Pia Larsen

Artists biography

Pia is a Sydney-based artist, writer and teacher working across print, collage, drawing and sculpture. Her practice draws on fragmentation and variable scale for work about bodies within cultural and political frameworks.

Pia’s new work ‘Bodies in Play’ uses humour, varied scale and movement to examine bodies as gendered and the possibilities for expanding the discourse beyond the gender norms of female/male. The work in the exhibition shifts between objects and images that explore bodies as corporeal, physical and culturally inscribed entities. Mammaphone presents an enlarged breast LP playing on a turntable, the turntable modified to the breast rather than the body modified to the discourse. Impressions taken from the Mammaphone breast LP use colour and compositional space to abstract and draw attention to the surface of our bodies as beautiful and mysterious landscapes of circular patterns and irregular striations.


Current work and inspiration

The exhibition 'Bodies in Play' presents bodies as durable, delicate and vulnerable as part of an investigation into the effects of gender on bodies and the possibilities for expanding the discourse of gender. My interest in exhibiting in the Sydney Sexual Health Centre is an opportunity to present sculptures and images that explore bodies, gender and culture as part of the waiting room space for people in a sexual health and medical context. The visual language of art offers alternative modes of expression to science and medicine and new ways to think about these fields, our bodies and ourselves.

Catch ‘Bodies in Play’ - The Waiting Room Project, 8 November - 3 December 2019 (Curator Joel Humphries), Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Nightingale Wing, Sydney Eye Hospital, 8 Macquarie St, Sydney .


Website and social media links

Website: www.pialarsen.com.au   www.waitingroomproject.net
Instagram: pia_larsen___

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