My Plate, Your Plate

Artist Tasman Munro's video impression of what the finished installation will look like 

About My Plate, Your Plate

My Plate, Your Plate is a storytelling and community arts cooking project where participants share recipes and stories. The project aims to build relationships between local residents and people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, breaking down social isolation, building cultural awareness and solidarity. Since COVID-19 our physical workshops have ceased but we remain active through an online Whatsapp chat group and will commence physical workshops when restrictions are eased.

The project comprises:

  • local inner west residents,
  • participants from refugee and asylum seeker background who access the Community Refugee Welcome Centre (CRWC),
  • local social designer Tasman Munro,
  • local audio engineer Caitlin Gibson,
  • Community Refugee Welcome Centre Coordinator, Moones Mansoubi and
  • Community Arts Project Officer, Raffaela Cavadini.

Members of the group share recipes that have a connection to their life or culture and share a short story about the recipe. The stories will be recorded by Caitlin Gibson and will be promoted online on Council’s website and through a physical installation in the near future.

Our social designer Tasman has been working with project participants to design a small portable ‘pop up’ style cart to take to events where the general public can listen to a story and try some of the food shared throughout the program. This element of the program contributes to creating a culturally rich community, celebrates positive cross-cultural relationships and harmony. The cart aims to increase cultural awareness and cultural appreciation throughout the inner west and beyond. Check out the video above of Tasman's design that has been developed in collaboration with project participants. You can read more about Tasman here.

We have shared some of our recipes and written stories as a taster for Refugee Week 2020. See the recipes and stories here. Our project will be launched in 2021 and announced on Council's what's on page.



The My Plate, Your Plate project was initiated by past project participants of the Tapestry Friendship Project at the CRWC. Participants wanted to maintain the relationships made during this project.


My Plate, Your Plate image gallery

Syrain raw almond biscuit with pistachip in centre, off white coloured biscuit with pretty pattern similar to a jelly mold with lines
White small oval shaoed biscuits with imprinted pattern of dots
3 capsicums, yellow and red stuffed with vegetables and rice
Iraqi sweets pistachio nuts rolled in white nougat discs
Persian soup, colourful white, yellow, gold, green
Brown flatbreads sit on table spread out
Grilled vegetables zuchinni and capsicums sit on grilling iron with grill marks
Persian soup, colourful white, yellow, gold, green
three crumpets sit on cooking frypan
Close up of pistachio nuts hulled
Caitlin audio engineer sits at table with Elham interviewing her, microphone, winter sun
White basmati rice with strip of yellow saffron stained rice
Elham makes rolette Persian sweet, rectangular sponge has chocolate cream spread on centre, arms and hands in shot
Tasman Social designer leans on island bench holding biscuit mold
Baked salmon, pink fish with green hers on top
Amaretti morbidi italian biscuits with alomnd on top coated in white icing sugar powder
Vietnamese dipping sauce, clear liquid with chilli flotaing on top, pretty small bowls
Persian soup, colourful white, yellow, gold, green
Persian stew, brown sauce in bowl accompanied by serving spoon with decorative table cloth and bowl of dates
Two bottles of rosewater with pretty roses on labels - biscuit mold sits beside bottles
Eggplant, tomato and potato with mince beef place in circular pattern in baking dish

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