Inner West pubs set to be heritage listed

Thursday 27 October 2022

The Inner West’s pubs with heritage significance may soon be permanently protected following a successful vote at this week’s Council meeting.

Council voted unanimously to commence community engagement with pub owners, patrons and the community about the heritage listing of 27 pubs in Balmain, Leichhardt, Newtown, Petersham, Marrickville, Rozelle, Annandale, Enmore and Lewisham. 31 other Inner West pubs are already heritage listed.

Mayor Darcy Byrne said protecting the pubs would help to preserve the unique character of the Inner West.

“Our pubs are community institutions, many of which have been serving local patrons for more than a century.”

“It’s time for new heritage protections to make sure that our Inner West pub culture is still here for another 100 years to come,” Mr Byrne said.

“By giving them heritage protection, it means not only must the façades of the buildings be maintained, so too must interior aspects like the bars and the other features which identify them as pubs.”

“With heritage listing we will make it clear to property interests that these institutions cannot be knocked over for residential developments.”

The Council resolution followed two reports into the area's pubs, one by UTS in 2019 and the other by respected consultants GML Heritage.

The GML report provided a detailed assessment of the heritage significance of the 27 pubs in question and recommended that they receive further heritage protection, in addition to the 31 local pubs that are already heritage listed.

Councillor Jessica D’Arienzo who moved the Council resolution said the pubs chosen had the highest architectural, historical and social significance.

“It’s important that we protect these pubs which contribute to the famous pub culture of the area,” Ms D'Arienzo said.

She said it was up to Council to ensure that development pressures do not see further closures.

The consultations with owners, operators and patrons will commence shortly.

The 27 pubs are:

  1. Annandale Hotel, Annandale
  2. North Annandale Hotel, Annandale
  3. Unity Hall Hotel, Balmain
  4. The Balmain Hotel, Balmain
  5. Dick’s Hotel, Balmain
  6. Cat & Fiddle Hotel, Balmain
  7. Town Hall Hotel, Balmain
  8. Cricketers Arms Hotel, Balmain
  9. East Village Hotel, Balmain East
  10. The Milestone Hotel, Leichhardt
  11. Vic on the Park Hotel, Marrickville
  12. The Royal Exchange Hotel, Marrickville
  13. Websters Bar, Newtown
  14. Kelly’s on King, Newtown
  15. Sandringham Hotel (former), Newtown
  16. Carlisle Castle Hotel, Newtown
  17. Livingstone Hotel, Petersham
  18. Bridge Hotel, Rozelle
  19. The Welcome Hotel, Rozelle
  20. 3 Weeds Hotel, Rozelle
  21. Sackville Hotel, Rozelle
  22. Garry Owen Hotel, Rozelle
  23. Native Rose Hotel, Rozelle
  24. Lewisham Hotel, Lewisham
  25. Warren View Hotel, Enmore
  26. Duke of Enmore Hotel, Enmore
  27. Queens Hotel, Enmore

The 31 pubs which were previously heritage listed include:

Courthouse Hotel, Newtown, Sydney Park Hotel, Newtown, Botany View Hotel, Newtown, Golden Barley Hotel, Enmore, Sly Fox, Enmore, Town and Country Hotel, St Peters, White Horse Hotel, St Peters, Southern Cross Hotel, St Peters, General Gordon Hotel, Sydenham, Tempe Hotel, Tempe, Riverview Hotel, Tempe, The Henson, Marrickville, Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill, Huntsbury Hotel, Lewisham, White Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham, Public House, Petersham, Petersham Inn, Petersham, Salisbury Hotel, Stanmore, Summer Hill Hotel, Summer Hill, Ashfield Hotel, Ashfield, Crocodile Farm Hotel, Ashfield, Royal Hotel, Leichhardt, Bald faces Stag Hotel, Leichhardt, Nortons Irish Pub, Leichhardt, Bald Rock Hotel, Rozelle, Riverview Hotel, Balmain, London Hotel, Balmain, Dry Dock Hotel, Balmain, The Royal Oak, Balmain, Exchange Hotel, Balmain, Sir William Wallace Hotel, Birchgrove.

Frequently asked questions

What does heritage listing for pubs mean?

Heritage listing means that both the façade and the Interior, including the curtilage and the fabric of the building are protected. This includes preventing the bar of the pub from being removed. A very carefully considered development application is require for any modification of a heritage listed building.

What protection exists for pubs that aren't heritage listed but are in a heritage conservations zone?

For pubs without heritage listing but which are located in a heritage conservation zone only the façade of the building is protected. The Town Hall Hotel in Balmain was in a heritage conservation zone but was not heritage listed which allowed the owner to remove the front bar after deciding to convert the pub into a gym and massage centre.

Does heritage listing prevent a pub from being converted to another use?

Heritage listing protects the façade and the interior of the building but there is no legal avenue to prevent the owner from changing the use. Protection of the front bar and interior fabric will however make it clear to pub owners and prospective purchasers that they will be required to keep the built form of the pub. Conversion to another hospitality use such as a restaurant or wine bar or other use would be a possible alternative the property owner could pursue but the heritage elements of the building must be preserved.

What consultation will take place with the community and with pub owners and licensees?

Council has resolved to commence consultation with pub owners and the broader community about the heritage listing of 27 pubs. An additional 31 pubs in the Inner West are already heritage listed. Heritage listing takes into account the architectural, historical and social significance of the pub. Property owners will be able to make submissions and, if they choose, to articulate why their pub does not have sufficient heritage status to be listed. Patrons will be able to make submissions also.



For further information please contact Michael Gleeson on 9392 5440.

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