Ocean Dance (2012)

Artist statement: The artwork ‘Ocean Dance’ showcases seven colour underwater ocean figure photographs from the artist’s portfolio. Inspired by a love of the natural environment and growing up around the northern beaches of Sydney this connection to water and the ocean is a force that has been a lifelong passion. Additionally, Annette Kellerman’s athletic underwater ballet performances in glass tanks and her signature handmade costumes in the early 1900’s, has been a motivating feature for Paola’s fantastical and atmospheric film photography. This series of photographs at Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre is a tribute to this local trailblazer who was a professional swimmer, international vaudeville star, film actress, and writer.

The photographs are all made on colour film and with natural light. The ocean beaches around Sydney are the locations for all the photographs featured in the series. The people in the photographs are dancers and friends of the artist.

This series is dedicated to the memory of Coco Miles who dances in five of the seven artworks.

Paola Talbert - Ocean Dance

Titles from left to right:

  • Light Mischief (2004)
  • Bejewelled (2006)
  • Evergreen (2011)
  • Faerie (2004)
  • Love Rites (2006)
  • Tempest II (2004)
  • Tango (2008)

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