Streetscape maintenance

Council has a team of staff who maintain our streets on a full time basis, delivering verge mowing, street sweeping and high-pressure cleaning services to the community.

Streetscape maintenance cycles

Council maintains our streets with a combination of staff and contractors. At the Council meeting on 10 May 2022, new harmonised service standards for the Inner West were adopted. The new standards are as follows:

  • Street sweeping of main streets is undertaken seven days per week
  • Street sweeping of residential streets is undertaken on a 40 working day cycle
  • Verge maintenance (mowing) is undertaken on a 20 working day cycle from October to March, and a 40 working day cycle from April to September.
  • Main street high-pressure cleaning is undertaken on a 3 month cycle.

Service dates

We've made some operational improvements to our verge mowing programs – check out the new look in the links below.

Please note: to view alternate works programs throughout the LGA use the tabs located at the bottom of the service dates listing various program names eg. North 1 and North 2

Service dates will be updated weekly from 7 October 2022.

If the verge has not been maintained according to the verge maintenance cycle, please contact Council using the online request management system at the button links below. 

Roadside mowing enquiry

Street sweeping enquiry

No Mow Program

Residents may request that the verge adjacent to their property is not mowed by Council. The process to opt out of the verge mowing is as follows:

  • The owner of the residence that the verge is adjacent to must contact Council via email, telephone 02 9392 5000 or in person at a Customer Service Centre requesting to be placed on the 'no mow program' or by clearly indicating that they wish to maintain the verge themselves.
  • The perimeter of the verge site will be marked by Council with a small 'no mow' logo on the footpath or kerb
  • The verge site will be added to the 'no mow' program log and maintenance of the verge is undertaken by the resident
  • If, in the future, the resident changes their mind, they can request Council to be taken off the 'no mow program'. Council will then recommence maintaining the mowing of this verge.

Streetscape performance over the years

Inner West Council seeks to examine community attitudes and perceptions towards current and future services and facilities provided by Council on a regular basis and to understand the community’s overall satisfaction with our performance. Below are the results for streetscape maintenance over the years: 

Community Survey Satisfaction Score % LGA Benchmark (Metro)
Year 2017 2018 2021   -
Maintenance and cleaning of town centres 94 91 90 87
Appearance of your local area 87 88 90 83

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Page last updated: 13 Jan 2023