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Inner West Council's art deco Chrissie Cotter Gallery is located in Pidcock Street, Camperdown (next to Camperdown Commons) and is available for exhibitions and cultural events by individuals and organisations.

When in use, gallery opening hours are Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm – unless stated – please check below.

Entry is free and the gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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ABOUT LOOKING - Individual exhibition of paintings by Peter De Lorenzo

  • Exhibition dates: 17 May to 2 June 2024 - Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm
 Peter De Lorenzo_Adagio in blue_ 92 x 92 cm_acrylic, pigment, pencil on canvas 1200px 

Peter De Lorenzo Adagio in blue 92 x 92 cm acrylic, pigment, pencil on canvas

Exhibiting artist: Peter De Lorenzo

Artist/s statement

There are no images in my paintings but if you spend some time, I will share with you that feeling/experience with which they began- watching light on water or looking through a blind at sunset, seeing rippling blues and reds in a stained glass window while listening to a choir sing and feeling excitement and somewhere a sense of peace.

A bright blue, a deep blue.

My work in Painting is inspired by notions of musical space, geometry, colour, and the
materiality of paint. My work can be described by the terms non-objective, or abstract. I draw inspiration from both the history of abstraction in painting and from the elements of music.

Paul Klee focussed his attention on the contents of his paint-box referring to ‘the row of watercolours as a keyboard of colours for improvisation ...,’

My paintings are ‘hand-made’, Lines are drawn, erased and redrawn or semi-randomly poured; Colours, subject to variation, are mixed and remixed, nuanced by the addition of pure pigments; Edges are characterised by irregularities resulting from the process of painting.
Single or repeated lines indicate a speed, a direction, a border between shapes, an
acceleration or a slowing. Colours present themselves in continuous flux, related to changing conditions, inferring a mood or a feeling. The intended experience is not one of exactitude but of the lived value found not only in central relationships but also in the edges of things, in the imperfections and juxtapositions.

If colour can be employed in a way that parallels music, then music also answers to
mathematics, and in turn to a set of geometries which orchestrate pattern and movement. In classical music it is customary to describe the tempo of a piece by one or more words, often indicating in addition the mood of a piece.

ADAGIO: A slow tempo in music, “at ease”, mellow, a slower pace; it evokes a sense of calmness, serenity, or melancholy.
I often refer in my paintings to musical forms and structures, such as theme and variation, transposition, rhythm and repetition.

You ask why I paint abstract pictures, what are they about? I answer by saying it is like you are listening to a piece of music, for example by Bach, there is
structure that comes from maths, patterns which recur, are repeated with variations; you take away a feeling of calm.

It is like walking along the shoreline and watching the effects of light on the water, or looking through a venetian blind at a sunset or a bright cloudless sky. It is also like being in Paris and looking at stained glass windows in a cathedral while listening to a solo voice or a choir or a flute– you get a feeling which might be excitement, or a sense of peace, then you see the repeating patterns in intense blues and reds as the light shines through the windows; And then there are the extraordinary Robertson sunsets...

There are no images you can recognise in my paintings, but as you spend some time engaging with the work, I feel that I have been successful if you are able to share something of that same feeling.

Peter De Lorenzo apr/2024, edited by Chantal Grech

Instagram @peterdelorenzo

Facebook :Peter De Lorenzo

For more information contact: Peter De Lorenzo via email: or mobile 0433 086 387

Opening night: Saturday 18 May 2pm to 4pm

Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm

Accessibility information: The gallery has an accessible bathroom. There is a set of stairs inside the building and a lift for wheelchair access.

 Friday in Newtown, 2019, scratch hologram, oil ink on aluminium, 60cmx60cm

Future Exhibitions 

Blended reality : Newtown series 1 & 2 by Eunjoo Jang

  • Exhibition dates: 6 June to 16 June 2024 - Thursday to Sunday

Newtown streetscape, 2020, scratch hologram, oil ink on aluminium, 60cmx60cm 1200px 

Newtown streetscape, 2020, scratch hologram, oil ink on aluminium, 60cmx60cm

Artist: Eunjoo Jang

Artist/s statement 

My practice explores the concept of blended reality which underpins our contemporary experience. It shows how we have influenced our perception of space and place through geospatial technologies such as Google Maps. As part of my art practice, I have explored the areas of Sydney by using mobile and computerised technology. It gives local historical sources of the change and the way of life in the past. Especially, it features various architectural styles from different countries and cultures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the present. The uniqueness came out from this accumulated cultures and the passage of time in space. This could be the most important element of Australiana that cannot be seen in the world. Therefore, I create aerial views using line drawings and painting on aluminium for the physical or ‘real’ representation. Scratch holograms are then superimposed to represent ‘virtual’ reality.


Opening: Saturday 2-4 pm, 8th June 2024

Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm 

Instagram: @eunjoojang_artist


For more information contact: Eunjoo Jang via email: or mobile 0425 660 543


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