Current projects

  • Cultural Connections - Cultural Connections is an Expression of Interest (EOI) for artists of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, People of Colour and Culturally Diverse backgrounds to access resources to address racism in a local and international context. It aims to encourage positive social change, increase representation of these artists, increase cultural awareness for the broader community , engage young people in arts programming through a cultural lens and celebrate the creativity and innovation of diverse communities. It will help build the narrative about our local area and who we are.
  • Keeping Culture Alive - Ethnic Women’s Craft group is a local group of senior women who meet weekly to socialise, create, keep in touch, share skills and information and produce creative work. The group has run a range of projects “Keeping Culture Alive”, to provide demonstrations and teach younger generations their skills and knowledge with regards to handicrafts passed on to them from past generations in their own families and communities.
  • My Plate, Your Plate - My Plate, Your Plate

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