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Inner West Council's art deco Chrissie Cotter Gallery is located in Pidcock Street, Camperdown (next to Camperdown Commons) and is available for exhibitions and cultural events by individuals and organisations.

When in use, gallery opening hours are Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm – unless stated – please check below.

Entry is free and the gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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Twin Spirit by Tina Fiveash

  • Exhibition dates: 6 to 21 April 2024 - Friday to Sunday 11am - 4pm

Artwork: Twin Spirit by Tina Fiveash

Artist: Tina Fiveash

Artist/s statement

The afterlife, once the domain of religious and spiritual belief, is shifting into the realm of Western science in the 21st Century, as cutting- edge resuscitation technology is reviving people ‘back from the dead’, well beyond all previous definitions of clinical death. Returning back from what Shakespeare once described “the undiscover’d country”, survivors are routinely reporting profound auditory/ visual experiences occurring in the period when they had no heartbeat. Such paranormal experiences, referred to as ‘near-death experiences’ (NDEs), date back to the fourth century B.C. and are universally reported in their thousands today.

My practice-led research considers how such revelatory new understandings of the dying process might not only transform our belief systems around death, but also the way we picture death, dying, and the dead. Through the exploration of creative visual practice, I have investigated a range of digital photo-based approaches towards a contemporary re-imagining of death that engages in the question of an afterlife—in order to challenge assumptions about mortality and broaden perceptions of death and dying. My personal investigation of death and dying through photography is paralleled with an online socially-engaged research project titled “The Death Letter Project”, in which stories about death and dying are digitally captured and shared at
This exhibition brings together a decade of research and photography on the theme of death and mortality and includes photo-based works from “The Sweet Forever” and “We Could Be Immortals” series.

Instagram @tinafiveash

Facebook : fiveash.tina

Websites: and

For more information contact: Tina Fiveash, or 0427 020 770 

Opening night: Friday 5 April 6pm to 8pm

6 to 21 April, Friday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm on Fridays, 11am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays

Artist Talk : Sunday 7th April at 3pm

Accessibility information: The gallery has an accessible bathroom. There is a set of stairs inside the building and a lift for wheelchair access.

 Megan Pope Kaolin Studio 4 540px

Future Exhibitions 

"My mother . . . " : an exploration on a theme by 20 + artists. Curated by Skye Rogers.

  • Exhibition dates: 24 April to 13 May 2024 - Wednesday to Sunday

Pride applied Joy supplied Kendall Murray mixed media compact  

Pride applied Joy supplied Kendal Murray mixed media compact

Exhibiting artists: A group exhibition 25 + Artists. Artists include: Avenonima, Lesley Ades, Cathy Allen, Pina Bartolo, Kerry Blake, Gill Brooks, John Byrne, Vicky Cutler, Cath Derksema, Diana Doherty, Karleen Gwinner, Vanessa Ion, Suzy King, Lou Knowles, Gina Mastio, Michele Morcos, Kendal Murray, Cheryl Orsini, Tamara Pavlovic, Gemma Pride, Zorica Purlija, Skye Rogers, Rowan Sivyer, Jody Thomson, Chelle Wallace, Anne Worsley and Lek Young.

Artist/s statement 

The ‘My Mother’ exhibition ( #CCGmothersday2024) comprises works by 25 artists around the theme of their mothers. A wide range of media have been employed: ceramic, paint, embroidery, paper, felt, crochet, photography. This variety of materials speaks to the diversity of relationships and approaches on show here: some have investigated a certain aspect of their mother or their relationship with her, others have depicted a more symbolic, ‘cosmic’ mother. Come and see what each artist has brought to the table at this moving and intriguing exhibition. We have plenty of workshops and events happening too where there are opportunities to delve deep, have fun and express your own thoughts and feelings.

A percentage of takings will be donated to the Older Women’s Network, NSW (OWN)
With support from IWC (Inner West Council)

For full program of workshops and bookings go to :

Opening night: Wednesday April 6pm to 9pm rsvp

Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm 


Instagram: @skyesthelimit_insta

Instagram: @quirky_way

Facebook : Skye’s the Limit

For more information contact: Skye Rogers email:


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31A Pidcock St, Camperdown NSW 2050

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