A black and white close shot of a person standing on a beach wearing a zipped up black jacket, black framed glasses, with short dark and grey hair and facial hair. In the background you can see waves rolling in and a bushland covered headland.Kenneth Lambert, Without a Trace

Kenneth Craig Lambert - Without a Trace: Medium Commission

Without a Trace

7:00pm Saturday 13 April 

10:00am Sunday 14 April 

Main Hall, Petersham Town Hall

Tickets not required

Without a Trace, a captivating performance art piece conceived by artist Kenneth Lambert, seamlessly merges the ancient art of sand drawing with the modernity of robotic technology. The performance comprises two distinct phases: the creation of an intricate, abstract sand drawing, symbolising the rich tapestry of community narratives and memories, and its subsequent erasure by a choreographed fleet of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Set against the backdrop of Petersham Town Hall, a beacon of local heritage and culture, Without a Trace becomes a reflective journey into the heart of communal memory, history, and the evolving nature of human interaction with technology.

About Kenneth Lambert 

Exemplified by his experimental approach, Kenneth Lambert explores the interplay of disintegrated matter and the human condition in his works. His practice, deeply rooted in contemporary themes, often bridges technology with social issues, highlighting the anxieties of our era. At the intersection of technology and humanities, Lambert employs innovative methods like particle acceleration and data translation technology, reflecting on climate change and digital autonomy. His multidisciplinary works extend across digital media, film, expanded painting, installation, and performance, resonating deeply with current global narratives.


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