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About Newtown ArtSeat

Established in 2011 with support from Arts NSW and the City of Sydney, Council's award-winning Newtown ArtSeat offers a space where experimental and non-commercial art can be showcased.

The Newtown ArtSeat is a permanent structure located in Newtown Square that combines public seating, artwork display and lighting. The site is highly visible and exposes any artwork that is displayed in the structure to thousands of passers-by each day. 

The ArtSeat has become a landmark in Newtown.


What's on:  Drawn from the Discarded 

12 October to early December 2018:

Artwork image

Artist:  Jody Graham   Photo credit:  Graeme Wienand

Drawn from the Discarded is a collection of drawing tools predominately constructed from urban waste from Newtown and surrounding suburbs. The intention behind making these tools was initially born as a way to connect with the environment and give new life to the discarded. Implements in this collection are also used to create drawings.

Drawing is at the core of Jody’s work, exploring mark making and researching techniques that provoke wonder and delight in the aesthetic qualities a mark can reveal. Inquisitiveness about how to create a range of marks combine with a desire to connect with a location is the driving force behind making these tools.

The story behind Jody Graham’s salvaging behaviour is a creative response to the artists belief system that an excess of new and more can impoverish the human spirit. Attention and care in the arrangement of these implements has been used to assist in elevating their status from waste into art objects.

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What was on

August to October 2018

Full NAS image


Monster Mash  Artist: Daisy Knight @daisyattack

 Here are my friends the trash monsters!  Rising from their dumpster to go to Kmart. 


June to August 2018:

The silent majority sees


The Silent Majority Sees  Artist:  Emily Valentine

We, as members of the local community, have lost control of our surroundings. We know what is going on and feel saddened and disheartened seeing our local landmarks destroyed. Of course, I am thinking of WestConnex and public housing, and observe how little effect our wishes and protests are having on our present NSW government. The silent majority observes, without the urge to object or react to the destruction that is happening around us.

In The Silent Majority Sees, people view the destruction of their community and passively watch. Join the noisy minority!

This image was built from many photos I have taken within the last 6 months around the inner west area. The photos of people were taken here, behind the Art Seat.





For further information about Newtown ArtSeat, please contact Anthia Hart on 9392 5866 or email

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