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It is possible to buy plastic free berries. Picking your own berries is one of the best ways to go zero waste and a fun activity to do with your friends kids. Love your berries even more, by learning how to buy, store and cook them.


  • Look for firm texture, bright and little bit shiny in colour—blemishes or looking a little hazy means that they are reaching the end of their prime. They can still be used. Just look at the recipe below.
  • Check for mould around packaging and between berries.
  • Grow your own berries. Strawberries can be grown in hanging pots, while blueberries will do well in a large pot. Make sure they get direct sun and suitable drainage.


  • Do not wash until ready to use.
  • Keep in dry containers with good airflow.
  • Keep them on shelves in the fridge. Avoid the crisper drawer.
  • Make the most of your berries by freezing them.


Leftover oven berry jam

Makes 1 small jar of jam

Jam is a great way to preserve excess berries whether you have a punnet or that last (almost) mouldy handful. This quick recipe works for any berries minus the long wait over a stove. Lemon contains naturally occurring pectin which helps set the jam. Use your jam on toast, pancakes, desserts or make our French toast for something a bit more fancy-pants.


Leftover oven berry jam step 1

Step 1: Cut 500 g of berries. You can use any quantity of excess berries even if they are looking old. Mix them with ¼ cup of sugar and a squeeze of lemon. More sugar means it will last longer.

Leftover oven berry jam step 2

Step 2: Roast in the oven for 40 minutes at 160 degrees or until berries are starting to collapse. Remove from the oven to mash with a fork and return for another 10-15 minutes until berries are glossy and jammy looking.

Leftover oven berry jam hero

Add it to your favourite dishes including breakfast French toast and vegan spotty banana pancakes


Once the jar cools down, store in the fridge. It will last a year or longer due to the sugar.

Zero waste tip

Make your jam go even further and turn it into a berry sauce! Heat jam in a small saucepan on low, with a bit of water to thin the consistency. Cool slightly and use like a coulis on ice cream or yoghurt.


Recipe inspired by Cornersmith’s Strawberry Oven Jam

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Page last updated: 11 Feb 2022