About Family Day Care

Why choose Family Day Care?

  • Individualised Attention:  With 1:4 ratio your child can form strong bonds with their educator, who can focus on their specific needs, interests, and developmental milestones.
  • Home-Like Environment: Family Day Care takes place in a nurturing home environment, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort for your child. 
  • Continuity of Care: By choosing Family Day Care, your child can benefit from one primary educator helps establish trusting relationships, promotes stability.
  • Play-Based Learning: Family Day Care follow the Early Years Learning Framework emphasis on play-based learning, recognizing that children learn best through hands-on exploration and meaningful experiences.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Educators value and respect cultural, linguistic, and family diversity, creating an inclusive environment where every child feels welcomed and valued.
  • Educators who are screened, trained, supported and mentored by the Family Day Care Coordination Unit staff. Staff undertake regular visits to the educators' homes to ensure the highest quality of education and care possible.

How to enrol  

The process of enrolling your child into Family Day Care involves the following steps:

1.  Initial Inquiry: Learn more about Family Day Care by contacting the coordination unit fdc@innerwest.nsw.gov.au
2. Register your interest for a placement: Register here by providing a few details about your child and family.
3. Matching with an Educator: When a suitable educator becomes available, the coordination unit will contact you to discuss available options.
4. Educator Introduction: Meet and visit the selected educator to familiarise yourself with the environment and discuss specific requirements.
5. Enrolment Process: Complete and online enrolment forms and documentation provided by the coordination unit via email to confirm your child's enrolment. 

Contact our service for more information

Inner West Family Day Care

22 Foster Street, Leichhardt, 2040 Email: fdc@innerwest.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 02 9392 5604
Service Coordinator: Rosie Pupo


ACECQA Rating 2023

FDC ACECQA rating 2023


Family Day Care Educators' Fees

The fees for our services may vary as they are set by each educator. When setting their fees, educators consider their qualifications, experience, the environment they provide, and any additional services they offer. When you have an interview with an educator, they will give you a copy of their fee schedule and tell you how to make payments. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect and can make an informed decision.

Childcare Subsidy Eligibility:
We are an approved service provider, which means families enrolled with us can claim childcare subsidy. This subsidy is a financial support program from the government that helps with childcare expenses. By choosing Inner West Family Day Care, you can take advantage of this subsidy to make childcare more affordable for your family.

Child Care Subsidy Calculator at Starting Blocks.gov.au


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Page last updated: 28 May 2024