time.

Please note the information given by Council’s Green Living Centre and the Australian Energy Foundation in the session is general in nature. Any references to specific products and services do not necessarily reflect the views of Council.



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Rooftop solar FAQs

Is solar power worthwhile for your home?

Listen to this two part podcast, covering all the basics you need to know.

Part one covers:

  • The components of a solar energy system … what they are and how they work
  • How to work out how big a system you’ll need
  • The difference between panels, including key tips to assess their power and potential, and what to know about your roof space and power use overall to inform what you choose
  • Inverters
  • Batteries – when going off grid is worthwhile, and surprises you may not be aware of when it comes to choosing a battery system, and that you may not be as ‘off-grid’ as you think

Part two covers:

  • How to position the panels
  • What to consider when designing from scratch to make your roof work for solar
  • What to do if your budget is tight and you can only afford a small system
  • How to find a reputable installer and the questions to ask them New technologies such as solar tiles

I want to install solar on my roof. How do I start?

Call the Australian Energy Foundation on 1300 23 68 55 to find out if you’re able to put solar PV on your roof. Their specialists will help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.

There are so many solar suppliers – which one should I use?

Suppliers that have been vetted through a trusted source. The Australian Energy Foundation’s suppliers are secured through a rigorous selection process – they have found trusted suppliers so you don’t have to.

The procurement process provides due diligence on product quality, warranty length, cost and customer service. All selected suppliers must be certified through the Clean Energy Council for the installation of solar PV systems.

The suppliers are chosen based on:

  • Quality of product
  • Length of warranties
  • Price
  • Financial sustainability
  • Shared company values

You can find more about the Australian Energy Foundation's supplier selection process here.

Do I need development approvals to install solar PV?

In most situations, no.

In general, household rooftop solar panel installations do not require development consent if certain requirements are met. Some of these requirements include reducing their visual impact, especially on properties with heritage significance (e.g. heritage items or in heritage conservation areas) and limiting impact on neighbours. If you are unable to meet these requirements you may need to submit a development application (DA). The DA fee is waived for solar-only applications.

If clarification is needed, you can call Inner West Council's duty planners on 9392 5000 to check.

It is also important to ensure that the chosen location for panels is not likely to be overshadowed by future development on neighbouring properties.

I want to find out about approvals for solar

How do I make sure my panels are working properly?

Although solar PV systems are fairly low maintenance, the Australian Energy Foundation recommends getting your system checked every 5 years by a Level 2 electrician.

The Australian Energy Foundation also has an excellent guide to step you through doing a solar health check on your system.

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