Sydenham Station Creative Hub another step closer

The Sydenham Station Creative Hub is a step closer after Tuesday night's Council meeting.

Inner West Council's vision for the area is to protect traditional industries, while expanding creative industries, and adding food, drink and live music venues to the mix.

At Tuesday night's Council meeting, Council resolved to prepare a planning proposal and submit this to the Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway determination.

Should Gateway approval be granted, Council will prepare and place on public exhibition the planning proposal and an economic study, as well as a strategy for a Development Control Plan (DCP) which would include a creative industries policy, licensed premises controls and plans for public domain improvements.

The area's location under the Sydney Airport flight path makes it unsuitable for residential development, "And some might see this is a negative proposition, but we see an exciting opportunity," said Administrator of Inner West Council Richard Pearson.

"Because this will never be a traditional housing area, it means making a bit of noise at night is not an issue," Mr Pearson said.

"You won't get the usual tensions between nightlife venues and neighbours who just want a nice, quiet neighbourhood."

In May 2016, Council consulted with the local business tenants, landlords, residents, through-pedestrians and visitors on the project.

A Social Impact Assessment was also prepared, which found that there were risks and benefits to the proposal.

The SIA recommends Council takes actions such as establishing a precinct-wide limit to service of alcohol of possibly 2am (consistent with the proposal's emphasis on small bars), and improving pedestrian routes between the precinct and major public transport.

The SIA notes that these public domain improvements would benefit both new and existing industries through improved amenity for owners, visitors and employees.

In fact the report notes that the whole area would be greatly improved with an influx of more investment, and better urban design.

"Imagine this area as a vibrant entertainment and employment precinct," said Mr Pearson.

"With the fantastic transport links the area has, and which will only improve in the future, we believe a Sydenham Station Creative Hub could easily become a must-visit destination for all of Sydney," Mr Pearson said.

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