Newtown Art Seat

About Newtown ArtSeat

Newtown ArtSeat offers a space where experimental and non-commercial art can be showcased.

It is a permanent structure in Newtown Square that combines public seating, artwork display and lighting. The site is highly visible and exposes any artwork to thousands of passers-by each day. 

The ArtSeat has become a landmark in Newtown. 

What's on at the ArtSeat 

Wrapt You New Town by Kelly Wallwork

Artist: ArtSeat by Kelly Wallwork

This work will be on display from 3 June to 2 September 2020

Wrapt New Town Kelly Wallwork 

Artist Statement

In my studio reused graphics, fabric scraps, construction off-cuts - from the recycling, in the gutters - catch my eye and collect in my mind.
They become cityscapes, mountains & clouds, virus shapes. I am on a collaged journey of paint and print and pattern and thread.
I place real imagery alongside reduced blocks of shape and colour and type, intending to renew interest with the discards of life.

The myriad of print and design that goes into packaging reappears as a mountainous jumble, beautiful & unsettling.
At a distance it's like a colourful landscape of hills, floating islands & coffee cup towers, under a pendulous paper sky -
intriguing, promising, threatening.



For further information about Newtown ArtSeat, please contact Olivia Patchett on 9335 2123 or email

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Page last updated: 10 Jul 2020