Reduced Fees and Fee Waivers

Inner West Council, Leichhardt offers reduced fees and fee waivers for a number of Council venues and services to eligible applicants.

The program aims to support organisations, community groups, and individuals with limited income streams to provide projects, programs, events, and activities for the benefit of the local community.

What kinds of projects and activities are supported?

Council will accept proposals for projects, programs, events, and activities that provide a benefit to the local community. Proposals must meet the selection criteria below. Council will give priority to projects where it can be shown that the project:

  • meets community needs or aspirations
  • is a priority for the local community
  • is aligned with Council’s strategic plans.

In addition the applicant must:

  • be capable of carrying out the proposed project or activity
  • need Council’s support for the project to go ahead.

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply applicants must be (Please note Footpath License Fee Waiver criteria are available at the link above):

  • a not-for-profit organisation that is based in and/or which services the local area OR
  • a community group that is based in the local area OR
  • a local resident 18 years or older who is a permanent resident of Australia and who is auspiced* by an incorporated not-for-profit organisation OR
  • a peer support group, for example Alcoholics Anonymous, that has a majority of local participants OR
  • a political party (for fee waivers for Community Facilities and Town Halls only).

Commercial organisations and sole traders are eligible to apply for the community rate for programs in Community Facilities and Town Halls if they meet the additional criteria below:

  • they are offering a program which promotes well-being and which complements existing programs
  • the program is affordable for all residents of the LGA including those on limited incomes or government benefits (a concession rate of $10 or under per session must be offered to low income earning residents of the Inner West
  • Council, Leichhardt area. This includes Health Care Card holders, those receiving a Pension, or Newstart Allowance, seniors card holders, and students. This concession rate must be advertised and actively promoted)
  • upon request, provide information to Council regarding the number of participants that receive the concession rate.
  • they are not involved in any activities which are generally inconsistent with Council’s values or policies, or that may affect Council’s public image or reputation.
  • any one facility is used for a maximum of 2 regular sessions per week.
  • activity details and availability of concession rates may be included in the facility program of activities.

In order to deliver diversity, accessibility and equity in the programming of Council supported community activities there may be additional requirements placed on activities conducted by commercial organisations or sole traders if they are granted the community rate.

In addition all applicants must:

  • be proposing a project or activity principally for the benefit of residents of the Inner West Council, Leichhardt area
  • have completed a booking form for the venue or service requested
  • have completed a Reduced Fees and Fee Waiver Application Form and provided support material as requested
  • have completed paperwork for any previous Inner West Council, Leichhardt grants
  • have no outstanding debts to Inner West Council.

Who cannot apply?

The following groups and types of activities are not eligible to apply for reduced fees or fee waivers and must pay 100 per cent of the applicable fee.

  • commercial organisations/sole traders apart from where specified above
  • fundraising events are generally not eligible. However, they may be supported if they are considered a high priority for the local community. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will take into account other eligibility
  • requirements, the nature of the event, and the
  • benefits to the local community of supporting the event
  • political parties, apart from where specified above, or activities that are overtly political in nature
  • regular sporting activities carried out by sporting clubs or associations. Sporting clubs may apply for community development projects run in partnership with the community sector
  • religious services or activities that are overtly religious in nature
  • schools or tertiary institutions
  • state or federal government agencies /departments.

How much will you pay?

There are three rates available under the reduced fee and fee waiver program.

Community Rate – 50% of the applicable fee

The community rate is for applicants with limited income streams who meet the eligibility and selection criteria noted above. This rate would apply to organisations, community groups and auspiced individuals who receive ongoing funding from state or federal government, sponsors or membership fees.

Support Group Rate – 20% of the applicable fee

Peer support groups with limited income streams, for example Alcoholics Anonymous, are eligible to apply for the support group rate.

Fee Waiver – No charge

Fee waivers may be granted to applicants with very limited income streams who meet the eligibility and selection criteria noted above. This rate would apply to applicants who do not receive ongoing funding from state or federal government, sponsors or membership fees.
Fee waivers may occasionally be granted to other applicants where Council considers the project or activity to be of a very high priority for the community.
Political parties may apply for fee waivers for the hire of Community Facilities or Town Halls only.
Councillors are eligible to receive a fee waiver for bookings of Community Facilities and Town Halls for:

  • local branch meetings
  • public meetings to inform or consult with the community
  • activities aligned with Council’s Strategic Plans.

An applicant granted a fee waiver may be liable to pay costs associated with their booking such as bonds, key deposits and security call-outs.

How do you lodge an application?

You will need to complete an Application for Reduced Fee or Fee Waiver (PDF 238.9KB) and submit with supporting documentation.

Please ensure that you have booked the Council facility or that you submit the appropriate booking application form in conjunction with this application.

Please read these guidelines and the application form carefully to ensure all questions are answered and all necessary documents are attached.

If you have difficulty understanding this form in English, please ask a relative or friend to translate it or come to Council and discuss the form with Council’s staff using the Telephone Interpreter Service.

Please allow enough time for your Reduced Fees and Fee Waiver Application Form to be processed before your booking takes place. This may take up 6 weeks for fee waivers over $4,000 in value.


  • Lodge in person – All applications may be lodged at Inner West Council, Leichhardt Customer Service Centre, 7-15 Wetherill St, Leichhardt. Opening hours are Monday - Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm.
  • Lodge by mail – Inner West Council, Leichhardt, PO Box 45, Leichhardt NSW 2040
  • Lodge via email –

What other information is needed to assess your application?

The following support material must be included with your completed application form.

1. For not-for-profit incorporated associations:

  • the most recently published annual report for your organisation
  • proof of your not-for-profit status – if you have not submitted this within the last two years.

2. For community groups:

  • two written references or letters/emails of support from not-for-profit organisations or community leaders.

3. For commercial organisations, sole traders, and individuals:

  • two written references or letters/emails of support from not-for-profit organisations or community leaders
  • a one page CV relevant to the project or activity you are proposing.

4. In addition groups applying for a reduced fee or fee waiver can submit:

  • any other material that may support your application such as press clippings or promotional materials from previous activities – please provide these on A4 paper – no more than 2 pages.

How are applications assessed?

All applications are assessed against the eligibility and selection criteria, and Council’s Strategic Plans, by staff with relevant expertise. Recommendations are then presented for approval to:

  • Council (for fee waivers over $4,000 in value)
  • General Manager’s delegate or where applicable the relevant facility committee (for reduced fees, and fee waivers less than $4,000 in value)

What happens if your application is approved?

Successful applicants will be advised in writing and will be required to acknowledge Council’s support of the project or activity where appropriate. The type of acknowledgment will be specified in your letter of notification.
Ticketed events receiving a fee waiver will be required to supply 20 free tickets per event for distribution to the community and Councillors.
Applicants who have received total fee waivers over $1,000 in any one financial year must provide and evaluation of the activity conducted during the booking and provide images approved for publication. Further information will be provided in your letter of notification.
Receiving a reduced rate or fee waiver does not imply that any further resources will be made available for your project or activity.

Further Information

For further questions about these guidelines or information about how to apply, please contact Council.

Phone: 02 9392 5000

Read the Reduced Fee Waiver Guidelines (PDF 271.3KB) 

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