February Artist of the Month - Where is Wilfred

Our February 2018 Artist of the Month is Where is Wilfred


Watercolour paintings


Where is Wilfred is the beginning of an art collective that explores difficult world issues through visual art.

The name 'Wilfred' signifies peace, and the movement 'Where is Wilfred' brings people together through art to join the journey to finding peace and positivity in all things.

It aims to inspire individuals to understand and create positive discussion around often overwhelming world issues, such as poverty and conflict. 

With 25% of all proceeds going directly to nominated non-profit organisations, Where is Wilfred hopes to showcase the wonderful humans making changes around the world; it hopes to spark ideas; and to provide inspiration for people to engage and contribute to an issue that hits home for them.

Artist Statement

Bianca Pedro for Where is Wilfred - The wondrous, painful, sometimes unbelievable, lived experiences of people all around the world inspire me. 

As an empath, I've always used art to process my own emotions; through my work in the humanitarian field, I realised that a lot of the lived experiences I heard came through in my drawings. 

I am inspired by triumph as much as I am inspired by defeat, and I love finding the silver lining in moments of chaos. The range of human emotion and expression inspires me, and I use freehand art pieces to try and understand where and how these emotions develop.



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