Personal training

Benefits of personal training

Receive five-star treatment for affordable and competitive prices! Personal Training at Ashfield Aquatic Centre is an elite service provided by our team of fully qualified fitness trainers.

Whether your goals are weight loss, body shaping, muscle massing, power and strength gain, injury rehabilitation, improved fitness, or anything else we can tailor a program just for you.

A personal trainer can:

  • Set and achieve realistic training goals by targeting individual needs
  • Provide a confident, comfortable and less threatening environment to work in
  • Ensure effective training through personal attention and focus on results
  • Provide a stress free, time efficient way to workout
  • Understand your needs
  • Help you stay motivated through your workout
  • Help you sustain your interest

Meet our trainers 

AAC employs qualified professionals who can join you on your personal training journey.  Click through and read about our personal trainers below. 


Pre-paid personal training sessions are valid for 12 months.

Session type Rate
1 session (half hour) $61.50
3 sessions (half hour) $175.00
5 sessions (half hour) $283.80
10 sessions (half hour sessions) $460.60
1 session (1 hour) $104.90
3 sessions (1 hour) $289.50
5 sessions (1 hour) $455.40
10 sessions (1 hour sessions) $865.50
PT for people with a disability (half hour) $50.30

Group Personal Training

Small group personal training for 2 or more people.

Session type Rate
1 session small group PT per person (half hour) $45.90
10 sessions small group PT per person (half hour sessions) $363.50
1 session small group PT per person (1 hour) $63.40
10 sessions small group PT per person (1 hour sessions) $542.50


Book a personal training session

If you are interested in personal training at Ashfield Aquatic Centre please complete the form below. Once submitted our friendly staff will contact you to organise your first session. 

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Terms and conditions

The facility refers to all Inner West Council Aquatic (IWCA) Facilities its Employees, Agents and Associated Entities.

INTRODUCTION - This document outlines the rights and responsibilities that you have regarding entering a Personal Training Contract with Inner West Council Aquatics (IWCA).

DEFINITIONS - In these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply: “IWCA”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” means the organisation providing the service for which the Customer is paying. The “Customer”, “Client”, “You”, “Yours” means the person or party signing this Contract. “PT” means Personal Training.

ENTITLEMENTS – As a PT customer you are entitled to one on one instruction with a qualified PT for the duration of time and number of sessions stated. It is strongly recommended that all PT clients become Centre members as your trainer will recommend that you perform exercise sessions in addition to your PT sessions that will require use of specialised equipment.

EXPIRY OF SESSIONS – All pre-paid PT sessions must be used within a twelve (12) month period from the date of purchase.

PURCHASING YOUR SESSIONS – Your Personal Training sessions can be purchased through LPAC online, AAC online, or from reception.

BOOKING YOUR SESSIONS – Contact the Health and Fitness team leader to organise your PT Session (Leichardt and Ashfield It is recommended to confirm the date and time of your next session with your trainer at the end of each session.

ON ARRIVAL - The customer will pick up a receipt from Reception before each session and pass the receipt to the trainer.

LATE ARRIVAL - Please make every effort to arrive on time ready to start your session. If you arrive late, the session must still finish on time as your trainer will have other clients booked in after your session.

CANCELLATION POLICY - If you are unable to make a session or need to reschedule your time, please advise your trainer giving at least 24 hours’ notice. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given you will be charged for the session. Consideration is given for extenuating circumstances. If we must alter the time of your training session, we will attempt to give you at least 24 hours’ notice.

REFUNDS – PT sessions are non-refundable. If you are unable by reason of permanent physical incapacity to continue your PT sessions, you are entitled to receive a refund for any unused sessions that have not expired. Applications for refund must be verifiable by medical certificate and email us by using either the or email address. Refunds will not be issued for short term illnesses.

YOUR PHYSICAL CONDITION – All new PT clients are required to complete a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire during their first session to establish their current health status prior to participating in an exercise program. Where answers to questions indicate that you may be at risk, we will request that you receive clearance from a medical practitioner prior to starting your PT sessions and engaging in any physical activity that may be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort or physical condition. IWCA strongly recommend that all persons seek medical advice prior to starting an exercise program.

CHANGES TO YOUR PHYSICAL CONDITION - It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your health status that may alter your ability to perform your prescribed exercise program. You should cancel your PT session giving at least 24 hours’ notice if suffering from any infections, virus, or contagious illness or disease. We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue a session if we feel that starting or continuing the session may be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, or physical condition.

PREPARATION FOR TRAINING - Dress in comfortable workout clothing, wear a good pair of training shoes, deodorant and bring a water bottle and towel. Make sure you have eaten within 2 hours of your training sessions and are well hydrated. Training on an empty stomach, with low blood sugar or in a dehydrated state will not allow you to perform at your best. Equally, eating a large or heavy meal just prior to your session should also be avoided.

RELEASE AND INDEMNITY - In consideration of IWCA accepting you as a PT customer, you agree that IWCA shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property belonging to, or brought onto the premises by you occurring on said premises except where caused by gross negligence of IWCA. IWCA shall not be liable for any death, personal injury or illness occurring upon the premises or as a result of advice or instruction given by trainers and the use of facilities and / or equipment provided by IWCA, except to the extent that such death, personal injury or illness arises from the gross negligence of IWCA.

CHANGE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS/RULES AND REGULATIONS -The facility may add to, change, or remove membership terms, conditions, rules and regulations, including but not limited to the services and facilities offered by the facility from time to time. Any such change will be made available through the website or upon request.

PRIVACY - IWCA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. The information that is being collected on this document is for the purpose of processing your PT contract. The intended recipients of this information are IWCA and its authorised staff. You will receive communications from IWCA from time to time updating you on items relating to PT programs, our memberships, or promotions. IWCA uses a range of mediums to communicate with members including, but not restricted to, direct mail, email, SMS and telephone. If you do not wish to have your information that is contained in this document used for this purpose please advise us; You have the right to access and alter personal information, protecting yourself in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (Amended 2001).


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